WDRB Having Affiliate Difficulties With Fox?

For the first time ever, no one at WDRB/FOX41 wants to answer questions. Which is strange.

Word on the street is that the station could be in danger of losing its Fox affiliate status and that it could have something to do with the money paid to carry programming. Typical station-network stuff, of course.

Without the Fox affiliation, the station would likely have to gut its news department.

And rumors aren’t being killed now that the billboard near Third Street reads “WDRB News” instead of “FOX41 News”…

So what gives?

We hope this isn’t the case because it’d be bad news for Louisville.

19 thoughts on “WDRB Having Affiliate Difficulties With Fox?

  1. WDRB’s Local News is great, the only downside is the FOX affiliation. They could use CNN for national/international reports.

  2. This is what happened in Evansville just last week. Last week the Fox television network pulled its affiliation from WTVW-Fox 7 and has signed a new agreement with CBS44 and My44 WEVV. The statement from Fox indicates that Fox programming will move to what is now My44 (ch. 44.2), and the channel will be rebranded as “My Fox 44.” CBS44’s programming will not be affected.
    So basically WEVV will be the CBS and FOX affiliation. CBS will be on 44.1 and Fox will be on 44.2. WDRB better watch out. For more info look at http://jakesdtvblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/major-shakeup-in-tri-state-tv-fox-drops.html

  3. …Would be a stupid move by Fox unless channel 3 or 11 was angling for the affiliation. (I imagine 32 is happy with CBS right about now.)

  4. I’ve noticed in the last 2 weeks or so that the reporters have been saying WDRB news.

    WDRB does focus a lot more on local news than the other stations, which I like.

  5. I hated living through the back-&-forth ABC/CBS shifts for WHAS & WLKY. But for WDRB to lose its major-network FOX affiliation could be a death blow. Their good on-air staff – & their conveniently slotted newscasts – likely wouldn’t survive. What impact, if any, would this have on WMYO 58?

  6. So I wonder what the deal is regarding 32 having a 32.2 channel that has been on the air since about February with a tone and just the same picture for 3 months. Also notice that 58.2 is also doing something like that. Something sounds like its up with all this. As far as local news goes, I think the Fox41/WDRB newscast is probably one of the best around this area. It rankles me a bit that they have the ultra right wing stuff but overall their local news is spot on.

  7. I am confused. Why would they have to gut the news department if they dropped the Fox affiliation? Could they not continue to do news as an independent station?

  8. Maybe this is good news. It could mean even more local news coverage combined with locally or regionally produced programs and shows, etc.

    I also wish there was more local radio. I miss the days of Milton Metz in the evening. I’m tired of having Rush screaming at me when I turn my truck on to go to lunch after listening to Mandy in the morning. I hope that Crescent Hill Radio grows more as well–I’m willing to be a radio broadcaster if you’re listening CHR!

    Here’s to all things local!

  9. I found this on fox in the morning facebook. No, actually, we’re making the change because “41” really doesn’t mean anything to most viewers. VHF and UHF are not really relevant to cable, dish and sat users who all have different numbers. Our call letters will always be the same. As for Fox, we’d just rather invest in a name we own and can control. No big change in the cards. Just protecting our interests.

  10. That’s some nice spin.

    Especially since the same thing’s happening with other affiliates.

    And, well, since WDRB employees have come forward to talk.

  11. If this happens, it will be bad news for a lot of folks in the Evansville market, especially in Owensboro and points north and east, where WDRB is available both OTA and on cable.

    I can tell you this: A good many folks have hung their hats on being able to depend on WDRB for Fox programming if they aren’t able to receive WEVV’s My Fox 44!

  12. I have a question. Does anyone know if another station in town will pick up FOX, or will we just not have a FOX affiliate anymore?

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