Metro Animal Services Is Still Out Of Control

According to sources at Louisville Metro Animal Services (how bout that, Sadiqa and Jackie, you thought our sources had been fired or quit) tell us something disgusting:

Two-week-old kittens arrived at LMAS and on Saturday a plea was distributed via Facebook for a foster home to bottle feed them until they could be adopted. Several people responded and reached out to LMAS in an attempt to serve as fosters. So what happened? LMAS euthanized them.

What was that, again, about LMAS getting its ducks in a row?

In another instance, a seven-year-old purebred Persian was euthanized – rather than going to Animal House for adoption – because yet another URI went untreated.

And you wonder why we’re ready to give up on that joint unless the rest of the agency’s management are moved or fired.

Greg Fischer can announce plan after plan and interim director after interim director. But until he makes real changes and personally takes responsibility (when is he going to spend a day at LMAS covered in feces and guts?), well, you know how the story goes. This situation will stagnate.

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  1. I saw this on the No Kill Louisville facebook page, and want people to understand. The culpable individuals are those in management positions at LMAS. Who make the decisions. The Mayor’s interim director & KHS lackeys have no interest in listening to the employees & volunteers who CARE! The ones who sent out pleas to help foster the kittens, the 7 year old Persian cat. They are being told to shut up, or fearful of losing their jobs. The situation is intolerable & these employees & volunteers are so discouraged, but refuse to give up. Because of the animals. Mayor Fischer needs to talk to them.. step up, put political favors, agendas aside & keep his promise of NO KILL!

  2. As long as this shelter is run by those with a track record of killing, failed programs, and community disgust, nothing will change. As long as volunteers and dedicated shelter workers spend their own time and money along with support from volunteers and NKL to get animals transported to places where there are shelters or rescues that can rehome them and when NKL pays for two ACO’s and two volunteers to be trained in Colorado so that the PetSmart/Pedigree waggin can start transporting 50 animals a month again to shelters and rescues who can rehome them, and KHS takes credit for the reduction in shelter population due to these efforts, we will remained mired in this mess. Give credit where credit is due to these wonderful people who are succeeding against all odds and when these others claim to have the answers but their track record is one of killing and bottom lines, we must ask as Nathan says, “What’s your basis for your statement?” Whether LMAS is killing kittens or other animals when rescues are available or whether they are taking animals from loving homes based on trumped up charges and killing them, it is the same s–t different day.

  3. Most of the good employees have been fired or quit, BUT thankfully there are still some left. I really hope they can stick it out so that they can keep exposing the truth.

  4. @David, if MAS is shut down, all the animals will get euthanized. Those private shelters except for the no kill ONE euthanizes just as many as MAS.

  5. The Persian, a very sweet cat, was under treatment but Persian’s often do not do too well in shelters. If Persian or special breed rescues are available Persians at MAS need to go straight out to rescues (prior to getting sick) or alternately into immediate LMAS approved foster.

  6. Each story is heartbraeaking to alot of people.
    Can someone quantify the approximate numbers that have been euthanized and the completed adoptions at LMAS and KHS this year?
    Maybe the whole, rather than the pieces will enlighten Mr Fish.

  7. KHS won’t reveal thier numbers and since they are a private organization, they do not have to. That is why it is ridiculous that Mayor Ficher would “partner” with them. Go to “Mayor Greg Fischer” on facebook and read all the comments. Most of them are telling him to act, but he only responds to the ones that say things like, “thank you for saying hi to me”. I am so mad right now!

  8. KHS numbers may be irrelevant to the situation because they are not an open-admission shelter. I have been told informally that their “got out alive” rate is above 80% but since they charge to take animals in and do not do confiscations it is hard to do a direct comparison. Sometimes they pull and adopt out MAS animals, sometimes they don’t, so that further confuses the issue. To ukfan1969–I’m mad and frustrated and tired.

  9. And you have to ask, WHY can’t they get even a minimally qualified individual to apply? I expect much as to do with what they are willing to pay. Everyone screams about government salaries, but even a minor mid-level executive at most places, with far less responsibility, makes more than what Louisville Metro wants to pay. I know that 85K sounds like a lot, and it is a lot, but you have to pay for qualifications.

  10. I know they can get peole to apply because I did and I have many years of college, volunteering with animals and management experience.

  11. If you have spare time, please volunteer at the shelter. They need people more than anything! So many people have resigned over Fischer’s refusal to make things right that a couple of folks are doing multiple jobs. This mayor is pathetic. No one with common sense would allow this to continue to happen. Shame on the council and the gutless “yes” men and women in Fischy’s inner circle who don’t have a backbone to say something and convince him to act in the appropriate manner. According to the paper, that sack-of-monkey shit mayor will be giving lip service to the public tomorrow at the Zoo when they open the multi-million dollar exhibit. I wonder how much Mayor McCheese gave the Zoo? If either mayor and metro council actually cared they would have appropriated enough funds to have the proper leadership, staff, and facilities that don’t have deplorable kennels. Only the public is speaking up. I don’t see a damn council member doing anything. If dipshit is at the Zoo acting like all is well, I hope the public and media asks him why KHS is milking funds and resources, why the audit is still going, why the search has stalled. Jake has done all the work the lazy “traditional” media need to step it up. I think people should hand-out pictures of all the pets that have been wrongly killed to the folks walking into the track next week.

