14 thoughts on “From Mayor McCheese To… Mayor McCheese?

  1. Within two weeks, the air conditioners out back will be stolen for copper and the plastic Arches will be in some hoodlem’s bedroom, proudly displayed.

    Within four weeks they will close down cause all the seats will be taken by the hood.

    In between, someone will be shot, I just hope it’s not a hard working, brave teen ager, trying to get ahead.

  2. Harvey II is utterly pitiful. Can’t he do something other than go around town with that podium and put it places where he can stand and say something. And who’s the Charley McCarthy standing next to him? How about calling a meeting with your people who are going to help you create “jobs, jobs, jobs” and see if you can come up with an idea, Harvey II. Surely somebody’s got an idea to do something.

    Hell the Goobernatorial and Lumpy Hayes came up with one — 250 jobs from India for E-town. $16 an hour. A real coup that was. Unemployment is about $7 an hour and it isn’t taxed. By the time taxes (fed, state, local and FICA) are w/held it’ll be less than unemployment.

    So, Harvey II, virtually anything you did in this area would improve on Goobernatorial’s latest.

  3. I don’t know why Highlander thinks unemployment is $7/hour and untaxed. I’m pretty sure it is based on your income and therefore varies depending on how much you made when you were working. I do taxes and it most definitely is taxable. Last year (2009 taxes), the first $2400 was tax exempt, but in 2010 every dollar was taxable. Most smart people have federal taxes taken out, but the state will not take out taxes, so they have to pay those when the file their income tax return.

  4. Maybe Fischer is looking toward some exciting opportunities in the simulated food service industry.

    I think he’d look pretty good in a paper hat, and I’m pretty confident he won’t be needing the mayor suit for another term.

  5. Roger: Yo rit ’bout ‘dat.
    John: I thought Fish’s campaign hdqts was closed. Are you still living there?

  6. “The Mayor’s Big News”

    “Ladies and gentlemen of the ‘Ville, I am happy and proud to introduce another great McDonald’s to our area. I know we have big competition between McD’s and Papa John’s. But competition is always good, and we don’t want the Papa to get too complacent. One helluva pizza and one helluva Big Mac! Louisville is truly on a roll!”

  7. Highlander, John is correct, it is taxable. I do not think much of Fischer either, but if you want to attack him be sure that you know your facts first.

  8. Louisville, where unemployment is talked about more than creating employment and where a sorry sad sack mayor wants to celebrate seeing a McDonald’s reopen. Geesh, no wonder this city can’t have nice things with idiot leaders that aren’t focusing on family living wage jobs and employment opportunities.

  9. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    What does this mean? It has been at the bottom of my entry “10” for over 24 hours.

  10. Gay Demo: Let’s remember this Gay Demo, when you work THE EMPLOYER WITHHOLDS. So the employee doesn’t have the use of the $$ until his refund. When the Gubermint gives unemployment, it’s a check and you file your tax return in April showing how much you got AND YOU KNOW WHAT — IT AIN’T ENOUGH TO PAY TAXES — IS IT? Nice try to defend the local/state demos on this one, but it’s a little short.

  11. You, like me, like them do not owe taxes until we reach a certain limit. Please educate yourself before you spout off.

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