Judy Green’s Scandal Has Jack To Do With Race

This is not an attack on Denise Bentley or Judy Green’s daughter. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s dig in to this:

Why on earth Denise Bentley trying to make Judy Green’s OWN stupidity – which Denise knows about quite well (the foibles don’t make the person but this is flipping ridiculous) – into an issue of race is beyond us. Judy’s daughter is doing the same damn thing and it is disgusting.

HOW many black organizations have to get screwed over by Judy for this not to be about race? The LIFE Institute? 100 Black Men? Project One?

HOW many black officials have to get thrown under the bus? Barbara Shanklin? Cheri Bryant Hamilton?


This is not about race. Judy brought this on herself and every single person trying to make her out to be innocent – after she has admitted to wrongdoing! – are just beyond sanity at this moment.

This is worse than the few weeks Judy & Crew spent claiming Phillip Bailey was Uncle Tom for daring question a black woman for the crap she, herself now admits she pulled. Denise and Jessica know fully well how Judy has behaved and it has been FAR LESS than professional. I know – I’ve had conversations with Denise about it.

Come on, people! Grow the hell up.

What a joke.

9 thoughts on “Judy Green’s Scandal Has Jack To Do With Race

  1. Jake,
    I am confused? I never made this a race issue, in fact I deleted several post that could be considered playing the race card. If you want to discuss this further please call me.

  2. When Ross Perot stated “you people”, he lost the election in a split second. Yet Green’s daughter states “our own people” and everybody understands. Seems racism is a one way street.

  3. Racism is an industry. It makes a lot of people a lot of money.

    It is in the financial best interests of those who benefit to keep racism alive.

  4. You may not have intended to turn this into a racial matter but that’s what happened.

    I think “SiteMinder” stated the case quite clearly. Not in that it’s a one-way street, but that “our own people” is being thrown around by Jessica Green – an attorney who gets paid with our tax dollars.

  5. After reading the comments, it seems as though her supporters aren’t concerned at all with what she has been accused of doing, but rather determining who it is that brought light to the situation and attacking that person. The commenters that do acknowledge her crime, discount it by saying she isn’t doing anything anyone else isn’t doing.

    Makes me think back to a moment when a tenant became very angry at me for daring to show up on her door at 3pm to collect past due rent…the nerve of me for doing such a thing.

    I used to think that if all people had experience as a business owner, their entire attitude would change, but then I realize that Judy Green is a business owner and it hasn’t changed hers at all for the positive.

  6. I ready dont understand how this has became anything about race . It is not about how much she has done to the for district one nor how many foster children she has raise THIS IS ABOUT HER MISUSE OF POWER THE RULES SHE HAS BROKEN TO DO WHAT SHE WANT TO DO IT DOES NOT MATTER IF IT WAS A GREAT INTENT BEHIND IT , EVERYTHING HAS GUIDELINES no one is ganging up on her. She has put herself in this mess and was anyone seating in these hearing throwing all this support her way ? what about the children vs her children why did her s recieve twice the amount of money and on top of that why was her children that physcially lived in her home even in the program? she knew from the get go that was going to be a ethic issuse . who is the voice for the children ? I am not taking away from all the good she has done in district one but come on people wrong is wrong just because you have a little bit of power does not give you the right to just make up your own rules. it seems like she points the finger at everyone eles but herself ok you made a bad judgement call ” many ” women up and learn from your mistakes instead of bashing everyone eles, with you doing that now i’m question everything about you and what you have done in office to this point and last but not least i believe every voter that voted for YOU voted for YOU NOT YOU ‘R AID!!!!

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