Greg Fischer Loves Us A Whole Big Bunch

Forgot to include this funny bit from the fake Greg Fischer interview in LEO Weekly the other day:

LEO: Speaking of Derby, do you plan on being a passenger on the Belle of Louisville during the upcoming steamboat race, and if so, did Abramson warn you that you’re likely to be accosted by LEO Weekly’s Bar Belle?

GF: Shortly after I was inaugurated, the Bar Belle was on a list of people I was warned to avoid. Let’s see, I’ve got that list right here — it includes Tyler Allen, damn authentic liberal; that perpetual pain-in-the-ass blogger Jake Payne; Hal Heiner — his bubbly personality makes me look like an asshole. Wait a minute … you’re on this list. How the hell did this happen? Somebody’s getting terminated over this. Where the hell is Brandon? …

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