The Greens Continue To Ridiculously Cry Racism

Last week we brought up Judy Green & crew attempting to make her own admitted scandals about race.


As disgusting and shameful as it is, there’s more to the story.

Take, for instance, these comments from her daughter on that same bit we discussed last week:

Jessica wrote: “And that’s right…we west enders love kool aid…watermelon and chicken too…you have done your research!”


Jessica wrote: “Well what would we people in the west end do without you? We sure our grateful to have you boss! I’ll be waiting to see if you’re as interested in the spending habits of certain council people put east…..but oops, those are your friends! I know all about you 😉 And thanks again for trying to deliver us blacks down yonder….what would we do without you Mista?”

We understand Jessica’s desire to protect her mother. But really? An Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney – someone who works for ALL of us, not just those who live in the West End – saying that crap? How is some poor old meemaw from J-town who needs help from the Commonwealth’s Attorney going to feel when she has to reach out to them now?

WHO brought up Kool-Aid and chicken? The Green bunch.

Goodness gracious. These people need to get a grip. Crying racism when a black elected official gets called called out for something bogus is the last thing this city needs.

This is absurd.

When is the Council going to sack up and push this mess out, again?

5 thoughts on “The Greens Continue To Ridiculously Cry Racism

  1. Jake, in my experience the race/religion/persecuted anybody card typically gets thrown when someone knows they have F#cked up badly. Sorry for the foul language, but it is simply what it is.

    I agree that race does not excuse the criminal behavior, nor does her political affiliations.

    But the “west end” is a different beast, so this may also be a play for “west end” sympathy from many disenfranchised people who always feel someone is out to get ’em.

  2. Seems like the apple didnt fall far from the tree. Judy Greens daughter, who is a Assistant Commonwealth Attorney, should be ashamed of her racist comments. Imagine these comments coming from a white person?
    Pure and simple, as blunt as this may sound, until the black community gets the chip off its shoulder and acts responsibly, many will not succeed. Judy and Jessica Green are examples of those in the black community who have been successful, but revert to the victim on a moments notice. No successful people are ever victims. The Greens are no different.

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