KHS Allegedly Offered One-Year Contract At LMAS

It’s official: Louisville Metro Animal Services is literally screwed. Screwed by the Kentucky Humane Society, which is money-hungry, as it’s allegedly been given a one-year contract to take over adoptions at LMAS.

Anyone surprised?

Putting an organization with no real track record better than LMAS to handle something LMAS already did fairly well.

And where is the LMAS audit? Why is that being held up?

This issue is not going away and it is apparent that Greg Fischer doesn’t plan on making real changes.

Where’s the leadership? We’re aching for it.

58 thoughts on “KHS Allegedly Offered One-Year Contract At LMAS

  1. Well, as long as it’s “allegedly,” LMAS is not yet officially screwed, but if it is, it’s by the Mayor as much as by KHS. Isn’t a no-bid contract illegal?

  2. “Allegedly offered” doesn’t mean it’s a done deal.

    WAS there an offer?

    Did KHS accept?

    Whatever your sources, do you consider them to be reliable?

    I hope that, if offered a contract, KHS declined, and not for LMAS’ sake, but for their own. LMAS is a cesspool of corruption and incompetence, and KHS can’t save them. It’ll take someone going in there and cleaning house, literally and figuratively, to fix all that’s wrong w/ LMAS. And while you idiots keep drinking the LMAS -is-great-and-KHS-is-terrible kool-aid, KHS will keep saving lives and operating under industry-wide best practices, and LMAS will continue to refuse to change. You’re a bunch of fucking enablers, and you sicken me and everyone else who has actual knowledge of what happens at both organizations.

    And YOU, Jake, must be mentally retarded to think there’s ANYTHING “LMAS already did fairly well.”

    I bet your dick is little, too.

  3. Will KHS be accountable- subject to transparency- will they be subject to open records requests- subject to state audit? The numbers appear better because of the work of transport volunteers who are doing this on their own nickel. What will happen to the rescue waggin when the information cannot be audited? What about a no bid contract? We will never have the nationally recognized animal control facility and operation that we all hoped for. Sooo very sad.

  4. LMAS is screwed. Thx Fischy! Great to see Dismas workers stealing dogs too. Fischer will go down as the worst Mayor in history. He can’t do anything right when it comes to making leadership decisions and LMAS. Interesting that this decision was finalized as Jessica Reid is out of town. Guess he can’t take being critized for another dumbass decision. Audit – not done, Sound and substantial leadership – not done, outdated & broken kennels -still not fixed. It’s clear Fischy does not care.

  5. Dogs being stolen is nothing new. I do agree it is wierd that they wait until NKL president is on vaca. Hopefully she will have lots to say upon returning, and says it LOUDLY.

  6. Kay Robinson, you are obviously not a subscriber to this blog because you HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!

  7. Really, “Kay Robinson,” you wanna start with me? On Metro Animal Services?

    Ask Wayne Zelinsky about that.

    My sources are fucking prime. See: Zelinsky, Wayne; Meloche, Gilles.

    “Allegedly offered” is what we published. Not necessarily what we know.

    LMAS is, indeed, a cesspool of corruption. Mostly centering around Jackie Gulbe at this point. But I’m tired of you bitter cat ladies – like Karen at the University of Louisville who constantly makes excuses for Meloche and Zelinksy – acting like you’ve got the answers. If you and Jessica Reid have the answers – bring them. Or shut your fucking mouth and disappear. I don’t see you at LMAS volunteering at all – ever. So fucking bring it or shut up. Jesus fucking christ.

    Mentally retarded for thinking LMAS did a fairly decent job adopting animals? You think Jessica Durbin didn’t do a good job? Karen? Amanda? All of those folks? You think the LMAS numbers don’t fucking swamp the KHS numbers? Get real.

    And, really, fucking bring it.

  8. OH and what a great way to be an adult talking about one’s penis size. How about Jake keeps reporting the news and you keep living with your head up your ass.

