Metro Government MIGHT Get Something Right!

A dog getting mauled to death while in the “care” of Metro Animal Services is just the latest in a years-long string of horse shiz. [FOX41]

Okay, this issue apparently died down. But how do you feel about two-way traffic coming to portions of Brook and First Streets? [Broken Sidewalk]

The Belle of Louisville has canceled Easter! At least, the Easter Brunch has been canceled thanks to high water. [Press Release]

Parker Raque, a local at Penn State, has earned All-America honors as a gymnast. []

Douglass Boulevard Christian Church is standing with marriage equality. This is another significant move to push this city and this state forward. [WHAS11]

Decades after the gay rights movement swept secular schools, more gays and lesbians are coming out at Christian colleges but are running up against conservative administrators, trustees and alumni. [NY Times]

A trial has finally been set in the Andrew Compton murder case and the community once again has its stomach in its throat. [WAVE3]

The editorial board is right again and the University of Louisville needs to stop treating public dollars like they’re private. [C-J/AKN]

Metro Council is seeking stronger ethics rules for quasi-governmental agencies. [WFPL]

Hope you got a load of some of the quarterly campaign finance reports for Kentucky candidates on the federal level. [Page One]

Maybe something IS being done about abandoned properties and such??? [Metro Gubmint]

Here are the latest details from Bobbie Coleslaw’s gubernatorial campaign, which is apparently never getting off the ground. [H-L]

2 thoughts on “Metro Government MIGHT Get Something Right!

  1. “All Hail to Thee, Alma Mater”

    Prof. Chips: “I hear our honchos will again refuse to open the University’s financial books to public scrutiny and accountability regardless of the court decisions.”

    Dean Dick: “Buck up, Chips, and get in the real world. We operate like a private company, so why not enjoy the same preferential treatment? After all, this is America!”

    Prof. Chips: “I feel like we’re shysters to our students, who expect us to show honesty and integrity.”

    Dean Dick: “Jesus, no wonder Felner walked all over your sorry ass-you’re a naive simpleton in today’s college environment.”

  2. “Mercy at the Door of Christian Academe”

    Dexter, a freshman: “Why am I being kicked out of college?”

    Dean Paul: “We do not permit homo behavior in this sanctified ethos.”

    Dexter: “What about having sex with menstruating women? Didn’t Leviticus condemn that?”

    Dean Paul: “My private life is none of your bidness, young man. And it would not compare to your transgressions.”

    Dexter: “I thought Christ spoke of love, of caring for your fellow human beings.”

    Dean Paul: “We do, too. You’re our human sacrifice for this semester, my son.”

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