KHS Allegedly Offered One-Year Contract At LMAS

It’s official: Louisville Metro Animal Services is literally screwed. Screwed by the Kentucky Humane Society, which is money-hungry, as it’s allegedly been given a one-year contract to take over adoptions at LMAS.

Anyone surprised?

Putting an organization with no real track record better than LMAS to handle something LMAS already did fairly well.

And where is the LMAS audit? Why is that being held up?

This issue is not going away and it is apparent that Greg Fischer doesn’t plan on making real changes.

Where’s the leadership? We’re aching for it.

58 thoughts on “KHS Allegedly Offered One-Year Contract At LMAS

  1. I will be sure to. I do know that they allow ‘feral or semi-feral’ cats to be outside. That is the Barn cat program to try to save perfectly healthy cats that aren’t necessarily people friendly that would otherwise never make it to the adoption floor. But unless the changes were put in place for not calling the landlord very very recently, I have personally witnessed people being told they would have to contact the landlord. If you haven’t already guessed, I do quite a bit of volunteer work with KHS. They take many steps to try to ensure that animals go to good homes and stay there.

  2. Yeah, the feral cats being outside is fine. I do not have a problem with that. All I know is I called today and told them I wanted a dog and talked to an Amy. She told me they do not call references. I can only assume that is thier policy because that is what she said.

  3. Don’t worry, she’s right.

    Thank you for at least attempting to be a voice of reason Julie :) You’re the best.

  4. Called KHS–talked to an Adoption Staffer, asked the same questions–got the same answers as ukfan!

    Who is this Amy person answering the phones for KHS (I asked for her name “Since she was so very informative”) if she is giving out ‘false’ information to potential adopters???

  5. I have no doubt that the staff at KHS cares about animals as stated above.. But the inference given was that MAS employees dont.. knowing many of their officers and staff they are some of the most caring individuals around.. They have no leadership at present and are not being involved at all in this issue.. They have been working hard to make the place better and then this slap in the face comes about and they are confused and angry about being kept in the dark…What the mayor’s agenda is here is not clear but if enough people ask the right questions, such as NKL will do soon I am sure, then we might be able to avoid this mess happening… And to say that KHS does not want this to happen is ludicrous at best…. They would welcome this and laugh all the way to the bank …..

  6. I know the adoption coordinators and many other people from MAS care deeply for animals and want to make sure they go to good homes. I also know that KHS is the same way. However, it is not the workers at the bottom that are the problem.

  7. Maria, who are you and why do you think you know everything? You must be someone of great importance to know all the answers. If numerous people are calling and getting the same information, why are you telling them they are wrong?

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