Sorry! We Spoke Way Too Soon, Apparently!

Because NBC-Yum!-Kentucky Derby shenanigans are causing a bit of a laugh in the sports world:

Yum! Brands, the company that owns and operates KFC and Taco Bell, among other fast-food chains, has been the presenting sponsor of America’s premier horse race since 2006. Given that both the Derby and the restaurant behemoth are based in Louisville, it was a natural fit. Except for the whole horse thing, of course. Like Taco Bell needs to invite comparisons about the quality of its meat. (Disclaimer: Taco Bell is delicious.)

That’s a trivial point, though. As long as Yum! kept everybody’s mind off all those potential wisecracks by keeping signage tasteful and away from any logo or picture that could lead to the thought of consuming a horse, there’d be no problem.


3 thoughts on “Sorry! We Spoke Way Too Soon, Apparently!

  1. hahahahahahahaha!!
    I needed a laugh today… that’s so ridiculous that it’s great! 😀

  2. I saw the YUM/Taco Bell and Derby billboard for the first time today. My first thought: Taco Bell uses horse meat in the tacos.

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