On Ole Dirty Judy And That Iron Quarter Mess

Greg Fischer isn’t going to like this news. A court challenge to the Whiskey Row agreement could come this week. [WFPL]

You know what’s hilarious? Mr. Holt won’t release the tape of Ole Dirty Judy Green’s appearance on the radio. Talk about a cover-up. Such corruption. Guess Kevin Cosby got to him quickly. [Deep Radio Shame]

Fresh on the heels of yesterday’s letter from Jim King to Tina Ward-Pugh on Ole Dirty Judy, well, we hear ODJ’s removal from Council is imminent. Guess she needs to start drinking that Tiger Blood. But we’ll believe it when we see it. [The ‘Ville Voice]

I love how this story ends with, “Green is not facing criminal charges.” It’s almost as if the station is trying to predict the future. [WAVE3]

Kudos to WDRB for saying “Kentucky Derby Festival” instead of “Derby Festival.” No other station in town has the guts, apparently. [FOX41]

Am I the only person who always ends up trying to go to Vietnam Kitchen on the day of the week it’s closed? Cause this story is causing serious early-morning cravings. [Consuming Louisville]

Gross. Why is Adam Walser just cold double-fisting some what appear to be dead fish? [WHAS11]

Steve Beshear took credit for electronic health records advancements in Kentucky. Granted, he had nothing to do with them. Daniel Mongiardo did, though, and he didn’t even get a mention in the press release. [Page One]

Is the Downtown Development Corporation taking part in unlicensed activity by marketing a property (Iron Quarter/Whiskey Row) it doesn’t own? Engaging in real estate brokerage without a license is a misdemeanor. The Kentucky Real Estate Commission is now looking into it. [Deep Downtown Thoughts]

Appalachian Voices filed notice of intent to sue coal company Nally & Hamilton Enterprises for allegedly violating the Clean Water Act. Naturally, the state doesn’t enforce the laws. [H-L]

Jim Ramsey and Joe Steier will receive GLI’s Silver Fleur-De-Lis Award at the annual meeting on March 15. They’re being recognized for their “outstanding commitments and achievements in the Greater Louisville community.” [Press Release]

6 thoughts on “On Ole Dirty Judy And That Iron Quarter Mess

  1. Robert F Kennedy Jr was not very kind to Jack Conway in the Herald Leader story about the Bardstown company that pollutes water in Eastern Kentucky was he? The Kennedys always were a group that called a spade a spade.
    It would be nice if the attorney general took more interest in Kentuckians being exposed to mercury,zinc, and arsenic in their water. I am sure he would want that cute daughter of his drinking it. There are cute daughters in Letcher County exposed to it. WTF!

  2. “PR Award to JR Is Well-Deserved”

    “In recognition of your dedication and decorative PR that has made the UofL into a national symbol of a lily among thorns, we bestow the Fleur-de-Lis upon your proud bosom. You have been a flower of light in what otherwise would seem a dark age of scandal, sleaze, repression, and disrepute to your institution–one that serves the city, state, and nation without parallel.”

  3. Novena: I love your sarcasm. JR is about as deserving of an award as is Cypher. They’ve both presided over a travesty similar to Dante’s “Inferno.” And each have been about as successful as the other!!!!!!

  4. Maybe GLI ought to be locating businesses to move here rather than being the ‘official’ awards presenter. Seems like somebody’s always getting a plaque around here. I’ve never seen a situation where more celebrations occur for less. I’ve got an idea — why don’t we have another press conference for the Museum Plaza as a followup to the last one that announced the effort to get a loan. Lordy that brought the head Goober, Happy Pants, Tandy and all the others to 7th St. to self-congratulate each other.

  5. I have been to Vietnam Kitchen twice now on a Wednesday only to realize they are closed on Wednesdays… 🙁

    I am really craving some VK about right now!!

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