Greg Fischer Announced LMAS Review Findings

At 9:30 this morning, Greg Fischer held a press conference to reveal a 31-page performance review of Louisville Metro Animal Services. Fischer said “hundreds and hundreds of hours” went into producing the “world-class” report.

He announced an RFP for private agencies to take over shelter care and adoptions. He says a new agency will be in place by July 1 and the search for a new LMAS director has stopped. Told ya so. Hate to say it, but I told ya so. What was that, again, Lori Redmon, about me being a liar?

Fischer said the goal is to prevent all adoptable animals from being euthanized but made no promises and provided no specifics.

Sadiqa Reynolds said LMAS will immediately stop public spay & neuter services. Some how, she says that will lower the number of animals coming in at the shelter.

Here are some of the recommendations the “review” makes:

  • New, permanent leadership must be secured for the organization. This leader must align with the overall vision for MAS set forth by the Mayor.
  • The organizational structure must be realigned for proper flow and care of animals through MAS.
  • Goals and Key Performance Indicators must be established for the organization, for each department and for individual employees.
  • Routine communication meetings must take place between leadership, shifts and departments.
  • Basic equipment needs, such as scanners, must be met.
  • All spay/neuter surgeries must be discontinued immediately at the Manslick facility. This includes public spay/neuters and the spay/neuter of shelter animals (including those returned to owners).
  • Positive public relations must be actively and vigorously pursued.
  • The Ordinance must be reworked to accommodate Trap-Neuter-Return in support of the large community cat population in Louisville.
  • Plans must be made to abandon the Manslick facility as swiftly as possible as the facility is inadequate and unhealthy by design.
  • Metro Government must allocate adequate funding for the organization.

Check out one of the weaknesses that points directly at Jackie Gulbe:

In all of the interviews conducted with MAS employees, one of the most often mentioned concerns is, at best, poor communications. At worst, employees reported an absolute void with respect to communications. This issue was reported as being across the board. Staff cited lack of communication from upper management downward, and even an absence of communication from front line supervisors to their direct reports.

And here’s a bit where the review committee suggests using spin to control negative press:

It is an understatement to say that MAS has suffered over a sustained period of time with a negative public image attributable to the alleged actions of past Directors and to the perception of the public that MAS is poorly managed, has unacceptable euthanasia rates, and is generally deficient in both facilities and in service.

This issue could likely be mitigated to an extent if MAS would periodically initiate favorable publicity as opposed to just responding to the negative media that is so prevalent. Many employees reportedly have pleaded for MAS to seek to publicize the many success and “feel good” stories that could be documented.

Additionally, the review says Metro Government needs to abandon the LMAS facility on Manslick Road, needs to use its SPOT vehicle more visibly and that the Dismas program is a hot mess.

Click here (Warning: PDF Link) to see the review for yourself.

NOTE: It was in extremely poor taste for Greg Fischer to take time out of his fifteen minute press conference regarding Metro Animal Services and the living hell that exists within that agency to praise and promote a private event taking place today during which Sadiqa Reynolds will receive an award. It’s a shame these people don’t take the problems at Metro Animal Services seriously enough to know when to use their public filter.

22 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Announced LMAS Review Findings

  1. Really, this report does nothing more than confirm than what this blog, news channels, people in this community, and Louisville No-Kill has been saying for a long-time. Fischy needed a formal report? How about being proactive instead of being reactive. Fischer is a moron and no matter how much he has a silver spoon up his ass, it’s clear his classless and shameless plug of the nonelectable judge is a clue where the 4 years are headed. Do you think the families that had their family pet mauled by another animal at LMAS care about SR’s award? Jackie Gulbe is a joke and she needs to be fired. Fischer is a weenie in 3…2..1.

  2. Just wondering where Jackie Gulbe will land. She will get another government job as she was a big Fischer supporter. Lying for a cause will help her keep her job!

  3. I hate to hear that the SPOT van is going away, I was just trying to get a sponsor for a visit in my area. And I laughed about the Facebook suggestions, given that most city employees aren’t even permitted to get on it at work, even when most of their constituents and their mayor, is using it for work purposes.

  4. I’m confused, they say the SPOT vehicle is an asset, but that they should discontinue public spay/neuter? If not used for that, then what would they use the SPOT vehicle for?

    And why not move the ACOs to be a subset to LMPD – like the traffic control folks are? They ARE peace officers, after all.

  5. I see a lot of “The new director should…”

    not “MAS needs to be turned over to a private organization.”

    Way to fix the problems–stop searching for a new director and give everything over to someone else! IDIOTS!

  6. Confused as to the proposed structure – everything BUT ACOs will be contracted? I don’t know if you can contract for peace officers and if not, they will need a supervisor who will work under, … who? Probably should just move them out of MAS completely, put them under LMPD and give them the equipment and communications they need.

