Greg Fischer’s Had A Year To Do Something Big

This week the Kentucky Humane Society informed adoption coordinators at Metro Animal Services’ Animal House that they (LMAS) would begin open adoptions.

Why’s that a bad thing?

Well… LMAS does a terrific job when adopting animals – one of the few things the organization does really well – they check veterinary references, speak with landlords, verify licensing of other pets, check past pet ownerships, et al. And LMAS doesn’t typically adopt out to folks who want outdoor pets.

Now KHS is changing the way they do business – telling adoption coordinators that they can’t do those background checks.

When we called KHS, we were essentially told that there are no real checks and balances in place. The woman on the telephone said, “we want to trust people.”

Can you imagine? The one thing LMAS gets right and this money-hungry organization comes in and jacks it up because they trust people.

We’re floored.

It’s a real shame Greg Fischer and Sadiqa Reynolds have refused to live in the reality-based community when it comes to Metro Animal Services. A damn shame. Because this mess just gets worse and worse. There is no leadership, no oversight, no hope.

I told you in April 2010 how ridiculous Fischer’s crew were behaving. A year ago (remember that when anyone says “it just takes time.”) Then his campaign paid lip service to critics by issuing this animal welfare “plan”.

They were so out-of-control that Fischer’s then-spokescritter, Rande Swann, had the audacity to accuse us of fabricating information about Metro Animal Services. Information that has since come to light causing the resignation and firing of staff. Remember that? Even Jessica Reid was attacking us and had consumed the Fischer Kool-Aid on LMAS. But times have changed. Reid’s seen the light and has spoken out about the administration’s attempted white wash. LMAS has continued to implode. And everything we said about Fischer’s empty promises has sadly come to fruition.

Shame. Shame. Shame. We are deeply ashamed to have ever given these folks the benefit of the doubt.

26 thoughts on “Greg Fischer’s Had A Year To Do Something Big

  1. This whole “open” adoption thing really twists my panties. With KHS not continuing with the checking of veterinary references, speaking with landlords, verifying licensing of other pets, checking past pet ownerships, etc., we really be put…ting the animals’ lives on the line. They might as well advertise on Craigslist for free and we ALL know what kind of creeps troll that site. Either they want the animal to turn it around and sell it to laboratories, breeders, or fighting rings OR an animal abuser can easily obtain his prey. OF COURSE, there are some legitimate people on there who are going to give the animal a great home. At least with LMAS’ checks and balances, an animal has a greater chance of receiving a good home. Obviously no system is perfect, but at least there IS a system. PLEASE DO NOT LET KHS TAKE OVER LMAS’ ADOPTIONS, please!

  2. Any one associated with Jackie Gulke or Randi Swann (Both who could not tell the truth if they had too) has liars for spokespersons. And that tells me a lot about that person.

  3. As a taxpayer, I will fight against this atrocity toward the animals. Adoption procedures at LMAS put the animal’s welfare first & KHS does not. This completely explains the reason why so many animals adopted out by KHS arrive back at LMAS. What is wrong with Mayor Fischer? Is this all backroom politics? Why would he turn Animal House over to a private organization? I want KHS out of LMAS NOW!! This is upcoming Derby week & the national spotlight will be shined on our city. Does it take a protest in front of Churchill Down to get something done about this?

  4. Open adoptions? Why don’t we just start giving them away for free on Craigslist? This is horrible! When I adopt out dogs from LMAS I feel so much better knowing a little bit about who I’m adopting to. I hate not knowing who I’m giving a dog to. Are these people going to throw them in a crate and never interact with them besides feeding? Use them for dog fighting? KHS are morons.

  5. These are living creatures! What is the point of having all of the programs KHS has if they do not screen well in the beginning? It seems like money and numbers are the most important thing to them.

  6. Does anyone know who on the Council voted for the No Kill resolution? I don’t care if it was non-binding, we need to exercise our right to be heard by the Council and by the Mayor and hold them accountable for what they said they’d do. The Mayor and Council should cut ties with KHS and get a No Kill director in to LMAS now, and give that person the authority to clean house and make the needed changes. Meanwhile, I think LMAS adoptions counselors should continue to do screenings. If they can’t be fired for killing, how on earth could they be fired for ignoring KHS’s asinine directives?

