More On That Jim King Grant Audit Request

Yesterday we learned that Jim King wanted Ole Dirty Judy Green’s Neighborhood Development Fund Grant shenanigans to be added to her ethics complaint. We also learned that he wanted all of those grants over $5,000 for a two-year period audited/reviewed.

The Metro Council Appropriations Committee started a review of NDF policies last year. And you know that heat’s been turned up the past few days.

“The events of recent weeks involving the allegations made against Councilwoman Green have been unsettling for all of us and have made the clear the importance of your Committee,” said King in a letter to Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh who chairs the Appropriations Committee. “I want to ask your Committee to help me ramp up the level of accountability on NDF grants.”

Here’s that letter he sent to Tina Ward-Pugh:


Ole Dirty Judy is probably about to unload on the Council President.

2 thoughts on “More On That Jim King Grant Audit Request

  1. Good for Jim King!
    Hopefully the process and the findings will be available for all to see.
    If complete transparency is not part of the plan…I hope Councilman King pushes for it.

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