  9. There are few issues that could cause me to lose my shit on someone.

    Metro Animal Services is one of them.

    People need to get a fucking grip. Jesus.

    That place is a hot mess and we’ve covered it for years. It’s not going to change any time soon. That’s why people are quitting left and right and why the Fischer Administration is set on ignoring it.

  10. LMFAO @ “Kay Robinson” – for real? You end your argument with a stab at someone’s dick size? I bet you’re a smarty pants McGee. Harvard grad, eh? Shoulda been a lawyer with those jabs! Could totally win a jury with that shit.

    So, “Kay” – how’s your dick measure up babe? You willing to stick it out there?

  11. Jake, I agree with you on everything, but I don’t know where Jessica Reid falls into what you just said. Jessica and NKL is MAS’s saving grace. They fund A LOT of animals there. I wish NKL would be MORE vocal about what is going on.

  12. Jessica Reid does a solid job… at talking. I know – that’s what I do for a living.

    But that’s about all she does.

    When she stops playing pat-a-cake during press interviews and tooling around trying not to piss the Fischer folks off, then I’ll reconsider.

    And remember her meltdown a year ago when I predicted all of this mess with Fischer? Yeah? Thought so.

    I’m still waiting for her to tell me just how ridiculous it was for her to attack me and this website’s accurate coverage.

    Her actions then – and lack of action for several months following – are part of the reason Louisville Metro Animal Services remains completely fucked up.

  13. The entire organization does a lot to promote adoptions, yes.

    But Jessica, along with Allison Woosley, are part of the reason nothing has changed at Louisville Metro Animal Services.

    And Karen – the cat lady at UofL – is another big problem, as she constantly and consistently makes excuses for Meloche and Zelinsky.

    Jessica may be working to change things now – but several months of attacking folks like me who were working hard to expose the shit at LMAS did the exact opposite of what she thought she was doing.

  14. Well, I voted for Fischer because many people told me he would change LMAS so I am MAD AS HELL now! You are the only one who doesn’t get political and I appreciate that.

  15. Jessica Reid is on the search committee for a new LMAS director, which might explain her decision to tippy-toe around the Fischer administration. UKfan is right in that NKL, under Reid’s leadership, helps save a lot of animals from MAS – be it through volunteer and foster recruitment or through paying for medical treatment through the Hope Fund. NKL definitely plays a roll in this community and Louisville would be at a loss without it.

    That said – NKL working behind the scenes at MAS will NOT solve the problems. It hasn’t so far and it won’t in the future. What is needed is for someone to be openly, consistently critical of (and honest about) the problems as MAS and what it will take to fix them. That’s at least a start – in the long run, we know it will take a lot more than that.

    Fischer has failed miserably in his “first 100 days” in office (what kind of egomaniac celebrates that?!) and I don’t have high hopes for the rest of his days either. He was not and is not the right man for Louisville and certainly not the right man to fix MAS. I wish the animal welfare community hadn’t been so eager to gobble up his bullshit during campaign season – he didn’t get my vote (and I’m a liberal D all the way). But what’s done is done. The only way to force action at this point is to keep pouring gas on the fire. Burn him up in the media – ALL of it: TV, radio, blogs, etc. – until the corruption of MAS is revealed and he is forced to act.

    Pathetic that “possibility city” (HA!) can’t turn out better leaders than this jackhole.

  16. I agree Rosebud, Jessica and all of NKL members need to be vocal about the failures at MAS and demand a change NOW!

  17. Jake, keep doing what you’re doing and exposing these assholes for exactly what they are. If the best your critics can do is some weak, 2nd grade “you must have a small penis” bullshit, then you’re clearly on the right track.

  18. ukfan: You voted for Greg because Jessica and Allison told you to.

    She was not on the search committee when the tippy-toe behavior started. Nor was she aware of any committee coming in the future.

    When interviewed on camera about problems, it’d help if she were direct and didn’t ignore what she knows to be the truth. And it would help if she weren’t afraid to stand up to the Fischer Administration in this apparent white-washing that’s going on.