  7. There is something very wrong when an animal adoption agency doesn’t want background checks done on those who want to adopt a pet. These agencies should be looking out for the welfare of animals and representing the defenseless animals’ best interest. Sex offenders aren’t allowed to be around children. Schools, daycares, etc., do criminal background checks (or are supposed to) before hiring someone to work around children. So why risk adopting a defenseless animal out to an abuser, dog fighting or for bait animals. Someone has to stand and protect the animals and that is the job of LMAS. To do away with animal protection is just insane. Just put a fox in the hen house and see what happens!

  8. KHS adoption standards or lack thereof, are simply a way to inflate their adoption numbers, rather than making sure the animals go to responsible homes.

    As for the analogy of “fox in the hen house” that is exactly what Mayor Fischer has done by involving KHS.

  9. KHS needs to leave Adoptions alone at LMAS!! I foster high numbers of kittens and cat’s each year. I have 8 in house right now including an adult Metro/ NKL cat. This poor cat has been through hell and back and is just now beginning to be happy and pain free. When I turn him in will be be placed in a good and loving home or handed to anyone walking through the door with a cheap bag of cat food?? I also volentter at Animal house twice a week, I won’t tolerate what KHS is trying to pull. Get out the Hell No signs and let’s hit Church Hill Downs. Mayor Fischer, you lie!

  10. Fischer is a failure plain and simple. He clearly isn’t fit to lead. The LMAS mess could have been taken care of days after taking office. The clusterf$&@ has gotten worse since Fischy and judge have taken over.

  11. I will not stand by and watch this happen!!! This is Craigs List, but on a Larger Scale.
    Stupid Stupid Stupid. Everyone knows when you rescue an animal it means doing checks/balances. If it does not seem right, it probably isn’t. LMAS does check out everyone, they are Animal Control, it’s their job!!! KHS does not check people out because they want to trust them???? What kind of CRAP is that….I want to trust people, but I know the reality & why these animals end up in the Shelter System in the first place.
    We will not stand for this!! We will organize a Peaceful Rally/Protest. No Kill will happen/we owe it to the animals that can’t speak for themselves!!

  12. As someone who supports LMAS in donations, rescue efforts and have adopted from Manslick.

    I do not support KHS actions or involvement. The more information I read concerning KHS, their entire agenda seems to be that of greed & power. The action of taking LMAS foster information was illegal. The fact KHS is involved with the LMAS audit as they are seeking to take over is also an indication of unethical behavior.

    Mayor Fischer needs to honor his campaign promise of finding No Kill leadership, that is clearly not KHS.

  13. I am in the process of applying for a permit to rally at city hall. It would be nice if a lot of people showed up.

  14. Don’t rally at the mayor’s office. Put the pictures of the animals killed on giant boards and go to the parade and Churchill next week. Speaking of next week, I think we should rent a limo from Pimp Z and pal around town with the dogs and cats that Pimp Z didn’t kill. I can’t wait to receive stuff or a phone call from KHS wanting money. I’ll damn will make the caller know I know how they got my info. Fischy you are so screwed. Start flooding his office with calls, show-up at every public event he’s at. Don’t forget that Metro Council is responsible as well. They have said nothing. Morons. Jim King, Downard all have an opportunity to do what Fischy can’t and show that they are better leaders than Fischy and we should have elected them instead

  15. Gerard (my adopted cat) and I wanted to weigh in and say thanks for bringing some light on the issue of pet adoption. Gerard and I found each other through some classmates at the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, who care deeply that good people and good pets find each other. And yes, I went through a background check. Later, I had the opportunity to foster Beazley, a scared little rascal that turned into maybe the most affectionate critter I’ve known. The point being, those of us who love animals–I grew up in dairy farming families, I helped restore the turkey and elk in this state, and chaired Gov. Patton’s Smart Growth Task Force’s committee on Agriculture, Wildlife and Environment–we know that this issue needs resolution. Resolution is not only good for the animals, it is good for us. The G-Man is a very important part of my life, and I hope there are others out there that can find that kind of friend. Pet adoption brings much joy and peace, and we need to find peace in this dispute. However I can help, I’m in.

