MSD’s History Has Come Back To Haunt Louisville

Judy Green faces the ethics commission today. Let’s all hold our breath in unison. [FOX41]

FINALLY! The mainstream remembers why there are problems with MSD and Bud Schardein. [C-J/AKN]

Let’s decipher coal’s job impact. And let’s assume everything Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul say about coal and the environment is off by two-thirds. [H-L]

I hear through the gayvine that a progressive blogger and a couple younger pals have a new Fake Jake Twitter account and website to go along with the dozen or so others. How cute. Always trying to make me more money while they’re unemployed. [Deep Twitter Thoughts]

Greg Fisher is encouraging the Rubbertown plant operators to be – get this – TRANSPARENT. HAHA. Hypocrisy at its finest, indeed. [WFPL]

The green light has been given to destroy Genny’s Diner. A lot of you folks will have meltdowns over it but that places is disgusting and hideous. Frankfort Avenue will benefit a million times over. [WAVE3]

New county health rankings aren’t so great for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Take a look at the top ten and bottom ten counties. [Page One]

The bridges “authority” says it’s trying to cut the costs of the bridges plan. Again. [FOX41]

The Ohio River Bridges project timeline could be cut in half. But most financing questions remain unanswered. [News and Tribune]

Mitch McConnell is dedicating every waking moment to killing the Environmental Protection Agency. Because he gets his pockets lined? Because he doesn’t care about reality? [Bluegrass Politics]

Yes, we know the circus is pretty horrible when it comes to animal abuse. But seeing heffalumps all over downtown is pretty exciting. [WHAS11]

Um… there is a grilled cheese food truck. Everybody go find it ASAP and tell us how amazing it is and if they have anything that’s gluten-free. [Consuming Louisville]

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  1. Is there any backstory as to why Karen Sypher’s former defense attorney is working for the Ethics Commission on the Green case?

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