Greg Fischer’s Had A Year To Do Something Big

This week the Kentucky Humane Society informed adoption coordinators at Metro Animal Services’ Animal House that they (LMAS) would begin open adoptions.

Why’s that a bad thing?

Well… LMAS does a terrific job when adopting animals – one of the few things the organization does really well – they check veterinary references, speak with landlords, verify licensing of other pets, check past pet ownerships, et al. And LMAS doesn’t typically adopt out to folks who want outdoor pets.

Now KHS is changing the way they do business – telling adoption coordinators that they can’t do those background checks.

When we called KHS, we were essentially told that there are no real checks and balances in place. The woman on the telephone said, “we want to trust people.”

Can you imagine? The one thing LMAS gets right and this money-hungry organization comes in and jacks it up because they trust people.

We’re floored.

It’s a real shame Greg Fischer and Sadiqa Reynolds have refused to live in the reality-based community when it comes to Metro Animal Services. A damn shame. Because this mess just gets worse and worse. There is no leadership, no oversight, no hope.

I told you in April 2010 how ridiculous Fischer’s crew were behaving. A year ago (remember that when anyone says “it just takes time.”) Then his campaign paid lip service to critics by issuing this animal welfare “plan”.

They were so out-of-control that Fischer’s then-spokescritter, Rande Swann, had the audacity to accuse us of fabricating information about Metro Animal Services. Information that has since come to light causing the resignation and firing of staff. Remember that? Even Jessica Reid was attacking us and had consumed the Fischer Kool-Aid on LMAS. But times have changed. Reid’s seen the light and has spoken out about the administration’s attempted white wash. LMAS has continued to implode. And everything we said about Fischer’s empty promises has sadly come to fruition.

Shame. Shame. Shame. We are deeply ashamed to have ever given these folks the benefit of the doubt.

The Weather Is Ruining Everything Great At KDF

Who protects the animals? With a lack of federal and state laws providing protection, we need independent investigators as watchdogs. [NY Times]

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The Kentucky Department of Insurance asked Passport to tighten its reporting and conflicts of interest. [Bluegrass Politics]

Did you see? The leader of No-Kill Louisville spoke out about the problems at Metro Animal Services and the current administration in a massive letter yesterday. That takes SERIOUS guts. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Judy Green was grilled yesterday before Ethics regarding her role in the jobs program. You ready for the circus to continue, folks? [WFPL]

Take a look in side the Metro Sewer District’s massive pumping plant operation. It’s pretty cool. [WAVE3]

And just like that, state government has agreed to allow the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky to raise tuition another six percent. [C-J/AKN]

The Great Balloon Glimmer was canceled over high winds and will not be rescheduled. [FOX41]

Kentucky Gold Bourbon Ice Cream? WHAT? Them’s fightin words and we need that ASAP. [Consuming Louisville]

What makes a livable and lovable city? Louisvillians know the answer(s). [Broken Sidewalk]

WHAS11’s reporters have taken a look inside a Florida drug trip and it’s loosely alarming. [WHAS11]

One hopes Democrat Adam Edelen understands exactly what he’s saying about Democracy and transparency. [Page One]

No-Kill Louisville Leader Finally Speaking Out

Jessica Reid, the leader of No-Kill Louisville, is speaking out about Louisville Metro Animal Services, Greg Fischer’s crew and the Kentucky Humane Society.

Here’s a taste:

Having mentioned our successes, I need to address some concerns that have been raised – namely about whether I am still speaking up for the pets or being yoked by the Mayor’s office. Since January of this year, when I went “on the record” regarding issues. I was asked to do so or the story would not move forward. At the same time, several LMAS staff members went “undercover” about the same issues I raised. Since then, I’ve faced a new kind of frustration. I was criticized for speaking out by members within the rescue community despite the fact that employees mentioned the same issues. I was surprised by this.

Still, I stayed on that path despite those criticisms and despite hearing from those in the mayor’s office that I should not be so critical, that time is needed to fix things. All the while, Mr. Zelinsky and others at LMAS and connected to LMAS were putting up road blocks to saving more pets – all because they were angry and calling me “unprofessional” for speaking up. In actuality, that anger had to do with an email I sent out the week before that was copied to the entire NKL board asking Mr. Zelinsky if the rescues tied to the board could save the pets slated to be killed after what I understood was an argument among mid-level management that would lead to the unnecessary deaths of dozens of dogs.

He ignored that email and instead those groups that called me “unprofessional” continued to do their best to align themselves with LMAS. This made me sick because to do so was allowing more animals to die and, in fact, condoning it. Still, I took the criticism, tried to recognize it for what it was, and moved forward and kept speaking up.