    This isn’t an attack on Reid, just an observation. She seems to really have her ducks in a row and her heart is DEFINITELY in the right place. I just can’t sit around while everybody sits on their hands. Tired of it. And Jessica Reid has a real opportunity to put an end to much of this with just a few words from her mouth.

    Being critical of Fischer’s lack of action is not an attack on him, either. It’s criticism that is wholly warranted. He’s had the benefit of the doubt from people like me and now it’s time for him to act like he has any experience leading. I’m beginning to think the ice machine bullshit is how he runs his government shop.

  19. No, I didn’t say I voted because they told me to. I am a democrat, BUT also because of his so-called stance on no kill. Many people talked about his stance on no kill. Plus, Greg told me personally he would change MAS and make it no kill.

  20. She can’t. If she’s part of the search committee, she likely signed a document agreeing to keep her mouth shut.

    And she is the one who was pushing Fischer’s alleged no-kill stance. Along with Allison. No one else was.

  21. Are you saying she cannot speak out because she is on the search committee? If so, Fischer has her right were he wants her. “Let’sPut her on the search committee and she will be out of our hair”.

  22. I’m saying she likely has to bite her tongue.

    And that means she can’t say what needs to be said. That means she could have given up her right to be a voice of reason.

  23. Reid did sign a confidentiality agreement in order to be on a search committee.

    RE: Karen at U of L. She does not exactly volunteer at LMAS but she does pull and save the lives of a lot of cats from MAS, run a S/N clinic under the TNR model, rehab ill cats, and has a working relationship with both MAS and KHS, which makes her effective. All admirable things.

  24. Tina Ward-Pugh says in the 4-27 CJ article by Dan Klepal that the city already has the Performance Audit, something we already knew. The I heard Fisher wanted them to work on it some more. Then I heard it was going to be released before Derby. Jake, do you know what is going on?

  25. Uh….how is this whole KHS/Adoptions contract supposed to fix the problems at Manslick Road?

    What the f*ck does Adoptions have to do with it!?

    Mismanagement, understaffing, “lack of funds”, kennels in DIRE need of a make over…..

    And somehow turning adoptions over to KHS (AND PAYING THEM TAXPAYER DOLLARS) is going help?

  26. its all perfect as far as the city is concerned, KHS tops Metro in PR. they are the best a putting a thick coat of shellac over everything, why they have already improved Metro’s image. it wasn’t 2 dogs taken, they are missing more than 7!!, good job KHS, and this has been an ongoing problem at Metro for years, a lot of Pits have disappeared from there, where do you think those dogs are heading? some little old ladies sewing circle? hardly, try dog fighting, so dogs missing from Metro, no big deal. lets lighten those numbers up a bit. just 2 dogs, who cares right? so KHS is doing exactly what the city is hoping will happen. big smiley stickers to our city leadership, way to play the game. you screwed your voting public in the best politician way! congrats! now we have a wonderful holding facility for the dog fighters to help themselves too, cherry picking happens in many ways. its not just KHS picking the best, the dog fighters have at it too. camera’s too expensive? really? what about the grant just awarded? get the damn Dismiss trash out of there.

  27. Metro will now turn into a dog catcher and killing facility even more so than it was before. KHS will only keep the pretty dogs and cats that they deem highly adoptable. All the rest will be put down.

  28. Hi Jake,
    Your criticism of me has some valid points and some that are off the mark. I do remember when we had that debate more than a year ago. I definitely believed that Mayor Fischer would follow through with what he’d said and with this latest news I no longer think that’s the case.

    Having said that, I’ve been in Los Angeles on vacation and rather than fly to San Francisco last night to continue enjoying myself I flew back here because of the issues. I’m working on a “statement” – although that’s a little strong of a word – maybe explanation is better for what has happened in the last four months and my stance on things.

