Metro Government Spends $9K/Mo To Spam You

The Kentucky Humane Society has been receiving $9,000 per month to “consult” at Metro Animal Services for a while.

But what’s changed?

No one in Metro Government has been able to share with us evidence of any improvement.

In fact, the only thing we’ve seen? KHS taking various Metro Animal Services contact lists and email databases and using them for its own purposes – illegally – without the approval of individuals on those lists. Dozens of individuals have reached out multiple times just this week to complain.

It’s a real shame that we’re spending $9,000 per month of our tax dollars for that.

Meanwhile, KHS is set to take over MAS adoptions while organizations like no Kill Louisville – which we hear will bid on taking over adoptions (without Jessica Reid being involved) – will likely be completely ignored and written off.

Possibility city, indeed.

27 thoughts on “Metro Government Spends $9K/Mo To Spam You

  1. I will definitely be very much involved in the bidding process, finalizing sheltering plans, overseeing how the shelter is managed if we get the bid, handling and deciding approach, etc, and still guiding No Kill Louisville. I’ll still be president, serve on the board of directors, and so much more. I think you misinterpreted something.

    I just won’t get paid for what I’m doing. I’m in it for the pets, not for me.

  2. p.s. Is KHS still contracting with them right now? I thought they were told they could only do it for that one month due to rules and regulations regarding contracts with the city. I could be wrong of course.

  3. In the vein of fiscal responsibility —
    There is a very nice home in my neighborhood – an atypical brick ranch, much newer than most of our housing stock – that is OWNED by the Louisville Metro Housing Authority. It is rented at a below-market rate to a family that apparently qualifies for such housing assistance. I have spoken to the wife/mother on several occasions, & greeted the children (teenage) & the man of the house. ALL ABLE-BODIED. I walked past the house about an hour ago — & saw a truck & trailer & lawn equipment in the drive. THE GRASS HAD BEEN MOWED & TRIMMED BY THE LOUISVILLE METRO HOUSING AUTHORITY, & the usual trash/debris cleared from their side yard. (The truck was so labeled.) I asked the truck driver if the long-term (5-6 yrs.) tenants had moved out. He said “Not that I know of.” Jake, does this mean that tax dollars or federal funds are used to cut the grass of single-family public housing occupied at a bargain price by non-disabled people???

  4. We don’t know that they aren’t disabled or don’t have a need for subsidized housing.

    I’d say it’s cheaper for the government to maintain the property than it would be for the government to come in and clean up if the tenants neglected it.

  5. I was not aware that you all would bid on this Jessica…But then I am not in full loop either… But very glad to hear that and hope you are successful somehow but I am afraid that the process is a front for govt and KHS… hope I am wrong….If you need any help or new ideas or anything let me know….. Not affiliated with anyone in particular except the animals…….

  6. Jake, or anyone for that matter, you say that Metro Government has not “been able to share with us evidence of any improvement.” Can you clarify who you have approached for information. Can you, also, clarify how KHS has been using the LMAS data?

  7. Please read before commenting, folks.

    This post is a good example of what they’ve been doing – spamming via email.

    The myriad other posts on this very website also offer details of what they’ve done (outside of next to nothing but profiting).

  8. Assuming that you were responding to me, Jake. and sorry if you weren’t, but my question still stands. I would like more information, beyond the many articles of your writing that I have been collecting in order to look for patterns, regarding the information you have come across. How can I help MAS to become a better entity without first knowing what others know and subsequently knowing where I can look for further investigation?

  9. I’d say let Fischy hand over the reigns to KHS and every agency that responded to the RFP should dispute the legit nature of the RFP which was clearly drafted by KHS folks in court. Then lets call Crit to review LMAS, the relationship between Metro and KHS and the RFP process. Through the Audits and court filings maybe then everyone will see just how screwed LMAS is and cozy Fischy and friends are with the KHS folks. All the while, Council Critter King and Downard sit on the sidelines like the cowards they are. Maybe someone can give then a Kroger card to go purchase a backbone.

  10. GTOWN, It is a fairly common practice to offer landscaping to renters. Most people who rent are not responsible for that.

  11. Could someone please explain to me how KHS can participate in the audit, be a paid consultant during the process, illegally take personal information from MAS database & this not be considered unethical & a conflict of interest? The RFP seems to be written to ensure KHS is given the bid.

