Comparing KHS Numbers With Those Of LMAS

Greg Fischer’s staff have been foaming at the mouth at us for weeks, damning our decision to question their handling of Louisville Metro Animal Services and secretive, money-drenched relationship with the Kentucky Humane Society.

So, rather than listen to Lori Redmon and crew leave comments here on the site attacking innocent individuals – rather than listen to Fischer’s people sing the praises of KHS over the people who actually know what they’re doing – we’re going to take a look at some KHS vs LMAS numbers.


From December 2010:


KHS had a total intake of 258 puppies (Christmas gifts much?) and LMAS had 74. This screams that the organization is actively seeking animals that are easily adoptable. They don’t bother with the high-risks that need the most help. You don’t pull in 258 puppies without going out and looking for them – especially wen LMAS only brought in 74 (and they don’t charge for drop-offs).

And you wonder why we roll our eyes as our city’s animal care authority rolls into the hands of an organization focused more on pretty things, looking good and making a profit than the people – even the bad seeds – who have worked themselves bloody at LMAS over the past few years.

No, I’m not going away, Greg. You need to deal with it. I’ve tried working with you and your people for years and you’re nothing but shady and vindictive to this day. It’s a real shame because we could have worked together on matters like this one.

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  1. Hey Jake,

    can you re-post every public quote by Jackie, Fischy, and others on LMAS? The public should know if they are lying then god only knows what KHS is doing. Hey Jackie what was that again about it being a rarity that pets are attacked by dangerous dogs? Apparently tonight’s news is airing a story about a service dog being mauled! How many is that now Jackie? How many times do the morons at City Hall need to be smacked with the truth. People’s pets are being mauled and Jackie still has her job. The two idiots at Metrosafe were at least suspended over their mistakes when Jackie going to be suspended for lying over and over on top of being completely inept!?! Guess it’s gonna take lawsuits, endless streams of facts disputing Fischy and folks false statements and sugar coatings and just maybe shedding light in the national level of the plight of LMAS will do some good.

  2. I remember December 2010 as a big month for ugly media coverage for LMAS. It’s what motivated me to go to LMAS and register to foster, and adopt a dog in early January. I was at the shelter one day when one of the TV trucks was in the parking lot. My point is – is it possible that those who may have dropped pups off at LMAS decided to go with KHS in December instead due to the media coverage that was going on at the time? I’m not defending KHS in any way, just food for thought.

  3. Concerned – Long before the publicity, I convinced a friend to bring puppies to KHS because I had confidence that the pups would be adopted. I knew from experience that they were set up very well for placing dogs, especially puppies. The puppies and later their mother were adopted quickly. I think others also have that fear of bringing animals to “the pound” bcz of the guilt that they may be euthanized, and the bad publicity probably adds to that. I would think it natural that KHS gets more puppies, and Animal Control gets more strays. We just need to work together for the best outcome for all the animals.

  4. Uh, no, the reality is KHS SEEKS those puppies and easily adoptable animals. The super-cute ones that are most desired and easy to get rid of in pet stores and such.

    The general public doesn’t know there’s a difference between LMAS and KHS. They typically only realize it when KHS tells them there’s a surrender fee.

    It’s simply not true – and horribly misleading – to suggest that LMAS gets more “strays” than easily adoptable animals. Have you ever BEEN to LMAS? I’ve now been literally hundreds (just over 200) of times and very rarely have I seen an animal that was not instantly lovable.

    I’ve published enough photos of animals post-euthanasia here on the site for you to know what I’m saying is the truth.

  5. I didn’t say LMAS gets more strays than easily adoptable animals, just that I could see how they would get more strays than KHS (because LMAS is animal control). I have been to LMAS and I agree that their animals are totally lovable and adoptable, and I encourage people to adopt there, and to adopt adult animals, because they are more in need. My own dog was a serial-offending running loose pickup at animal control in Oldham County. BUT, as things stand right now, if I had to surrender an animal, I’d go to KHS to give it the best shot. And to ADOPT, I’d go to another shelter or rescue. Wonderful animals are all around us, and they deserve our help. We should all work together to improve the odds for all of them.

  6. Who said it was in the press?

    The only time you comment, it’s to concern troll. Give it a fucking rest.