    The crazy thing is I’ve had my hand slapped by many in the Fischer camp and by the committee I have been serving on for speaking up but then you guys are annoyed that I’m not speaking up. I can’t win for losing. I’m not complaining but the point is – some think I say too much and speak out too much while others think I’m not strong enough.

    Truthfully, I just want to END the needless killing and applaud your resolve to doing the same. We simply have different approaches. Would you like me to send the statement/explanation to you or simply post it on here? I’m working on it now.

    Always for the pets who have no voice,
    Jessica Reid

  29. I absolutely know what I am talking about as do most of us on here. Skeeter you are right. “Maria” please enlighten us on our ignorance please.

  30. Um…most of us work or have work at MAS or KHS. I think that qualifies to discuss the topic, thank you.

  31. Dear Maria, It is more like 7 dogs missing, not just 2. Some of us are still directly involved with LMAS. I don’t know what the best solutions are, I am just so tired of the mess.

  32. How long have you worked at KHS or MAS? What do you really know about the sheltering world and what it takes to run one?

  33. Maria: It’s none of your business how long they have or haven’t worked at LMAS.

    Many of these commenters have spent years there.

    Take your bullshit elsewhere unless you have substance to add to the conversation.

  34. Jake – You have no idea what I know. And it IS my business because these people are speaking like experts on the subject of not only LMAS but KHS as well…which they clearly are not.

    My bullshit? YOU sir are bullshit. This entire blog breeds nothing but negativity. You must be a sad person and I truly feel sorry for someone who can do nothing but incessantly bitch. How many fosters do you have from an animal shelter right now?

    Did it ever cross your mind that people at KHS love the animals. So, so much. I know many employees there and it is heartbreaking for them to read all of these terrible things without being able to speak out. While you spew all of your hatred, think of the people who dig deep every day to actually work toward a solution to this problem. Please practice kindness and imagine the pain that words can cause.

    And also remember that KHS DOES NOT WANT TO TAKE OVER METRO. If you actually read the article, it never says that. People at Metro have been spreading this rumor for weeks. Many are stubborn, scared and unsure of what to do. KHS has no desire to take over adoptions. They have announced that today but everyone seems to be ignoring that announcement for some bizarre reason.

  35. Right. You’re so aware of what’s going on that you can do nothing but attack personally and make shit up.

    And, no, it’s none of your business as an anonymous bullshit artist.

    No one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to visit this site. If you don’t like it? Carry on about life without it. Pretty simple.

  36. Maria: How bout yourself?

    I am a forever home for shelter animals.

    If you’re uninformed enough to question me about my involvement with LMAS, well, that in and of itself tells me you’re horribly disconnected.

    Take your trash talk elsewhere. You’re done.

  37. Thank you Jake…Keep doing what you do. People are just mad because you always print stories first AND they are always accurate.

    It is interesting that KHS was just at MAS’s Animal House talking turning them into an open adoption facility. So, the one thing MAS does well, KHS is destroying. MAS screens diligently to assure the animals will go to GOOD homes. They call landlords, vets , don’t adopt out animals that will be outside “pets” and verify all animals are spay/nuetered and liscensed. KHS does none of that. In fact they “like to trust the people”. That is why so many animals from KHS end back up at MAS. KHS’s numbers are high because they give away animals to anyone with an I.D. How can they not check references??? It is a living creature.

