You’re Just All Probably Flooded Out Right Now

Is this a ruh ro moment for Steve Pence? Unindicted co-conspirator? Wow. [C-J/AKN]

Here’s the Associated Press version of the Steve Pence story. [H-L]

40% of Republicans say that President Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States. And with that, mouth-breathers unite. [Slate]

Jefferson County Public Schools now has 16 hybrid electric school buses. [FOX41]

Welcome to Kentucky, the 8th-least green state in the country. More stats for us to be proud of. [HuffPo]

Census roundup: mixed news for Louisville. Branden Klayko is alive! [Broken Sidewalk]

Greg Fischer says he’s optimistic about saving 5 of 7 of the Iron Quarter buildings. It’s a shame no one is holding their breath at this point. [C-J/AKN]

What? Even more great coffee roasters in Louisville? This is why Louisville can have nice things. [Consuming Louisville]

Everything in Louisville is all flooded out. When will the rain stop? [WAVE3]

It was so rainy Saturday we almost can’t believe the Easter Parade went on. [WHAS11]

What are your thoughts on Rand Paul’s Social Security “plan”? [Page One]

4 thoughts on “You’re Just All Probably Flooded Out Right Now

  1. “The Issue of the Day”

    Tea Bag Ted: “We need to keep on pressin’ for Obama’s birth certificate.”

    Sane Sally: “Why have we not done this for any other guy who ran for President?”

    Tea Bag Ted: “‘Cause he looks different, doesn’t talk like a cowboy, and seems like an egghead from abroad.”

    Sane Sally: “McCain was born in Panama, but he doesn’t look like Noriega. I guess we can eliminate him.”

  2. “The KY Green Machine”

    EPA guy: “Looks really bad in KY.”

    State legislator: “I don’t understand. What’s the problem?”

    EPA guy: “KY is among our nation’s leaders for (cough) cancer, toxins, and fossil fuel combustion (cough).

    State legislator: “That is nothin’ to worry about so long as our corporations yield big net returns.”

    EPA guy: “Did you ever consider making the state sound (cough), healthy, in conditions supporting life (cough) for us all?”

    State legislator: “It is extremely difficult to adopt that kind of position and be re-elected.”

  3. “Good Ole Louisville”

    Black guy: “Louisville really looks racist to me.”

    White guy: “Whatcha mean, boy?”

    Black guy: “We leave the inner-city, move to the burbs, you fellas move out further.”

    White guy: “We movin’ on up. Oldham is where the grass is greener and the sky is bluer. – Nothin’ personal, boy.”

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