Maybe Things Aren’t Going So Swell For Fischer

Neighbors are upset that sirens took more than an hour to sound after the ammonia leak at Swift yesterday. Count us as still pissed. We thought it’d be a cold day in hell before we thought Jerry Abramson’s administration was better than Greg Fischer’s… but… well… it’s pretty dang cold today. [WAVE3]

Check out the slideshow of workers being evacuated at Swift. The best part? Was when Swift tried to block views of the janky hog slaughtering factory from the view of news crews. [FOX41]

This is most certainly the responsibility of Greg Fischer and he needs to be publicly acknowledging the failure. Immediately. This is a flustercuck of epic proportions. The city was warned of a possible ammonia leak at Swift days in advance. [FatLip]

Allan Cowen’s “retirement” won’t address all artists’ complains about the Fund for the Arts. [WFPL]

United Way will hold an education town hall on March 31 at 10:00 A.M. Eastern. You should be sure to watch it live online. [Live United]

If you missed it yesterday, here’s a good look at the hypocrisies of the sinking teabagger and his campaign. [Page One]

Growing acceptance of nuclear power in the US? Not so much. The latest polling says support has eroded sharply in the aftermath of Japan’s disaster scenario. [NY Times]

Some scary circus heffalumps are just gonna cold take over Louisville’s streets soon! [Twitter]

Have you “Liked” StalkTALK on the Facebook yet? Remember it? It’s the web series filmed here in Louisville by a local. Get on it! [Facebook]

A plant worker in Rubbertown describes chaos and rescue after the explosion. [WHAS11]

Can you imagine what would have gone down with that mess – which is still burning – had there been more severe weather? [FOX41]

Remember how we told you that the Highlands has some tasty new coffee? It’s true. Mexico Roast. MMMM. [Consuming Louisville]

4 thoughts on “Maybe Things Aren’t Going So Swell For Fischer

  1. Your lead-in to the LEO story by FatLip implies that it is a forewarning about an ammonia leak at Swift. Instead, I read a story about rendering & chlorine. Hunh?

  2. In regards to the FatLip smear piece, the city was not “warned” of the ammonia leak days in advance. One private citizen in a letter detailing complaints about the rendering smell and air quality, said he was concerned that if they couldn’t keep the smell of rendering out of the air what would happen in the event of a chemical leak?
    Hardly the same thing.
    The LEO/Fat Lip smear headline try to paint the picture the city was given actionable evidence of an impending leak and failed to heed the warning. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    If the LEO or other journalists in the city want to make the case that Swift isnt following necessary safety regulations or protocols, then do the investigations and print the story. But trying to blame the new administration, or imply they had in some way been forewarned of the accident is shoddy, unprofessional, scaremongering journalism at its worst.
    The LEO and anyone repeating that sensationalist headline should be ashamed.
    I thought this site was about a “critical” take on the news, not regurgitating misrepresented stories.

  3. Thanks for the concern trolling.

    Why should they be ashamed for pointing out what a corrupt cabal JBS Swift-Metro Govt is?

    Anyone supporting this mess can publicly blow me.

  4. Pointing out shoddy sensationalistic journalism isnt “concern trolling”, its doing what I thought this website was supposed to be doing: applying a critical eye to the news in Louisville.
    Also they werent pointing out what a “corrupt cabal” JBS and Metro government is either, that would require actual journalistic work and investigation. Have you even read the article? They took one citizen’s private letter and used it as a basis to make an inflammatory headline.

    Oh and nice, mature, professional response at the end there.

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