Where Was WAVE3 on LMAS Three Years Ago?

FINALLY! The Kentucky Humane Society says it will not bid on the Metro Animal Services contract. Hilarious that WAVE3 is taking credit for the Metro Animal Services stories. If anyone in television did any real investigative work, it was Bennett Haeberle. But I’m pretty sure some print journalists (not at A Kentucky Newspaper, as Chris Poynter would have you believe), but at LEO and right here. This is almost as funny as that time WHAS11 claimed responsibility for uncovering the Robert Felner scandal and submitted its work for awards. [WAVE3]

I mean, this is turning out to be one of the craziest drug bust situations in Southern Indiana in years. We’ve been hearing stories about it for months and can’t believe charges have finally come down. [News & Tribune]

There are tons of lingering questions in the wake of the Kentucky Retirement Systems scandal(s) and we’re asking them. This afternoon, we’ll begin answering them. [Page One]

Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway for the 23rd Day: “Jack Conway’s tenure as Attorney General has been mired in scandal and personal turmoil,” said Robertson. “And he fails on the issues that matter to Kentuckians. At some point, we must all ask ourselves if we can stomach another term with this man.” [Press Release]

Yesterday, Greg Fischer unveiled his first budget for Metro Government. [WFPL]

Now we can’t even taking our prostitutes to gas station restrooms because we could die of the meth fumes? [WHAS11]

Feel free to take a look at it all for yourself. [Click the Clickky]

United States Ambassador to Sweden Matthew Barzun looks back on his time in that country and discusses what it can teach the world about balance. [The Local]

What? Yet another list of great cities that Louisville didn’t make? [Mashable]

Just about everybody believes Barack Obama experiences political problems because of the color of his skin. But next to no one believes Judy Green’s problems are because of the color her skin. [The Hill]

Wonder if Michelle Jones realizes she should be severely punished for making us all crave Vietnam Kitchen? [Consuming Louisville]

People are absolutely freaking about about the coming LG&E rate hike. [FOX41]

Judy Green’s Scandal Has Jack To Do With Race

This is not an attack on Denise Bentley or Judy Green’s daughter. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s dig in to this:

Why on earth Denise Bentley trying to make Judy Green’s OWN stupidity – which Denise knows about quite well (the foibles don’t make the person but this is flipping ridiculous) – into an issue of race is beyond us. Judy’s daughter is doing the same damn thing and it is disgusting.

HOW many black organizations have to get screwed over by Judy for this not to be about race? The LIFE Institute? 100 Black Men? Project One?

HOW many black officials have to get thrown under the bus? Barbara Shanklin? Cheri Bryant Hamilton?


This is not about race. Judy brought this on herself and every single person trying to make her out to be innocent – after she has admitted to wrongdoing! – are just beyond sanity at this moment.

This is worse than the few weeks Judy & Crew spent claiming Phillip Bailey was Uncle Tom for daring question a black woman for the crap she, herself now admits she pulled. Denise and Jessica know fully well how Judy has behaved and it has been FAR LESS than professional. I know – I’ve had conversations with Denise about it.

Come on, people! Grow the hell up.

What a joke.

Wow: Some C-J Staffer Is Unbelievably Bitter

Check this out. Some Courier-Journal staffer is incredibly bitter at the Herald-Leader:

That’s not just obscene, it’s horribly unprofessional and shows you just what kind of mentality is eating that place alive. The bitterness, the backstabbing, the hunger for power, thinking they’re above their colleagues.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Commonwealth has a journalistic community that (like it or not, that includes this site) tries hard to work together in a respectful manner.

WAVE3 Catches You In Your Curlers & Housecoat

Yessssssss. We still love every part of this. [NPR]

Did y’all see WAVE3 zoom into meemaw’s house last night as she was in her housecoat and curlers? They were covering HELLPOCOLYPSE 2011 and just cold zoomed into everybody’s house. It was hilarious. [That Should Win Awards]

The only thing more hilarious was a transformer exploding during a live shot. [WAVE3]

An animal shelter in Morehead is getting makeover and pets are getting a chance at a new life. [H-L]

For the 22nd Day in a row, Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Attorney General Jack Conway: “Jack Conway is so consumed with matters that might affect his political career or his political buddies that he can’t find the time to do some real work for the people of Kentucky,” Robertson said. [Press Release]

The initial headline for this story was “Mayor Greg Fischer warns ‘radical weather’ could strike Louisville” – but someone must have had some common sense before this morning. [C-J/AKN]

Hope you had a moment to consider our thoughts yesterday on the Beshear-Riddle-Conway-KRS scandal. [Page One]

It’s cute watching these food trucks try to sprout up into operation and cute how people ignore the fact that they can’t really operate until a few corrupt Metro Councilcritters get their act together. And it’s sad how Morels has ruined us forever when it comes to food trucks because we can’t find anything that tastes nearly as delicious. [Consuming Louisville]

Speaking of Greg, you ready for his budget to be presented? Union officials and nearly everyone else have been rolling their eyes all morning. [Twitter]

Guess Jack Conway won’t be campaigning on that non-existent Marathon court victory, will he? [WHAS11]

The Jefferson County Board of Education is taking a first look at candidates to be the next superintendent of schools. [FOX41]