  16. There have been many substantive and substantial comments on this site relating to the issues surrounding LMAS. If we want to kill less, hopefully only those too ill or too aggressive, we need get more out and take less in. No kill works in communities where they are committed to kill a very very few and save the rest. It is relatively easy with a great shelter director who can put policies and procedures in place dealing with a great number of administrative items including tracking animals, ensuring cleanliness, ensuring physical care of the animals to AAHA standards, etc. and who as a compassionate and committed director works to get more out through adoptions, fosters, rescues, transports, etc. We know that there are millions more homes nationally than we have adoptable animals. We also know that a compassionate Director thinks “outside of the box” when killing for the usual shelter reason is not an option. We also have to stop taking in so many unnecessarily. Remember the ACO’s were trained by the worst, Meloche and Zilinsky. The ACO’s need to stop doing what many of the ACO’s do like impounding for license violations, or silly stuff or taking people’s beloved pets because they are out on a tether in a fenced yard 15 minutes before they are allowed to be when the fence is short due to deed restrictions, or taking first and asking later. All of the horrors this community has faced with impounds other than strays, result in people facing stiff fines that they often can’t pay and thus surrender their beloved pets (we have hundreds of stories) while the animal is usually euthanized because LMAS can’t find homes. We need to move forward and develop a model animal control facility and administration. It can be done and we all know it. We just need a plan and need to move forward.

  17. PS We also have to expand and explore incentives for our low cost/no cost spay and neuter and TNR programs. Success with these programs will effect the amount of animals coming into the shelter.

  18. Lobbying the Mayor and Council are crucial right now, and so is building the base of community support by educating others and getting them involved. There is nothing like fostering an animal and knowing you’ve saved its life to change your own perspective. I know several people who have gone from no pets to highly educated advocates simply by fostering or adopting one and then learning all about its circumstances.

    Sky Olt, do you have a congregation now? How about asking them to help by fostering–it’s kitten season and there are many litters, with and without moms, coming into the shelter every day. There’s a pregnant cat at LMAS’ Manslick Rd. shelter now who needs out today. See the No Kill Louisville Facebook page for info.

    There is research to show that having a pet as a child increases one’s empathy even into adulthood. Petting dogs and cats lowers stress and increases feelings of wellbeing (lowers cortisol and raises oxytocin). Fostering and adopting is good for us physically, mentally, and if you are inclined to see it that way, spiritually, and becoming a more compassionate community by going no-kill will be good for people as well as the animals.

  19. We have to make it clear that NKL works with ALL groups, including KHS. KHS is not the enemy and has some really great programs, but with that said, I have some serious issues with their adoption procedures. If KHS has great programs, but then adopts to anyone without background checks, won’t that create more returns later? Plus, we are working torwards a no kill shelter and KHS is not no kill.

    Making it MAS vs. KHS is counterproductive. We know MAS is broken, but they screen potential adopters diligently. I think that is important to keep animals out of the wrong hands.

    I believe with a compassionate no kill director, MAS can be a shining example for the City AND State to be proud of.

    The question I have to the people who say no kill can’t work…..What does it hurt to try?

  20. I see much good in things KHS has done and does do. Behavior training, public relations, SNIP clinic, pulling cats from LMAS when they have room to take some that would otherwise get ill at LMAS and euthanized or euthanized for time/space. KHS has been a great help in these things. They are also better organized at this time.

    I also hightly value LMAS’ method of screening potential adopters and I continue to believe screening is of primary importance. LMAS does a better job at this than KHS and philosophically I agree with LMAS and not KHS.

    This is not the best forum for going over the details of why I take the position I do, but perhaps Metro Government has a representative who monitors this site and will take note of my position.

    I implore Metro Government not to undermine the good job LMAS does at adoptions.

  21. Eileen, I’m still a student, but I’m very active in my church, so I’ll be happy to pass on information about the need. Students at the Seminary are very active in foster/adoption activities through several programs and adoption shelters. I’m also grateful to say that the Seminary supports us in this mission. Those of us who are “cat-savvy” appreciate fostering the more troubled animals that need some extra TLC. It’s a great feeling to see an animal emerge from hiding to become socialized again.

    I don’t know the issues and facts well enough to cast blame, etc. It’s obvious that this issue is deeply personal to a lot of people. As I said before, if there is anything that I can do to help bring everyone together and get us in meaningful dialogue toward real progress, I will be happy to pitch in.

  22. KHS DOES screen. They denied the right to adopt a cat to my then-80-yr.-old aunt, telling her she was “too old” to adopt. (She subsequently adopted “privately.”)

  23. Let’s take the good things that both organizations do, and combine that will the no kill philosophy. It’s All for the animals. Keep greed, dirty politics, and lying scoundrels out of the equation!

  24. Seems to me that the Mayor just wants to ‘pass the buck’–so that they wont have to deal with the problems at MAS.

    Oh! And WHERE is the Audit!?!?

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