Really, Why Not Give The Man An Entire Street?

Former foes are joining forces for education reform in Washington. [NY Times]

Shacklleford held off Animal Kingdom for a win at the 2011 Preakness. [WaPo]

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels says he’s not running for the presidency because he loves his family. Really, it’s because he can’t beat Barack Obama. [TPM]

You know how the rapture was supposed to take place on Saturday? Well, about that… hahaha. [NPR]

Here’s even more about those psycho doomsday cultists and their failed rapture shenanigans. [Slate & BBC]

Rev. Louis Coleman was honored on Sunday when officials renamed a section of 34th Street for him. [FOX41]

Two firefighters were sent to the hospital after battling a building fire in Fairdale late last night. [WAVE3]

This Thursday, May 26, is Car-Free Happy Hour at DiOrio’s Pizza & Pub in St. Matthews and you should ditch your wheels. [Consuming Louisville]

Six finalists to become the next superintending of Jefferson County Public Schools have apparently been identified. [WHAS11]

Remember the coming moment of silence for Hilda Gay Legg this week. [Page One]

Greg Fischer says he’s planning “painful” cuts over the next three years. [WFPL]

A local mom was charged with murder after her toddler died in a hot car. [H-L]

Election 2011: David Williams vs. Courier-Journal

Readers of Page One know that the 2011 gubernatorial race is apparently going to be fought by A Kentucky Newspaper – rather than the Democrat – and David Williams.

The paper has made both its editorial and news position clear.

This afternoon, the Williams-Farmer Campaign sent this out in an email blast about “fighting for neighborhood schools”:

I am committed to giving every child a quality education. I advocate neighborhood schools, voluntary charter schools, a better student testing system and merit pay for teachers who help impoverished students achieve better test scores. Every step of the way I am opposed by Courier Journal, the teachers’ union bosses and their puppet Steve Beshear.

Time and again conservatives in Louisville stand up for common sense education reforms that would help children, but are blocked by this cabal of social engineers. Conservatives, parents and political leaders live in fear of being called racist by this newspaper for advocating neighborhood schools. Well, I am not intimidated or cowed by Courier Journal or anyone else.

Any predictions on how this is going to play out?

Most Hilarious Metro Council Thing This Week

Okay. We said he weren’t going to write about it but this is too funny not to share.

Jim King is asking the County Attorney about the legality of the following:

  • Stamps /postage used to mail letters from district offices
  • Debit cards used for constituent awards to promote goodwill
  • Food and Drink used at public meetings and district meetings
  • Banquet tickets used by a Council member personally if the banquet is a public meeting
  • Soft drinks, coffee and mints kept in Council offices for consumption by guests
  • Plaques, lapel pins, trophies or similar awards for civic service

Can you spot the REAL concerns hidden among the four others? Hilarious that Jim wouldn’t just ask the questions he wanted and had to bury them amid others. Hahahaha.

“There have been many questions raised recently about the business operations of the Metro Council,” said King. “ I would like to make sure that what we are doing is legal and what changes are needed in how we process our operations.”


Why can’t these Metro Council Democrats just sack up and say publicly what they already say privately about Judy Green? Jesus H. Veiling their questions in a big list. We’ve seen it all.

Please Support Walk & Roll For Kids If You Can

Jake gave $200 to support the Walk & Roll for Kids. Several generous readers also felt compelled to support the kids. One even met the $200 challenge. Got a few bucks? Then please consider stepping up to help. [CLICK HERE]

Louisville is losing its counterterrorism funding. Your take? [WFPL]

Rocky Comito retired as head of the United Auto Workers in Louisville. [AKN]

Mitch Daniels is now on the offensive against health care reform legislation. [HuffPo]

The rapture is coming tomorrow so we hope you’ve arranged to leave everything to us. [FOX41]

Of course Aqua Buddha is haunting Jack Conway’s re-election attempt. [Joe Arnold]

We’d publish the press release about Jim King asking for an audit of expenses but it’s too boring. And too little, too late. So you can check it out in this story. [WAVE3]

Reminder: Louisville loves mountains today. If you really love mountains, take a trip to Eastern Kentucky with me to see the destruction for yourself. [Consuming Louisville]

Branden Klayko has been kidnapped. We have it on good authority. Yup. Completely gone missing. [Broken Sidwealk]

Louisville metro approved several small business loans. [Business First]

The Republican Party of Kentucky has been questioning Jack Conway for 16 (now 17, actually) days in a row and he’s allowing them to get the better of him. [Page One]

Here’s the latest updated guide for the Preakness. You’ll need to read it so you’ll feel more comfortable losing all your money. [Paulick Report]

Louisville isn’t alone with its 911 problems and such. Turns out Lexington may also have a few issues. [H-L]

Metro Government Spends $9K/Mo To Spam You

The Kentucky Humane Society has been receiving $9,000 per month to “consult” at Metro Animal Services for a while.

But what’s changed?

No one in Metro Government has been able to share with us evidence of any improvement.

In fact, the only thing we’ve seen? KHS taking various Metro Animal Services contact lists and email databases and using them for its own purposes – illegally – without the approval of individuals on those lists. Dozens of individuals have reached out multiple times just this week to complain.

It’s a real shame that we’re spending $9,000 per month of our tax dollars for that.

Meanwhile, KHS is set to take over MAS adoptions while organizations like no Kill Louisville – which we hear will bid on taking over adoptions (without Jessica Reid being involved) – will likely be completely ignored and written off.

Possibility city, indeed.