25 thoughts on “Nothing Like A Little Fancy Nepotism In Louisville

  1. Same Ted Pullen whose agency is under fire and metro audit for wrongdoings? Just like MAS?

    Huh. At least she’ll be well versed in covering up scandals.

  2. Not really nepotism, is it? Ted Pullen is in charge of Public Works, not Animal Services. He does not have the ability to hire his wife, only the mayor does.

  3. If anything, it’s worse than nepotism.

    Greg hiring her to placate Ted, despite all the problems the man has caused this city.

    It’s an illustration of just how Abramsonesque Greg is becoming.

  4. Susan was working for louisville.gov
    I think she is just being re-allocated so that Debbie Fox can clean up Metrosafe/Hamiliton again and again and again.

  5. Nepotism makes the world go ’round, Jake … you know that! Oh, and we need to give more tax breaks to corporations. Those pesky labor unions are ruining our country!

  6. Fischer is a spineless idiot who has no idea how to run anything but his mouth. This is an outrage. And her experience and qualifications ARE?????

  7. I used to be happier before I read Jake’s pages. Before Jake, I simply just hated the CJ for their personal opinions.
    After Jake, I’m kinda numb as to how fucked up a bunch of things are.

    Would someone from Possiblility City just tell me when they could bring a big ass pile of asphalt and throw it on my pothole patched road?

    That’s now all I wish for in this Life. Seriously.

    In Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

  8. SO!……How the hell do u stop the Madness?….When something like this happens and the Metro Councilmen and the business Leaders just remain Quiet,it’s SOS!!!…..Everyone is scared to draw Fire their way so they are all a bunch of spineless smucks.

    I am thinking about putting a private annoymous group together to engage a real investigative reporting journalist that can wite some TRUTH. “Other then JAKE that is!”…..The level of foolishness that the new administration is demonstrating dosen’t supprise me!…..I think HAL should start pipping up NOW offering suggestions to fix these problems on record!….The City really needed HIM!

  9. The Mayor ask the MSD board members to resign because of how that looks and smells and then turns around and hires a department head’s wife to head up a department in Metro Government. This is a joke, right?

  10. It’s almost too much irony, Batman, but Ms. Neumayer is the daughter of MSD’s long term, long retired Chief Engineer Carl Neumayer.

  11. No wonder no one can get hired in this town (from us underlings on up). Everyone hires family members. Someone of importance needs to adopt me. I do windows.

  12. Even the oft-used insult “inbred” isn’t sufficient for the messy tangled web of Metro government & quasi-government.
    “Competitive” is an incomprehensible principle across the board.
    “TallGuy” is right — this is all so numbing. Maybe because we are all too conditioned to it. And that is part of the shame.

  13. I’m thinking that any “relationships” should immediately be disclosed when ANYONE runs or is appointed to a govt. or quasi position, and their qualifications clearly stated. Their attempt to justify could help us a little. Then a “challenge period” of 10 days would allow for public input.

  14. Mayor Greg, would you have put any of these poeple in management positions in the company you owned?

  15. I’d like to know what her prior experience is with animals? Any director, interim or otherwise should be well versed in animal beahvior, diseases, proper disinfection, working with rescues, handling of employees, etc. I think this is another bad situation waiting to happen. My guess is she will go sit at a desk and collect a paycheck on the taxpayers. I missed the deadline for the position – is the Mayor offering up round 3 in the search? I like working with rescues and actually got fired before for wanting to work with rescues and actually not kill animals. I guess I wouldn’t fit in the Mayors plans then would I? Talk about the animals getting the bad end of the stick yet again. We’ll be watching you Mrs. Pullen, that I can promise you!!!

  16. Clarifying – not fired from Metro previously, elsewhere. Had a Mayor as a boss who didn’t believe in animals making it out of a shelter ALIVE.

  17. Someone jog my memory please. But isn’t this the Susan Neumayer who Happypants had as Director of Purchasing? Was in about 2005 – 2006? If so, the woman was awful, a true hack. Her management style was that of a bully who had the ear of the mayor. Cripes, she was worthless and impossible to work with. Tell me she is not at LMAS!

  18. And Jake…how on earth would you know that Mrs. Fox said she was not leaving…because I have been in every meeting with her and she has never told the organization she was staying, she has made it perfectly clear she is returning to Metro/Safe. Have you been here the whole time too, or are you relying on the people that tell you this shizzy that is not true? It is a shame Jake that you take others’ words for gospel, because if you came out to LMAS you would see that most of these people that are giving you this information are not trustworthy and are liars. Come on out…check out for yourself…be a fly on the wall…and then speak to your minions, apologize to all of the people you are making accusations against, and shut the eff up!

  19. She’s always made it clear this was temporary, as I have reported.

    And she also made it clear last week that she would NOT be leaving any time soon.

    You haven’t been in every single meeting because I have many meetings on tape that have only involved a few folks.

    I don’t take anyone at their word. You should know that by now.

    But, working for Metro Government, I naturally don’t take your word at any value.

    Oh, and Sadiqa, Allison and crew can blow me. Miss Sadiqa is lucky the audio of her tirades haven’t been released by the 4 or 5 LMAS employees who recorded them. There’s a special place in hell for people who facilitate the harm of animals who can’t help themselves. That includes people like you.

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