  7. report is typical double talk from such a group.. one point they talk about how MAS needs better support and more positive news being allowed but then goes into contracting out everything but animal control… keeps talking about what the new director needs to do and yet our mayor stops looking for one?? and with a KHS director on the report writng is there a surprise to anyone that it says they need to contract out adoptions and animal care?? Does this mean they will now own animal house which i think i helped pay for didnt I?? and is it really a surprise to say that Manslick is in bad shape??Hell, we knew that 15 years ago and yet our govt never had any money for it…so now lets just close it down…where is everything done there going to go?? just more shit from downtown……. i just cannot believe that we as caring citizens are going to put up with this……

  8. and as for Sadiqua’s award I am sure it has nothing to do with what she has done for MAS as she hasnt done anything……. a direct 180 turn from what Debbie did and tried to do….thats real reason she was moved out…she was actually showing improvement there and that was a no no to mayor…………nad Miss Jackie—- no i wont even go there as it would just be piling on……

  9. I know I have already done so, but… I apologize again for telling you to give Greg Fischer the benefit of the doubt a few weeks ago re: Metro Animal Services.

    Won’t happen again on any issue.

    Also – you can look to your local paper for coverage of most issues, as the Fischer Administration refuses to work with other media outlets (not this one – actual mainstream outlets) on nearly anything. Metro Animal Services, Metro finances, even press conferences and events at which all major media outlets should be present. Don’t like the facts hitting the press if they’re negative? Then ignore the outlet and pray they’ll go away, right? (More to come in the next several days on this – stay tuned.)

    Meet your new mayor. Same as the old mayor.

  10. and the bs about MAS should generate more positive publicity is typical… blame it on MAS employees and yet truth is any positive stories suggested to Miss Jackie are either shot down by her or yes by downtown…. hell she doesnt want any news about dogfighting rings being broken up done because her and the mayor dont want anyone to know it exists here… and yet what dumb ass in our city doesnt know it happens here on regular basis?? and yet any little thing that happens across the river positively for their animal people gets on 1 or 2 channels and in our pitiful paper as well….no matter how routine or small the case…….and yet it is our ACO’s fault for not getting the story out there….our ACO’s are not even allowed on camera when a story is done which is why we only see LMPD comment on any animal cruelty cases……. and that is on directive from our Mayor and Missy Jackie…… the more i think of this “report” the more pissed i am getting…………………..

  11. I am so saddened by this….yet, I am not surprised. This was the plan all along..Allison Woosley was running around telling animal welfare groups that Fischer will change MAS and make it NO KILL. All the while she knew that KHS would take over MAS. We all were lied to again and again. Louisville politics is so corrupt. GREG FISCHER IS A SCUMBAG! KARMA IS A BITCH

  12. I’m just going to quote adhra-2001’s first comment because it is EXACTLY RIGHT:
    “report is typical double talk from such a group.. one point they talk about how MAS needs better support and more positive news being allowed but then goes into contracting out everything but animal control… keeps talking about what the new director needs to do and yet our mayor stops looking for one?? and with a KHS director on the report writng is there a surprise to anyone that it says they need to contract out adoptions and animal care?? Does this mean they will now own animal house which i think i helped pay for didnt I?? and is it really a surprise to say that Manslick is in bad shape??Hell, we knew that 15 years ago and yet our govt never had any money for it…so now lets just close it down…where is everything done there going to go?? just more shit from downtown……. i just cannot believe that we as caring citizens are going to put up with this……”

  13. Here’s more:
    I want to add to what I said above about KHS – When I co-founded No Kill Louisville, I wanted us to all work together to create a NO KILL COMMUNITY. I invited all local groups to the table to be apart of this. Many, many rescue groups had distrust of KHS because of their past experiences with them, but I still invited them. Other groups had issues with each other, but I still invited them.

    I wanted to work together – THEN KHS and LMAS’ then director Wayne Zelinsky and Alley Cat Advocates – all board members on our NKL board began meeting on the side and slowly inviting more of our board members. I guess they did not like the openness and transparency. I was *eventually* invited to join this “side group” BUT I was told I had to read a book on “working together” and I had to promise confidentiality. Wow. I asked others who joined the group if they were told the same and the answer was “no” – So, because I wanted openness and transparency and working together I was treated terribly. When all the stuff about Wayne hit the fan and I was asked by the media to go “on the record” – I was called “unprofessional” by members of this same SIDE GROUP. It’s unbelievable the things that have happened and how many times people have tried to muzzle me.

    Thank God for you Jake! At least you say it like it is… even when I’m being questioned. Obviously – you were smarter than me when it came to dealing with the shadiness that I now believe is the Fischer team connected to animal services – including the one whose email you share early on in the mayoral campaign.

  14. Jessica…. People want to muzzle you because they know you speak the truth and as the old saying goes, the truth hurts….. do they want to admit No Kill is possible? Hell no! To do so would also mean that they would have to admit that they are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent animals. And the next time they are all debating what to read for their book of the month club, they can shove their book on “working together” up their ass and pick up a copy of Redemption.

