Somebody Finally Says What Needs To Be Said

Phillip Bailey is an outlaw!

But you already knew that, because, well, you just did.

I like outlaws. Not the commonly encountered criminals — drug dealers, thieves, murderers, most politicians and many preachers. I like outlaws who run afoul of the norm and actually stand for something. My former mentee Phillip Bailey has become such a man. I say “former” mentee because I now consider him an equal.


Recently, Phillip has come under fire in a small segment of Louisville’s black community because of a solid piece of investigative journalism on Councilwoman Judy Green. As a result, Bailey has been called “scum” and told that “black people here (in Louisville) don’t trust” him. Scum? Untrustworthy? Exactly what evil thing has Bailey done to merit such attacks? First of all, we have to be careful when we talk about which black people think young Bailey is a contemptible ne’er-do-well.


So who’s mad? I’ll tell you. A few nativistic, short-sighted members of Louisville’s black old guard and their younger human parrots are upset. These types like the status quo simply because it benefits them in one way or another. They are in positions of influence, not because of ability or inventiveness, but largely by virtue of who they know or the fact that they’ve simply been around Louisville forever. The younger people in their orbits are the typical sorts — uncreative, conformist, untalented lackeys who go along to get along without question just to get ahead. In this way, retrograde people and systems replicate themselves. This is not good, but it’s the norm in certain circles.

Phillip Bailey has simply rejected sucking up to this ideologically incestuous, parochial segment of our fair city.


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3 thoughts on “Somebody Finally Says What Needs To Be Said

  1. Another reason this is so sad for the community is that the same people angry with Phil Bailey have also been supporting Sheldon Berman.

  2. —- also supporting Happy Pants, and Arm’weak’ before him — and according to Klepal mayoral analysis — elected the Fish. The probably supported Fifteen Second Rick despite his adventures and Ramsey despite the fact that he gave Fifteen a pay raise and thought Feltner was ‘terrific.’ Man — what a place.

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