    Even more so, why is this not being questioned by mainstream media? The Courier Journal, the local television outlets? The city council?

    My daughter is a MAS employee who faces losing her job, when she has gone above & beyond her paid duties. This all seems like the Mayor has made an under the table deal with KHS. Where is the transparency required by goverment?

  12. Heard from a reliable source only one LMAS worker last Saturday – volunteers didn’t show up. That person was responsible to clean all cages change waters, feed and clean runs. Guess how much that poor person could do, feces in water etc. This will never end. We need a state law which will require what Nathan Winograd has in his model law. See Nathan’s or the No Kill Nation web sites for the details. That law requires transparent audited numbers. Wonder if KHS would be doing what they’re doing if that was the case? Sooo very sad.

  13. Is there a list forming of people who have been spammed by KHS? I am a registered foster at LMAS and have not been spammed yet. Which is not meant to imply that no one else is… Also, how are they getting away with the theft of personal information? There has to be a lawyer with some balls of iron to take on this case unless there is a govt. loophole that the Mayor was lucky enough to find. I find this whole situation beyond sickening and have MUCH ill will towards the despicable intentions of those in our govt. leadership, and KHS’s. The Mayor is trying to dump it in someone elses lap and KHS is trying to profit off of it. The ones who could change things and are conspiring to do just the opposite are just as bad as mass murdering sociopaths.

  14. Jake, I am a LMAS volunteer and foster parent and I am not getting spammed. Please explain. I think it is appropriate to back up that allegation with some sort of concrete examples.

  15. Here’s a taste:

    From: “Williams, Tammy”
    Date: May 19, 2011 8:00:14 AM EDT
    Subject: Volunteer Oppurtunities

    Saturday May 21, 2011 8:00 AM
    EP Tom Sawyer Park, Louisville, KY (map)

    This May, the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) will host its 17th annual fundraiser WAGGIN’ TRAIL. Join hundreds of animal lovers to truly make a difference in the lives of needy animals.

    The area’s original walk for the animals will be held at EP Tom Sawyer Park on Saturday, May 21. The 5K timed run will begin at 9 a.m., with registration opening at 8 a.m. The fun walk will begin at 10:00 a.m., with registration begin at 9:00 a.m.

    The event will include family-friendly activities, behavior demos, contests, vendor booths, music, food and much more!

    Volunteer Shifts (3 for each shift): 8am to 11am and 1am to 2pm

    Being a volunteer doesn’t mean you’re going to be part of every LMAS database.

    And, yes, it’s spam if you didn’t explicitly agree to have your private information given to an outside entity. Especially when you’re not given an opportunity to opt out.

  16. I have a feeling I won’t be spammed because I threw such a fuss about my information being stolen. I emailed the Mayor and other officials. I was called by three councilmen and emailed by two. I am sure KHS was told not to send me anything. I know for a fact my information was stolen and want to file a class action lawsuit. However, I need other people who want to sue as well.

  17. This Tammy Williams you are referring to is a No Kill Louisville Member I believe and I’m sure she was emailing for the purpose of NKL having a vendor booth at the KHS Waggin Trail along with many other organizations and needing to find volunteers for the purpose of manning THEIR booth. She isn’t a KHS employee. The list for the need of volunteers for the actual KHS portion of the event was much longer and required people to be there for a longer period of time doing various jobs. Also, KHS was only contracted for one month and they didn’t renew.

  18. I have to say that Julie is right….Tammy is with NKL and was asking for volunteers for thier booth at the event. KHS did steal MAS foster and rescue information, but has not sent out spam yet.

  19. Dozens have messages have been forwarded to us that have only been received by people who signed up for whatever reason with LMAS.

    The folks sending the messages include current and past employees, volunteers, adopters, et al.

    Folks at KHS – people giving us access to information – have also sent them to us.

  20. I am not a KHS fan by no means and i would rather devote my time to LMAS and the help that they desperately need but who is NKL and how long have they been a rescue I mean if NKL is awarded the bid is the city or is NKL going to build several or a huge ass shelter to functionally house all the animals it will not kill that is state of the art up to date shelter because whoever is awarded the bid looks like they are going to be the next Louisville Millionaire with Gov tax payers dollars.

  21. NKL has neither the experience nor ability to operate LMAS.

    And I like them.

    KHS FINALLY backed off applying for the contract today.

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