  15. Jake, I’m a lot more concerned about the surgery complications rate and inhumane conditions at MAS. Housing animals in humane conditions should be first priority. Manslick can NOT be made humane. Animals confiscated from animal neglect are provided institutional neglect at Manslick due in part to design and bldg. condition. The animals need out and deserve better. Deliberately housing animals in a place where one knows statistically that most will become very sick is inhumane. Manslick needs to be abandoned now. If a contract with an agency that can house animals and provide surgery without making many sick is available then the city should take that option, and fast.

  16. How very sad! Many of us had hoped for a first class Director with a proven track record who could turn this mess around. The audit team did not have one person with experience in the animal services part- remember ACO’s jumping through windows without a warrant, tormenting and threatening people and actually enjoying it? Remember the poor man who had his dogs taken from him one 10 and 14 who was charged with animal cruelty while his 14 year old was attacked and killed at LMAS. The ACO’s have been trained by the worst- Meloche and Zilinsky. (More of the same). Too bad that progressive directors who do things like provide shelter for animals when battered spouses are afraid to go to the shelter because they do not want to leave their dog or cat behind. We know when they have a temporary safe haven for their animals they too seek a safe haven. Likewise, when events like our ice storm hits, progressive directors (and there are some) go out and provide temporary shelter for animals of homeless people who are reluctant to go to shelters and leave their animals- bye bye to those programs. And what about the bidders- there is only one with enough people and facilities to do anything. Do they provide no kill? NO. Do they have a national reputation or national accolades? NO NO. Maybe Manslick cannot be salvaged, even temporarily but did the audit team bring in a world class animal care and control person to see if it was doable? NO NO NO. What about the SPOT board? I guess that they are irrelevant now. So sad, we are not much better off than under Meloche/Zilensky and our hopes and dreams for a Nationally recognized Animal Care and Control facility are over.

  17. I trust that the contract will include open records provisions? Don’t want this to end up like Dismas. I predict that they end up contracting for far money than is currently being spend by LMAS – and then wooo hooo they’ll be able to do better than LMAS. (Well, duhhh, of course, if you have more money you will have more conditions.) Looking forward to seeing the contract specs. And I’m really wondering, if most of the services will be contracted out, then to whom will the ACOs report? And I assume this means most of the current staff will be out of a job?

  18. It is very easy to say that Manslick needs to close. And that point is not debatable, it does..It is outdated, has needed work for years and not sufficient for MAS needs.. BUT where do you go to find something better right now? Even the great KHS does not have room nor does anyone else.Does the mayor plan on building a new facility in a month? Or does he have a friend who just happens to have a building that can be converted? That is my guess at this point….. whatever is better for the animals is fine by me ….

  19. Jessica– appreciate your agreement with what i said… knowing you and the work you do it makes me feel good that i am on same page with someone who gives a shit…. hey, when you , or should say if you, get your audience with his highness the mayor let him know that there is someone out here that will take the directors position for 1/2 of what the previous one was making.. and he would guarantee a 6 month turnaround at MAS and a totally new perception of it within a year… or he can get rid of him… who? me….. background is in turning companies around and growing companies by changing policies, people and philosophies within … would just love to give MAS a go…know of the possibilities there and the people already in place that just need someone to listen to them and allow them to do what is needed…. of course, having a little oney would be nice for them as well….. but I feel his mind is made up and his decision and new involvement is probably already written as well…….

  20. Everyone here has a complaint, but no solutions. NO one here knows what it is like to work at LMAS. Everyone on here, and on NKL facebook page wants to rant about how there are cats with empty food/water bowls, but where are these animal lovers? Sitting behind a computer talking smack about how a facility is ran. Not only is you gossip and lack of care doing the animals a disservice, but is doing US a disservice. You all have bitched us out of jobs, especially you Jessica. You go on and on about how bad LMAS, is but you have never came in and volunteered your time to our facility. You only help when you want, when it is beneficial to you. A “NO KILL” attitude won’t heal metro, so a director with that mind frame is the last thing it needs. Everyone wants to complain about this place, but the public/community still come to us with their animals, and state that the animal was found on their porch. This whole overpopulation problem is because of the public. You rant about how it is ran, but all you do is gossip. You never state solutions, you just talk to hear yourself talk sometimes. People devote time to that place. And actually love the animals. No one enjoys euthanizing animals. It’s not something that is looked forward to, each and every day. If all you do is meet with WLKY and FOX, and whomever else you meet with, you aren’t fixing anything, only contributing to the problem by doing just that, NOTHING.

    Oops, did I just say that? Yea, I did. Thanks so much Jessica, for your lack of dedication to LMAS.

  21. Really? Because there are nine current and former LMAS staffers who comment here on a regular basis. And countless others – like myself – who get regularly covered in dog shit at LMAS by volunteering and even adopting.

    You motherfuckers need to put up or shut up. Seriously. I’m tired of you Gulbe-esque shit-for-brains acting like we should care about your paycheck. Guess what? It’s your own goddamn fault. Good riddance.


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