WAVE3 Catches You In Your Curlers & Housecoat

Yessssssss. We still love every part of this. [NPR]

Did y’all see WAVE3 zoom into meemaw’s house last night as she was in her housecoat and curlers? They were covering HELLPOCOLYPSE 2011 and just cold zoomed into everybody’s house. It was hilarious. [That Should Win Awards]

The only thing more hilarious was a transformer exploding during a live shot. [WAVE3]

An animal shelter in Morehead is getting makeover and pets are getting a chance at a new life. [H-L]

For the 22nd Day in a row, Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Attorney General Jack Conway: “Jack Conway is so consumed with matters that might affect his political career or his political buddies that he can’t find the time to do some real work for the people of Kentucky,” Robertson said. [Press Release]

The initial headline for this story was “Mayor Greg Fischer warns ‘radical weather’ could strike Louisville” – but someone must have had some common sense before this morning. [C-J/AKN]

Hope you had a moment to consider our thoughts yesterday on the Beshear-Riddle-Conway-KRS scandal. [Page One]

It’s cute watching these food trucks try to sprout up into operation and cute how people ignore the fact that they can’t really operate until a few corrupt Metro Councilcritters get their act together. And it’s sad how Morels has ruined us forever when it comes to food trucks because we can’t find anything that tastes nearly as delicious. [Consuming Louisville]

Speaking of Greg, you ready for his budget to be presented? Union officials and nearly everyone else have been rolling their eyes all morning. [Twitter]

Guess Jack Conway won’t be campaigning on that non-existent Marathon court victory, will he? [WHAS11]

The Jefferson County Board of Education is taking a first look at candidates to be the next superintendent of schools. [FOX41]

Will The Storms Come To Get Us This Go Round?

Whattya mean Steve Beshear and a Conway operative are having a very bad week over a Kentucky Retirement Systems scandal??? [Page One]

Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway for the 21st Day in a row: “Jack Conway can only run from these questions for so long,” said Robertson. “At some point he will have to face the voters and explain why his family member was held to a completely different standard than every other Kentuckian…and what involvement he had in that.” Meanwhile, Jack continues to refuse to address this issue so it’ll go away. [Press Release]

To the uptight buttcramps in Metro Government who tell us we do not have a right to criticize and question the handling of Metro Animal Services. [Click the Clicky]

Jennifer Lawrence is super-famous these days and she has a crazy workout. [HuffPo]

It was nice watching John Yarmuth defend Elizabeth Warren. He’s got class. [WFPL]

Especially after she’s called a liar by Republicans who are flipping lying themselves. [HuffPo]

The Sierra Club is accusing a coal company of violations at a Leslie County coal mine. [H-L]

Sunday alcohol sales are finally allowed at distilleries in Bullitt County. [C-J/AKN]

Muhammad Ali is asking Iran to release two American hikers held in custody. [FOX41]

Will trees in your yard withstand the next storm? No, so probably should just cut them all down now. [WAVE3]

Are strip clubs in Louisville violating the local ordinance? Hopefully, because that ordinance is stupid. And that’s coming from us – avowed liberal feminists (because not all strippers are female). [WHAS11]

Really, we still think you should consider going to this to give back. [Consuming Louisville]

Comparing KHS Numbers With Those Of LMAS

Greg Fischer’s staff have been foaming at the mouth at us for weeks, damning our decision to question their handling of Louisville Metro Animal Services and secretive, money-drenched relationship with the Kentucky Humane Society.

So, rather than listen to Lori Redmon and crew leave comments here on the site attacking innocent individuals – rather than listen to Fischer’s people sing the praises of KHS over the people who actually know what they’re doing – we’re going to take a look at some KHS vs LMAS numbers.


From December 2010:


KHS had a total intake of 258 puppies (Christmas gifts much?) and LMAS had 74. This screams that the organization is actively seeking animals that are easily adoptable. They don’t bother with the high-risks that need the most help. You don’t pull in 258 puppies without going out and looking for them – especially wen LMAS only brought in 74 (and they don’t charge for drop-offs).

