Election 2011: David Williams vs. Courier-Journal

Readers of Page One know that the 2011 gubernatorial race is apparently going to be fought by A Kentucky Newspaper – rather than the Democrat – and David Williams.

The paper has made both its editorial and news position clear.

This afternoon, the Williams-Farmer Campaign sent this out in an email blast about “fighting for neighborhood schools”:

I am committed to giving every child a quality education. I advocate neighborhood schools, voluntary charter schools, a better student testing system and merit pay for teachers who help impoverished students achieve better test scores. Every step of the way I am opposed by Courier Journal, the teachers’ union bosses and their puppet Steve Beshear.

Time and again conservatives in Louisville stand up for common sense education reforms that would help children, but are blocked by this cabal of social engineers. Conservatives, parents and political leaders live in fear of being called racist by this newspaper for advocating neighborhood schools. Well, I am not intimidated or cowed by Courier Journal or anyone else.

Any predictions on how this is going to play out?

10 thoughts on “Election 2011: David Williams vs. Courier-Journal

  1. 90,000 kids in public schools — a 90% ‘silent majority’ who prefer ‘neighborhood schools’ — a larger UofK alumni base than UofL possesses in Jeff. Co. and everyone finding out what a pitiful administrator Happy Pants was for the past half dozen years with all the financial mess he allowed to exist === you do the political math. Williams won’t carry Jeff.Co. – but if he draws close to even, he may be the next governor.

  2. Steve: We’ve gone through this parade before. $100mm less in busing and busing-related expenses and a reduction in 1/2 of the number of administrators who are earning more than $100k a year = about a $250mm a year savings. If 50 schools would costs $5mm apiece thats $250mm. ONE YEARS SAVINGS COULD PAY FOR 50 BRAND NEW SCHOOLS — assuming that would be required.
    Steve: Find another reason – cause this one won’t cut the math test.

  3. You can tell Abramson is on the ticket.

    Which brings up the age-old question: Does Abramson have pictures of the C-J staff, or does the C-J staff have pictures of Abramson somewhere. They quit worrying that somebody would notice the bias decades ago.

  4. Highlander,

    That’s neat there how you fired half the JCPS administrators AND built those 50 new schools.

    Will Piggy be attending one of these new ‘Lord(less) of Flies’ jr highs?

  5. David Williams will only get 30% of the Jefferson Co vote. I can’t think of a worst case scenario than having Williams as Governor and “Reechee” Farmer as Lt Governor. As a matter of fact, I get downright nauseous thinking about it.

  6. Highlander,

    He’s the fat kid w/glasses who gets repeatedly beat down after some British junior high boys wash up on a deserted island w/o adult supervision.

    Not a ‘Lord of the Flies’ guy, huh? You must not have had a public school education.

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