  12. @ turner ~ from what i understand a rescue was contacted about the persian cat the day it was put down. I believe the rescue had exactly 4 hours to find a foster on the saturday before easter.

  13. You really can’t compare LMAS and KHS, they are two different things. I do know that KHS does a great job of adopting out pets, and that’s why I’m able to volunteer for them walking dogs. I have walked and seen adopted elderly, blind, heartworm-positive dogs, plenty of wonderful pit bulls, and lots of dogs that came to them from MAS and other shelters around the state. Today they adopted out the last of the Missouri puppy-mill dogs they took on, a NINE YEAR OLD, unsocialized German Shepherd. Some dogs and cats are there for several months, but KHS commits to finding them a forever home, and I admire that. They have not euthanized an animal for lack of space in over 2 years, although they’ve had to scramble a few times with the help of fosters. You may argue with them about the decision on which animals are adoptable, but they are upfront about the fact that some animals will be euthanized due to physical or behavior reasons, and you can take an animal back if they deem it not adoptable. I think of KHS as a great adoption agency, but they are not the “dog pound” or a municipal shelter. We need to straighten out LMAS, and have more people step up to foster, adopt, and transport animals so every adoptable pet finds a good home. There IS an overpopulation of dogs and cats in our area, and it will take a big sustained effort to be a true “no kill” community.

  14. There needs to be sound and “best practices” policies of proper intake, assesment and finding fosters/homes. LMAS leaders has zero common sense before Fischer and even less since the dumbass puts people more pathetic than him in charge. It’s clear the public cares more than Fischy and crew.

  15. UK, they are looking for someone with SHELTER experience – do you have that? If you do, then I’d be calling HR and asking the status of your application. I understand that they did not get a single application that met the listed requirements, managing a shelter, even with backing off from requiring a degree. Given their problems, they don’t need someone without at least some shelter experience, and if they want no kill shelter experience, well, that is likely impossible.

  16. JTT, those job requirements were designed to get a new director just as dysfunctional as the old. Check this out:

    Proficiency at work is actually my area of research and expertise, and shelter experience, especially with a traditional shelter, is exactly what Louisville DOESN’T need in a new director.

    The more I think about it, the more I think David Crowell is on to something. We know Metro government can’t run LMAS; maybe running it should be turned over to an organization with the expertise to take it no-kill–NOT Kentucky Humane Society (that contract is one of the more boneheaded in a sea of boneheaded moves lately). But turning it over to someone who CAN transform LMAS to an open-admission no kill shelter–that might work. The germ of an idea…

  17. I worked at a Shelter and volunteered, but like I said it is political. They have my resume’ and many other qualified people. They have someone in mind, that is why they took the college degree requirement out. In my opinion, if we hire someone with a lot of shelter experience, we will get more of the same. Unless, of course, it was a no kill shelter. I know I could do a much better job than the previous clowns, but I want to see a no kill hat director who has turned a failing shelter arounf in the past. I do not have many years of working at a shelter and I really would like to see someone amazing and I can admit there are many people better than me that applied. That is why I don’t understand what is taking so long. They need to fire Jackie Gulbe and put Karen Dickson in that spot. They need to put Amanda Baldwin in Karen’s spot and make it full time. They need to hire 4 new adoption coordinators and 1 additional behavior analyst. Also, fire Holly Hood and hire a new Shelter manager. I know I am qualified for that job and will apply when she is fired. It is all in the leadership and Fischer should know that.

  18. If you hire someone with many years of managing a kill shelter for a no kill position you will get a bad outcome. They need someone who has a degree and fresh ideas. They need someone who believes in the no kill equation and will implement it.

  19. OK David, So they could hire Shelby No Kill….They are awesome and thier numbers are insane considering thier staff. After reading Eileen’s post I went back and thought about David’s comment. I actually think Shelby County could do it with government funding.

  20. I keep getting visions of Sheldon Berman, hiring someone who is used to dealing with a small, select group (as Berman was in Mass) doesn’t necessarily transition to the much larger situation we have here. I would love to be a no kill shelter, but everyone I know who wants pets already has more than they can handle and afford – there isn’t this burgeoning population of people who want pets and don’t have them. Where are all these new pet owners going to come from? There aren’t people out there thinking, gosh, I’d like to have a cat, wonder where I can get one?

    UK, what type of degree would you suggest? What did you do at the shelter? It’s far more than just feeding and caring for the critters – it is meeting a budget, dealing with difficult employees, making sure the vehicles are maintained, etc. Do you really want someone without management experience? That’s been a big part of Metro Louisville’s problem all along, hiring people with no management experience.

    What organization, specifically, would you hire? And would they be willing to do it?

  21. JTT, Louisville can go no-kill. Everywhere that the No Kill Equation has been implemented comprehensively and with integrity, it works. Big cities and small towns, north and south, rich and poor. It works. Personally, I do think the director job requires a degree and successful management experience, but not necessarily shelter management experience, and definitely not management experience at a kill shelter. No Kill is a completely different mental model, and a workable one.

  22. I do have management/finance experience and a degree. As I have said many time before, Louisville’s is too political and the job will go to someone who is scratching the mayor’s back.

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