The Weather Is Ruining Everything Great At KDF

Who protects the animals? With a lack of federal and state laws providing protection, we need independent investigators as watchdogs. [NY Times]

Why is there so much violent crime at fast-food restaurants? [Slate]

The Kentucky Department of Insurance asked Passport to tighten its reporting and conflicts of interest. [Bluegrass Politics]

Did you see? The leader of No-Kill Louisville spoke out about the problems at Metro Animal Services and the current administration in a massive letter yesterday. That takes SERIOUS guts. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Judy Green was grilled yesterday before Ethics regarding her role in the jobs program. You ready for the circus to continue, folks? [WFPL]

Take a look in side the Metro Sewer District’s massive pumping plant operation. It’s pretty cool. [WAVE3]

And just like that, state government has agreed to allow the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky to raise tuition another six percent. [C-J/AKN]

The Great Balloon Glimmer was canceled over high winds and will not be rescheduled. [FOX41]

Kentucky Gold Bourbon Ice Cream? WHAT? Them’s fightin words and we need that ASAP. [Consuming Louisville]

What makes a livable and lovable city? Louisvillians know the answer(s). [Broken Sidewalk]

WHAS11’s reporters have taken a look inside a Florida drug trip and it’s loosely alarming. [WHAS11]

One hopes Democrat Adam Edelen understands exactly what he’s saying about Democracy and transparency. [Page One]

2 thoughts on “The Weather Is Ruining Everything Great At KDF

  1. “To College, at Any Cost!”

    Cathy Card: “I guess I wait another year before goin’ to UofL. Can’t afford the tuition increase–both my parents are out of work.”

    Cici Cat: “I’m goin’ to private Berea for a much cheaper price. Transferred from UK. What’s the problem at UofL”?

    Cathy Card: “I’ve heard there’s too much wasted cash goin’ to the honchos and their associate and assistants, or whatever. They did save $250,000 when one of the deans went to prison, though.”

    Cici Cat: “What a bummer. I thought that dean stuff was all about anonymous crap. Are his ‘superiors’ still on campus?”

  2. So very sad when an eagerly anticipated annual stream of revenue & fun is washed away in a stream of overflowing muddy water… Events that take much planning & many willing participants & many local & out-of-town spectators & lots of media involvement…but events that greatly depend on the cooperation of Mother Nature.

    On the other hand, our devastation & losses could have been SO much more severe. So far, aside from our revered KDF, the most serious losses seem to be to people & businesses who gambled by KNOWINGLY & WILLINGLY existing in areas that are subject to flooding. For them, it’s an eyes-wide-open trade off.

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