26 thoughts on “It’s Fancy Greg Fischer Caption Contest Time

  1. “Greg to the Rescue!”

    Firefighter facing Greg: “Can’t bust your ass to save lives in that suit, Mayor.”

    Greg: “I dressed formally to take it easy. We know all fires go out eventually.”

  2. Greg to Firemen;
    “Yes in addition to being the spanking new Mayor I also invented that fancy icemaker contraption.”

    “Isn’t there a pole somewhere around here I can slide down? “

  3. “Can we turn on the lights and sirens?!? Can I blow the horn real loud?!? Pleeaaassseee?!?!?!?!”

  4. Firemen (chuckling): “Get a load of the human compass, it’s pointing north.”

    One of the firemen: “Seriously, move it out of the way, we got a call, and our on-b0ard digital street map will get the job done. Move the mayor before one of our crew picks it up and throws it!”

  5. I can’t get too close to you guys, cause one of you farted and my eyes are watering. I think it was the guy to my right, who really thinks it’s funny.

  6. “OK…stop me if you’ve heard this one before…”
    “Have you heard the joke about the firemen who wanted to be paid for overtime?”

  7. Uh paul barth said some of you all are supposed to come over and mow my lawn, so if you could get that done before saturday, that would be great.

  8. Robot to fire people — Robot to fire people — are you happy campers? Robot to fire people.

  9. Nothing funny here, except I hope (or he does) that his dick is taller than he is.

    Nothing but a white Obama so far. He was on Joe Elliot’s radio show today, Joe asked serious questions, Fisher answered each one in corporate-delay speak.

    Yep, on top of it (Delay).
    Yeah Joe, we got it covered (Delay).
    No, public making too much of Siren Dept, good guys, not their fault, just need more money and tech shit (Delay).
    Bridges Project = Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Delay).
    Corporate Aging City = Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Delay)
    FORD doing great for us. Mayor, they’ve been here for FortyFuckingYears. (Jobs, Jobs, Jobs)
    Museum Plaza = Jobs (Delay) – Have you seen a fucking backhoe digging down there? My Idea: Another stupid fucking ground break ceremony, love the SilverShovels). At least we see some dirt flying. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. “Moving on, forward, future……..)

    His first 100 days consists of 99 photo-ops and 1 non-transparent developer deal.

    My favorite quote today was the Dog & Cat Show progress question from Joe. Mayor: “That’s been a tough one so far, we are studying everything.”

    The Mayor can’t even fix a fucking dog pound!

    Louisville, Possibility City with a white Obama at the helm.

    “Forward” is my first name.

    “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs is my middle.

    ” Let’s go fishin (er)” is my last.


    I’m moving to Indy or Nashville next week; At least I get to maybe see some pro football if the NFL pussies (meant participants) don’t fuck up as bad as Mr. Priss has shown.

  10. Fischer sings, “Baby you can light my fire.”

    Fischer asks, “Where can I get a calendar of you guys?”

  11. Does this firehouse have one of those cute dalmatians? Wait, you didn’t get it from Metro Animal Services, did you? Because I don’t care if it has parvo, no refunds.

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