At this time, several people asked if I would consider applying but I felt it was more important to *ensure* a director with the No Kill ideals got into the position. I am not in this for me but for the pets of our community, and it was very important to ensure a No Kill director would lead us into the future.
I immediately disagreed with the job description that was hammered out and said so but was ignored. When the media asked me about the job description, I told them it meant getting the “same old thing” and getting an “old school shelter director mired in the old ideas rather than the progressive No Kill ideas that the city and its people deserve.”

Once again – I got in “trouble” for speaking up but I argued it was my opinion and I’m allowed to express that as a proponent of No Kill ideas. I have not *once* spoken about the candidates, the process, or what anyone in particular has said in these meetings. I feel that honors my confidentiality agreement. However, I was not about to be muzzled and continued to raise concerns with Debbie Fox when she took the interim helm and met with her. She was extremely smart and a good manager, but she handled the immediate “window dressing” and was then called back to MetroSafe for needs there.


I made it clear that there have been issues at LMAS since KHS taking over – such as the dogs dying in the cages, pets being killed when they were promised rescues would be contacted (just this last Saturday, in fact), fosters being entered in their computers without consent, and other things. I also made it clear that I felt I was misled and lied to when I asked *point blank* what KHS’ role would be at the shelter. I put my faith in the idea that we could work together when, it appears, others are simply moving forward with their own agendas.

I do NOT support this move because KHS is not transparent. I do NOT support this move of handing over our community’s pets to an organization who can decide their fate without the public’s interference. I do NOT support this. No Kill Louisville will not stand by and allow the killing to continue. We will not forget all we’ve endured and all the pets who have died as we wait for change.

Bravo to Jessica Reid.

You’ll want to read her entire statement after the jump. You’ve gotta. It’s damning.

Greg Fischer: heed her words. Take action now. Stop this madness.

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LMAS Headaches & Heartbreak Just Continue

Remember the guy who had his dogs confiscated because one – a 14-year-old – was apparently thin (here, here, here and here)? The guy who was charged with animal cruelty and spent the night in jail? Only to discover Louisville Metro Animal Services allowed his dog to be mauled to death by a crazed pit?

We hear he’s filing suit. So that will potentially suck for Metro Government.

AND – we hear that same pit attacked yet another dog during that same time frame and LMAS euthanized it (a Rott, from what we’ve heard) in part because of its injuries and with hopes that no one outside LMAS management would find out about it. Can you even fathom?

Head – desk.

Downtown Arena Gets More Unfortunate Press

Does everybody hate the arena downtown?

From Yahoo! Sports:

The Oakland Raiders get a new, ridiculous stadium name

Other than the brief reign of Land Shark Stadium, the NFL has largely avoided the rash of absurdly named arenas that have plagued other sports like baseball and college basketball (I’m looking at you, KFC Yum! Center.) A new deal to rename the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum is set to change that.

Sure, maybe the joint is just gonna cold bankrupt our city or whatever. And the name may be silly/embarrassing. But it’s a pretty cool facility, right?

Meet The New Mayor, Same As The Old Mayor

What was that, again, about me “making things up,” LMAS apologists? I told you so. The city is in talks with the Kentucky Humane Society to take over adoptions at Metro Animal Services. [Dan Klepal]

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before… a Dismas House worker was arrested after trying to steal two dogs from Metro Animal Services. [WHAS11]

Storm damage in Kentucky has exceeded $34 million, according to Governor Steve Beshear’s office. [H-L]

Want to help with a stream study? Wanna improve your world? Here’s your chance. [Click the Clicky]

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels’ timeline for a presidential campaign is ticking. [MSNBC]

Making you kinda proud to be a Kentuckian: Indiana is set to defund Planned Parenthood. [HuffPo]

Do you think Mitch McConnell actually believes the things he says? [Page One]

The Environmental Protection Agency yesterday proposed stricter controls on water pollution. Will Frankfort react? [WaPo]

No matter how you cut it, this is sad. Butchertown Business Owner: “I am a beaten woman.” [FOX41]

The Great Steamboat Race has been moved to Friday JUNE 29, thanks to the gross flooding. [H-L & Press Release]

There’s a vacant property problem in Louisville’s West End. When are we gonna start giving those properties away to law enforcement and firefighters and such? [WFPL]

KHS Allegedly Offered One-Year Contract At LMAS

It’s official: Louisville Metro Animal Services is literally screwed. Screwed by the Kentucky Humane Society, which is money-hungry, as it’s allegedly been given a one-year contract to take over adoptions at LMAS.

Anyone surprised?

Putting an organization with no real track record better than LMAS to handle something LMAS already did fairly well.

And where is the LMAS audit? Why is that being held up?

This issue is not going away and it is apparent that Greg Fischer doesn’t plan on making real changes.

Where’s the leadership? We’re aching for it.