    Chris Poynter has been foaming at the mouth like a bitch for two weeks to every Courier-Journal reporter who will listen.

  7. Think about it. It is very clear. KHS has been after this contract forevvvver. We have plenty of evidence. Why? Some say they can’t make money at this. I say it is not about making money on this but it is about KHS survival. If Fischer had hired a great progressive Director or if NKL was awarded the contract and the shelter and animal control were turned around “rockin and rollin'”- then the community would rally around the LMAS or its equivalent team. We have waited a long time and we are invested in its success. The SPOT Board would raise money for a new shelter and real change would begin. Success begets success and national attention would come our way. The community would contribute to LMAS or its equivalent not KHS and without all those contributions, KHS would not survive well. It is clear and Fischer and the rest are playing footsie at the expense of the animals and they are blaming the public for speaking out for the voiceless. SHAME!

  8. Please, people! Take off the blinders. MAS takes in ~15,000 animals per year, all from Jefferson Co. KHS takes in ~8500 after they’ve pulled from all over the friggin state. Compare the relative similarities of intake between adult dogs, kittens, and adult cats – then a HUGE disparity in the number of puppies?! WAKE UP! That isn’t accounted for just because “people trust KHS to find homes” – would that mean the community doesn’t give a shit about anything except puppies?! Hello! Think logically for a minute!

    KHS pulls PUPPIES, from as far away as Bowling Green, weekly. I have seen it with my own eyes. That’s why their adoption #s are so high – not bc Louisville “trusts” them and drops the “adoptable” pets there (and WTF? ANY place can easily find homes for “adoptable” pets – you should take the least adoptable to a place you “trust”), but because KHS fills their kennels and their 9 Feeders Supply mini-adoption sites with PUPPIES and other highly adoptable animals that they pull from other shelters across the state. That’s a fact.

  9. *correction* – relative PROPORTIONALITY of numbers, rather than similarities. (With an intake roughly half that of MAS, if intake was truly random – no selective pulling from across the state – you would expect to see KHS intake numbers roughly half of MAS in each category.)

    As for the kittens – I also know for a fact (because I’ve seen it with my own eyes) that in 2010 MAS was incorrectly inputting information into their system: it can be difficult to “age” kittens, so many MAS staffers dealing with intake simply DIDN’T age the kittens – and when you don’t assign an age for an animal in Chameleon (sheltering software used by MAS) it automatically defaults to adult. My educated guess here is that the MAS numbers are way off due to this, and/or KHS also pulled kittens from across the state – though not in large numbers because A) December isn’t “kitten season” so there wouldn’t be many to pull and B) the demand for kittens (and cats) is much lower than for puppies (and dogs) (to all shelters’ frustration), so while KHS would want a decent selection for the holidays, they would never take in more than they felt they could successfully adopt AS KITTENS – if a kitten grows up to be an adolescent or adult inside a shelter, it’s chance of adoption plummets.

  10. I can confirm that there was a period in 2010 when many kittens and cats were not aged by intake staff and were therefore showing as “age unknown.” Chameleon software printed kennel cards would show age as “unknown.” I can’t confirm that these animal’s ages defaulted to adult. Some of these animals were later correctly aged and corrected in Chameleon and kennel cards reflected ages.

  11. I continue to be disgusted by KHS & Mayor Fischer. KHS should be disqualified from even participating in the bid process, due to their prior involvement in the audit/paid consult. Their lack of transparency, illegal taking of MAS foster information tells me KHS lacks integrity or put the animal needs first.

    Mayor Fischer should respect the

  12. If we are talking about back in time as most refer to in this blog I would say do some more diggin around I would say around when Dr Frankenstein started and you may just see that KHS used to bombard LMAS with dozens of undesired animals a day everyday except Sundays at LMAS adding to the overcrowding conditions but thank GOD that’s all changed now…

  13. Would love to hear all that jazz about how KHS has been trying to take over LMAS and that everything is set up for them to take over now that they ARE NOT even bidding… I’m sure you guys have a ton of trash talk to say about that….

  14. Really, sweetie?

    Do you want me to detail how Greg Fischer’s office had to work overtime to get them to back the heck up after all the criticism rolled up on this very website?

    I can, if you’d like.

    Because you’d have to be mentally incompetent not to realize KHS is now trying to save face.

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