And you wonder why we roll our eyes as our city’s animal care authority rolls into the hands of an organization focused more on pretty things, looking good and making a profit than the people – even the bad seeds – who have worked themselves bloody at LMAS over the past few years.

No, I’m not going away, Greg. You need to deal with it. I’ve tried working with you and your people for years and you’re nothing but shady and vindictive to this day. It’s a real shame because we could have worked together on matters like this one.

With All The Talk of Those HUD Dollars…

With all the talk of those HUD dollars rolling in to rehab Sheppard Square, we thought it’d be a good idea to take a look at the letter Congressman John Yarmuth sent to HUD in 2009:


If you can’t load PDFs at work, here’s the text of Yarmuth’s letter:

November 24, 2009

Secretary Shaun Donovan
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
451 Seventh Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20410

Dear Secretary Donovan:

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for the Louisville Metro Housing Authority’s (LMHA) Fiscal Year 2009 HOPE VI Revitalization application for the Sheppard Square Public Housing development in the Smoketown Neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.

I strongly encouraged LMHA to submit this application because I am confident that they will be successful as the Master Developer for the Sheppard Square Revitalization Plan, which includes one-for-one replacement of all public housing units. The Revitalization Plan consists of 465 unites, including a mix of single-family homes, semi-detached and row townhouses, and multi-family apartment buildings designed to complement the architecture in the Smoketown neighborhood. Off-site development consists of 54 units in the Downtown Family Scholar House, as well as 101 scattered-site, single-family homes to be mixed in with existing homes within ten neighborhoods.

Read the rest of the letter after the jump…

Read moreWith All The Talk of Those HUD Dollars…

Miss Judy Embarrasses The Crap Outta Louisville

Judy Green is just like now-convict Steve Henry. She’s always blaming someone else for the corrupt crap she pulled. What a hot damn mess and embarrassment to this city. [WFPL]

I mean, really, the woman is not Robin Hood and needs to quit acting like it. She admitted to hiding OUR tax dollars. Our money. Just like a common criminal. [WAVE3]

Defending that corrupt scheme to secretly funnel money is shameful and sets a horrible tone for the citizens of her district to have to deal with. They – and this city – don’t deserve this. [WHAS11]

Do you have a story about your life as a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered teenager that you want to share with others? [NY Times]

For the 20th day in a row Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway: “When presented with this conflict of interest, Jack Conway should have done two things: immediately disclose it and then completely remove himself from it,” said Robertson. “It appears Conway did neither one. The law may never hold any of the people involved in this scandal accountable…but rest assured the voters will. Jack Conway is underestimating the public outrage over this whole situation,” Robertson added. “All you have to do is read the growing comments on the articles written about this scandal to see what voters think of it.” [Press Release]

Really, can we please stop leaving kids in cars? Please? [H-L]

A 14th Century paining of the Virgin Mary with Child – stolen some 40 years ago – was uncovered at the Speed Museum. Wonder if there are other stolen works in the Speed’s collection? (Not casting aspersions, this is just kinda cool for us nerds.) [FOX41]

That’s right – the Kentucky Republican Democratic Party complains about us 24/7. But it apparently loves throwing cash at us at the same time. [Stackin That Paper]

There’s a Rosettas for Relief event at Quills Coffee this Friday. Good opportunity to get caffeinated and give back. [Consuming Louisville]

Really? Democratic programs add to black unemployment? What the flip does race have to do with anything? Have these white folks never been to Eastern Kentucky? Sure, Democrats deserve some blame. But what about Republicans? And is the paper gonna complain that we’re saying they published this pile of rubbish? [C-J/AKN]

What’s your take on this federal grant to help rebuild Sheppard Square? [84WHAS]

The founder of Texas Roadhouse as joined Papa John’s. It’s like a royal fast food marriage. [Business First]