The Greens Continue To Ridiculously Cry Racism

Last week we brought up Judy Green & crew attempting to make her own admitted scandals about race.


As disgusting and shameful as it is, there’s more to the story.

Take, for instance, these comments from her daughter on that same bit we discussed last week:

Jessica wrote: “And that’s right…we west enders love kool aid…watermelon and chicken too…you have done your research!”


Jessica wrote: “Well what would we people in the west end do without you? We sure our grateful to have you boss! I’ll be waiting to see if you’re as interested in the spending habits of certain council people put east…..but oops, those are your friends! I know all about you ;) And thanks again for trying to deliver us blacks down yonder….what would we do without you Mista?”

We understand Jessica’s desire to protect her mother. But really? An Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney – someone who works for ALL of us, not just those who live in the West End – saying that crap? How is some poor old meemaw from J-town who needs help from the Commonwealth’s Attorney going to feel when she has to reach out to them now?

WHO brought up Kool-Aid and chicken? The Green bunch.

Goodness gracious. These people need to get a grip. Crying racism when a black elected official gets called called out for something bogus is the last thing this city needs.

This is absurd.

When is the Council going to sack up and push this mess out, again?

MSD Is Always Gonna Be A Giant Disaster, Right?

Tim Longmeyer got tired of the local Democratic Party having no money and is stepping down. [WFPL]

MSD paid Jerry Ferguson $140,000 after it fired him. The deal kept him quiet on waste allegations. If you think MSD is a hot mess, you should stay tuned. Pending lawsuits are going to blow peoples’ minds in this city this year. [C-J/AKN]

Are fossil fuels fueling our severe weather? [H-L]

It sure is nice when Louisville’s musical arts get love in the national press. [NY Times]

If you saw Greg Fischer’s budget we published last week but missed his address? Go here to give it a listen. [Phillip Bailey]

How can a news organization do a story about the Kentucky Humane Society waiving cat adoptions without bothering to mention Louisville Metro Animal Services and Animal House? Are you kidding me? [84WHAS]

A two-year-old in the southwestern part of town drowned in her family pool. [H-L]

And a body was found in the Ohio River. Two wonderful Memorial Day stories, eh? [FOX41]

Wait, wait. It gets worse. One person was killed in a motorcycle accident downtown. [WAVE3]

You should prepare now for the Urban Design Studio’s thingy about cities and how to shape them. [Consuming Louisville]

Wait, what? Mount Washington is questioning results of the 2010 census. [WHAS11]

A medal of honor recipient threw out the first pitch at a Bats game. [WLKY]

Attorney General Jack Conway’s Monthly Column

Yesterday, in the wake of losing his case against Marathon, Jack Conway released his monthly column.

Dig in:

Spring has proved to be a tough time for many Kentucky families. Severe weather and flooding have damaged homes across the Commonwealth and left many struggling to make repairs.

During these difficult days, families have also struggled to fill their gas tanks. I would like to thank the many Kentuckians who contacted my office in the wake of the recent storms to report drastic spikes in gas prices. Some communities saw prices jump 30 cents; topping $4 a gallon.

On May 13, I filed a temporary injunction alleging that Marathon Petroleum drastically increased its prices during a time of emergency, in violation of Kentucky’s price-gouging statutes. Our request asked the court to require Marathon to lower its wholesale prices to levels before April 26 when Gov. Beshear declared a state of emergency.

I pursued this case to protect the best interests of consumers across the Commonwealth, who are hurting right now and many parts of the state saw an immediate decrease in prices at the pump. Although our request for a temporary injunction was denied, the judge was clear that his ruling did not affect the ongoing and underlying price-gouging case against Marathon.

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Metro Council Democrats React To Fischer Budget

Here’s what the Democratic members of Metro Council had to say about Greg Fischer’s budget yesterday (saved this for today so it wouldn’t get lost in the fluff).

Notice that Miss Judy is – once again – refusing to have anything to do with her colleagues and has not released a statement. Maybe she can call me racist again for daring question her as countless others before me have done.

  • “The Metro Council and the Mayor share the same goal of moving Louisville forward in these challenging times. I appreciate the new spirit of cooperation the administration has shown in this process by including the Council in discussions about what can be achieved with the limited resources we have available. The city still has a “structural problem” with its budget, meaning fixed costs such as salaries, pensions and health insurance continue to rise faster than revenue. We are solving the problem for one year, it keeps government operations going but we must take a good hard look at the future. We share that concern with the Mayor. In the coming month, the members of the Budget Committee will begin their review and will work hard to ensure the most effective use of tax dollars to provide services and investment. –President Jim King, District 10
  • “Metro Louisville is not facing the dire financial problems of other cities but we are not exempt from the effects of a slow recovery. My priority is to maintain public safety with the tax dollars we have available. I looking forward to working with the Fischer Administration and I plan a thorough review of not only our needs for this year but in future years. There are some tough choices ahead. I appreciate the spirit of cooperation the Mayor has shown to the Metro Council in trying to solve these concerns.” –Councilwoman Madonna Flood District 24, Majority Leader
  • “I am relieved there will be no massive layoffs of city employees. We have very dedicated people who work for Metro Government and they have been struggling like everyone else in this sluggish economy. I look forward to learning more about the Mayor’s plan as my colleagues begin their review.” –Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin, District 2 Vice Chair Majority Caucus
  • “The Mayor and his team have put together a well rounded budget for the Metro Council to review. I look forward to hearing from the administration and the various departments as we move forward in the budget process.” –Councilwoman Marianne Butler, District 15 Budget Committee Chair

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