LMAS Headaches & Heartbreak Just Continue

Remember the guy who had his dogs confiscated because one – a 14-year-old – was apparently thin (here, here, here and here)? The guy who was charged with animal cruelty and spent the night in jail? Only to discover Louisville Metro Animal Services allowed his dog to be mauled to death by a crazed pit?

We hear he’s filing suit. So that will potentially suck for Metro Government.

AND – we hear that same pit attacked yet another dog during that same time frame and LMAS euthanized it (a Rott, from what we’ve heard) in part because of its injuries and with hopes that no one outside LMAS management would find out about it. Can you even fathom?

Head – desk.

5 thoughts on “LMAS Headaches & Heartbreak Just Continue

  1. where is that fabulous shellac KHS produces? my my to think that LMAS would repeat a mistake, repeat a mistake, repeat a mistake…….how can this be true, in Jackie’s years of being there it has never happened, never ever……I like that they lie straight to the camera, its amazing, how does she do it? and when did she have time to teach Greg that trick. hey lets make the rounds of the animal groups and promise them wonderful new changes, I don’t have to keep those promises, everyone knows animal people are crazy. kicking off the campaign to make sure there is a new mayor in office next term. it does matter, Greg, and I can only hope you realize that sooner as opposed to later.

  2. What is going on at LMAS is truely same s–t different day. Animals plucked from their owners for some reason or no reason, animals continuing to die for being attacked- Eric Garrett wrote a chronicled document on this very issue in 2006 and if you didn’t know better you would think it is today. Missing animals- Meloche’s first report to council chronicled over 700 missing animals in one year. Animals, like the two kittens being killed, when there are rescues and veterinarians willing to take them. Animals living in horrible conditions, getting sick and dying while LMAS has multiple veterinarians on staff paid for by the taxpayers. And all along we are being duped into believing that this was going to be an open and transparent process where we were actually going to search for a competent Director who has a track record in turning around this type of animal control operations. Now the reports that this KHS stuff is a done deal or maybe not. We, the citizens deserve better. No different than the Abramson hot mess. Same s–t different day.

  3. Wasn’t this incident during the KHS “taking over” of operations? It was.

    I just read Jesscia Reid’s statement. The duplicity involving Mayor Fischer & KHS is appalling.

  4. wait – how was this KHS’ fault?

    do you realize that KHS was asked to ADVISE – which they did – but LMAS had no mandate to change, so the advice fell on deaf (hostile, plugged lalalalaaaaaaa) ears?

    the consultancy was a mess, and a bad idea – KHS would have been better off to say “oh, hell no, y’all get someone else to come in here and try to fix this sh*t, because 1) “advice” is not going to help, and 2) this is just setting us up for failure.” but they didn’t, they went in and advised. and now everything that went wrong while they were there (the same crap that went wrong before they went and that continues now) is KHS’ fault.

    find another scapegoat, please Mayor/LMAS/NKL/haters.

    KHS, stop trying to do the impossible. stick with the kickass things you do so well, and let the haters turn their attention to the next bunch of fools who think they can help LMAS succeed.

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