Metro Council Taking This Ethics Thing Seriously?

House Bill 52 – the elder abuse bill created and pushed by Representative Joni Jenkins – was enacted yesterday. Thanks go to Governor Steve Beshear for signing it into law. [SoS]

Ruh ro. Metro Gubmint’s internal auditor is set to retire on May 1. [WFPL]

Here’s a photograph of Greg Fischer filling that pothole. Please put down your beverages before clicking the link. You have been warned. [WLKY]

Nuts n Stuff – our most favorite place on earth – is moving from Preston Highway to 1000 Barret Ave the week of March 21. SO EXCITING. [Press Release]

The Ethics Commission decided to expand the Judy Green complaint. Hearing will take place on the 31st. You ready? [WFPL]

Soon-to-be-former superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools, Sheldon Berman, is opening up about his regrets. He’s still more than delusional. I think Louisville dodged a bullet. [FOX41]

We’re all still blown away that Morehead beat UofL yesterday. You still bitter about it? [WKYT]

Hal Heiner, former Louisville Metro Councilman and former mayoral candidate, is hosting a fundraiser for Bill Johnson. [Interesting Times]

Kentucky’s Medicaid drug advisory panel voted to kill people yesterday by restricting oral cancer treatments on the approved list. [WHAS11]

The University of Louisville is launching a new website sometime this weekend. Check out this preview of its new features. [UofL]

Really, Metro Council? You’re too afraid to swear out a complaint against Judy Green? You can call me 24/7 to complain about her but you’re afraid to actually do what needs to be done? You’re gonna let her get away with everything, aren’t you? [WAVE3]

6 thoughts on “Metro Council Taking This Ethics Thing Seriously?

  1. I’ve never understood the purpose of the photo-ops where some elected doofus shows how inept he is at anything resembling actual work. If he want’s to impress me, he needs to go out for a week of 95 degree days, with cars driving like highly caffeinated lunatics 6 inches from where he’s working.

    I’d probably still think he’s a doofus, though.

  2. “Playing Ball, Less so Academics”

    Not too bitter about the Morehead game.
    To be so would really be a bit lame.
    Gee, it’s only playin’ some ball.
    Academics is when it’s bad to fall.
    Rest of campus needs some of Rick’s cash.
    Now that his season is a sorry mash.

  3. Thanks to the school board for giving this clown a 6 months highly paid vacation while he flies back and forth to Eugene. For the record, JCPS had trimesters and freshmen academies before you Shelster. We had failing school before you Shelster, and for you to admit that it took a federal law to make you address the situation should be a criminal offense. To the folks of Eugene: See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!

  4. “The ‘Ville’s Gift to Eugene”

    Shelster gone to the wilds of stupid Eugene.
    A decision that was really not too keen.
    Men change their old ways so rarely.
    Will their schools improve–even barely?
    Don’t bet the gold on it, fair Eugene.
    We, in the “ville, hate to be so mean.

  5. SB fooled Louisville initially–everyone thought he was going to be so great. Eugene has real financial problems, among other issues to be addressed. It is not as if people in Louisville did not try to warn the community. It will be an expensive experience for them.

  6. Haven’t been to Nuts ‘n Stuff since it moved to the current location from near Nords Bakery. This link is to their website, however, not a Press Release. Do you have any information on the relative location of “1000 Barret” to currently existing locations?

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