MSD Is Always Gonna Be A Giant Disaster, Right?

Tim Longmeyer got tired of the local Democratic Party having no money and is stepping down. [WFPL]

MSD paid Jerry Ferguson $140,000 after it fired him. The deal kept him quiet on waste allegations. If you think MSD is a hot mess, you should stay tuned. Pending lawsuits are going to blow peoples’ minds in this city this year. [C-J/AKN]

Are fossil fuels fueling our severe weather? [H-L]

It sure is nice when Louisville’s musical arts get love in the national press. [NY Times]

If you saw Greg Fischer’s budget we published last week but missed his address? Go here to give it a listen. [Phillip Bailey]

How can a news organization do a story about the Kentucky Humane Society waiving cat adoptions without bothering to mention Louisville Metro Animal Services and Animal House? Are you kidding me? [84WHAS]

A two-year-old in the southwestern part of town drowned in her family pool. [H-L]

And a body was found in the Ohio River. Two wonderful Memorial Day stories, eh? [FOX41]

Wait, wait. It gets worse. One person was killed in a motorcycle accident downtown. [WAVE3]

You should prepare now for the Urban Design Studio’s thingy about cities and how to shape them. [Consuming Louisville]

Wait, what? Mount Washington is questioning results of the 2010 census. [WHAS11]

A medal of honor recipient threw out the first pitch at a Bats game. [WLKY]

2 thoughts on “MSD Is Always Gonna Be A Giant Disaster, Right?

  1. So glad Tim Longmeyer is gone. He lied about never endorsing primary candidates in the WFPL piece. It gets old, just glad he is gone.

  2. Are other medium-large or large communities currently being abused by their solitary, non-competitive, monopolistic utility companies & the people employed to run them?
    In the early ’70s I had my own private sewage disposal system – much better than a septic system. The wastewater discharged from this multi-chambered self-contained system was “pure.” By law we had to have it inspected annually, for which we paid a reasonable service fee. New “cavitator” systems were no longer granted permits in Jeff. Co. by approx. the late ’70s. Despite sanitation claims, I’m sure MSD was the driving force.

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