Some LMAS Folks Need To Be Immediately Fired

Remember that time, say, the other day when I told you Jackie Gulbe at Louisville Metro Animal Services was flat-out lying re: whether any other dogs had been recently mauled to death?


Well, I told you so:

Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) – A WHAS11 investigation uncovers documents that show that more than one family pet has been killed by other dogs inside Metro Animal Services.

WHAS11 News has learned that when it happened earlier this week, wasn’t the first time and some shelter workers say it could happen again.

Mattie was an 8-year-old stray dog that was taken to Metro Animal Services back in August.

According to Metro Animal Services documents we’ve obtained, one day before the little dog was going to be transported to a foster home; he was attacked and killed by another dog in the shelter – a mastiff.

How bout them apples?

I no longer have any faith in Metro Animal Services or Greg Fischer’s resolve to the change direction of that agency. Jackie Gulbe needs to find another job and the rest of the folks working at LMAS who impede progress need to go – union or not.

Greg Fischer needs to stop allowing Sadiqa Reynolds and others to run roughshod in the opposite direction of putting this city back on track. The more she and Greg’s other right-hands meddle and threaten, the more crap like this happens.

It’s unfortunate and sad.

I hate being right about this.

12 thoughts on “Some LMAS Folks Need To Be Immediately Fired

  1. The whole situation is extremely tragic, sad, and criminal. How long has the City of Louisville had dog pound, animal services, whatever it has been called over the last 50+ years, and they still can’t run it right. How about we pay someone to consult with city leaders on how to do a job. Better yet let’s just hire someone with good ole common sense and balls.

  2. Love ya Jake but I commented on this very blog yesterday about this before WHAS aired it. I scooped the scooper. This was a little dog that escaped from the owner’s backyard. When family learned that LMAS had the dog they were happy it was found safely and was told they could pick it up in the morning. When they (mom and kids) arrived at LMAS it took Jackie and her crew nearly 2 hours to tell the family. Then when finally fessed up.. in detail in front of the little kids.

    Fischer is a loser and a coward. He must have lost his balls in a freak ice machine inventing accident.
    We elected a spine-less, inept weenie that tolerates sickening leadership on his watch.

  3. I know Fischy’s foodies read this blog…you are worthless disgusting human beings that serve a swift-kick in the ass. To Fischy’s rich and powerful friends, you are guilty too. By keeping your mouth shut makes part of the problem. What if your dog or cat got out and ended up being mauled. WWYD?

  4. Have we heard any of the City Council members speak out regarding any of the activities at LMAS? Where the hell are they hiding out at? I sure hope nothing really major like a nuclear explosion, earthquake, etc. because it seems like all our leaders are MIA! God help us all!

  5. Heard by way of the grapevine that while there are wonderful folks at LMAS operating against all odds to try to make it better and save lives, there are others who including Gulbe have been trained by the horrific Meloche and Zilensky who said in a depositon in a federal lawsuit that poor people should not own dogs. Seems that that is pervasive among management and they don’t give a s–t about much of this stuff because the owners don’t have the money to sue. Wake up!!! Most of the provisions of this draconian ordinance have criminal sanctions applicable to all of them. Voila, if charged, and you cannot afford a lawyer you can use the Public Defender. There was a young women working over there, transplanted from a top notch, high profile Washington DC law firm who was committed to righting this WRONG and she handled several cases very successfully. Wake up Melochites and people that believe that poor people have no rights, they are coming after you with their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

  6. “We elected a spine-less, inept weenie that tolerates sickening leadership on his watch.”


  7. With Derby activities starting, and all eyes on Louisville at this time, I think we should take the time to promote Louisville Metro Animal services and show the world what a good job our mayor is doing running this dog and pony show!

  8. Jackie caught in a lie? Tell me it isn’t so! Remember she was a grass roots supporter for Fischer. She ain’t going nowhere. Get used to it! She is a fixture at LMAS.

  9. Mayor Fischer just wrote to me on FB stating he is working on a plan that will be announced next week. HMMMMMMM!

  10. If only the animals could vote.

    I propose the mayor’s next photo opportunity
    come from deep within LMAS.

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