  38. Facts: KHS DOES check with landlords and does not adopt out to people who want an “outside” dog. Go in and fill out adoption papers and see for yourself. KHS is NOT the enemy. Their mission is to save as many animals as possible. That should be every shelters goal. I don’t believe anyone that works at KHS actually enjoys euthanizing animals. KHS has made a ton of improvements over the past 5 years…. They opened the SNIP Clinic offering low or no cost spay and neuter for pets. They have built a new area for admissions with separate ventilation so that sick animals won’t harm the healthy ones. KHS sends animals to rescues. KHS takes in many of LMAS animals. KHS has started a Barn Cat program that homes feral/semi-feral cats that would otherwise be euthanized. KHS has started a behavior program for small dogs that would otherwise be deemed unadoptable. Each year over the past few years, their adoption numbers have went up.KHS has a wonderful foster support system. KHS’s improvements are ongoing and they are not perfect nor do they claim to be. Everything I have posted are facts. I’m not posting to start more arguing and name calling. I just encourage some of you to actually go spend some time volunteering and seeing all the things that KHS IS doing to help the animals instead of focusing on all the things that “allegedly” or have happened in the past.
    All animals that get adopted out of KHS are vaccinated, fixed, micro-chipped and licensed. The community is the reason for over-crowding and unnecessary euthanizing of perfectly healthy adoptable animals. People aren’t responsible owners. they buy from backyard breeders and pet stores. They don’t put collars and id’s on their animals and let them roam the streets unaltered. They discard animals like an old pair of shoes. If this wasnt’ the case, there wouldn’t be such a huge population in the shelters. What happens when rescues are full, the fosters are loaded up, the kennels are full… where are the animals supposed to go? Until you get a community involved in being educated on what the responsibility is like having a pet and agreeing to stop buying breeder animals or only getting a dog because it’s just so cute as a puppy not thinking about the fact that it will grow up to be an adult dog that fully depends on us for survival, we will always have this problem. I think the focus should be on how to reach people with positive messages about how to care for pets properly and to truly see what a big responsibility they are. That they shouldn’t be cast out so easily. We should be offering them ways to help with financial hardships. The food bank that was started by KHS is a great example. I think it’s great that NKL has taken responsibility of it. SNIP Clinic offering low and no cost surgeries to alter the animals. Maybe offer behavior training at discounted costs when adopting… there are so many options to spread the word about making Louisville “No Kill” without all the badmouthing and bashing. Just my opinion.

  39. Why did I JUST call todat and speak with them to verify what I heard? They said they recently changed thier policy to allow for outside cats and dogs. Amy from KHS told me “they trust people” and do not call landlords or vets. Ask them yourself.

  40. I will be sure to. I do know that they allow ‘feral or semi-feral’ cats to be outside. That is the Barn cat program to try to save perfectly healthy cats that aren’t necessarily people friendly that would otherwise never make it to the adoption floor. But unless the changes were put in place for not calling the landlord very very recently, I have personally witnessed people being told they would have to contact the landlord. If you haven’t already guessed, I do quite a bit of volunteer work with KHS. They take many steps to try to ensure that animals go to good homes and stay there.

  41. Yeah, the feral cats being outside is fine. I do not have a problem with that. All I know is I called today and told them I wanted a dog and talked to an Amy. She told me they do not call references. I can only assume that is thier policy because that is what she said.

  42. Don’t worry, she’s right.

    Thank you for at least attempting to be a voice of reason Julie 🙂 You’re the best.

  43. Called KHS–talked to an Adoption Staffer, asked the same questions–got the same answers as ukfan!

    Who is this Amy person answering the phones for KHS (I asked for her name “Since she was so very informative”) if she is giving out ‘false’ information to potential adopters???

  44. I have no doubt that the staff at KHS cares about animals as stated above.. But the inference given was that MAS employees dont.. knowing many of their officers and staff they are some of the most caring individuals around.. They have no leadership at present and are not being involved at all in this issue.. They have been working hard to make the place better and then this slap in the face comes about and they are confused and angry about being kept in the dark…What the mayor’s agenda is here is not clear but if enough people ask the right questions, such as NKL will do soon I am sure, then we might be able to avoid this mess happening… And to say that KHS does not want this to happen is ludicrous at best…. They would welcome this and laugh all the way to the bank …..

  45. I know the adoption coordinators and many other people from MAS care deeply for animals and want to make sure they go to good homes. I also know that KHS is the same way. However, it is not the workers at the bottom that are the problem.

  46. Maria, who are you and why do you think you know everything? You must be someone of great importance to know all the answers. If numerous people are calling and getting the same information, why are you telling them they are wrong?

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