EPA Provides Clean Diesel Funding For Louisville

Earlier today, the state Energy and Environment Cabinet announced that clean diesel funding has been awarded to Metro Government. Some $235,000 will be used to reduce diesel emissions from Louisville’s waste-hauling fleet.

The funds, according to the Governor’s Office, are from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Diesel Emission Reduction Act.

13 refuse haulers will be retrofitted with Diesel Particulate Filters and Closed Crankcase Ventilation Systems that reduce particulate matter emissions by 90%.

“We are excited about this award and the opportunity to take another step toward a more air-friendly fleet,” said Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer. “Sanitation trucks are on the roads nearly every day throughout our community, so reducing emissions from these vehicles will benefit us all. Metro Government must set an example when it comes to improving Louisville’s air quality, and this project is a big step in the right direction.”

This isn’t horrible news, right?

In other news, mouth-breathers want to send the EPA to its grave.

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  1. It’s good news to have funds to help reduce the polution. But I’m wondering what the cost would have been if this equipment had been originally installed, by the manufacturer, before the Metro purchased them.

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