Mainstreamers Have Forgotten The MSD Corruption

Isn’t it cute watching all of Jerry Abramson’s pals get ousted from boards and commissions? Particularly these two literal turd burglars? [WLKY]

Today at 7:30 P.M. the Bellarmine will celebrate. Doors open at 6:30. Knights Hall on the University campus (off Norris Place at Knights Way). Be sure to take $15 to buy a championship t-shirt. [Press Release]

Alison Grimes received a Teamsters endorsement in the race to be Kentucky’s next Secretary of State. [Page One]

There’s a feral hog problem in Jefferson Memorial Forest and we all fear for the safety of Fairdale Bigfoot. [WFPL]

GLI announced its 2011 board of directors. You should take a look at the list. [GLI]

Basically, you should be buying flowers for your ladyfriend or your ladyboyfriend. Because that just makes sense. Unless they sneeze at everything. [Consuming Louisville]

Of course the Metropolitan Sewer District’s new ethics policy falls short. Glad the Metro Council finally noticed. Remember all the crap Schardein caused with the whistleblower? It’s like the entire city has forgotten that mess. [C-J/AKN]

The solid gold Kentucky Derby 137 Winnter’s Trophy will arrive at Churchill Downs today at 2:00 P.M. [Press Release]

The public meeting for on the Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent search drew quite a small crowd. [WAVE3]

Here’s hoping the residents of Rubbertown are being taken seriously by Greg Fischer and his administration. We don’t want them to be blown off for a basketball game. [FOX41 & More WFPL]

Schools in Lexington have some sort of fancy new math program that sounds foreign. Do Louisville schools have this? Maybe we’re just linking this to cause controversy. [H-L]

8 thoughts on “Mainstreamers Have Forgotten The MSD Corruption

  1. Notes on several education issues: The meeting on the next superintendent require people to go the Gheens Academy AND overlapped with a Board meeting; of course we are not using Singapore math, we have a fee-for-all of programs that aren’t working despite all the GE millions that have gone toward math and science.

  2. It occurs to me that the time has now arrived for the Kentucky Newspaper, which used to be of quality and among the very few things that Kentucky could be proud of, to call for Jerry Abramson’s resignation as a candidate for Lt. Governor. The travesty of his administration and his gross inability to find and hire quality personnel at the highest levels and his ‘turn the eye’ approach to a literal MULTITUDE of questionable financial machinations requires that his political future should be brought to a conclusion.

    If the Kentucky Newspaper doesn’t have the balls to do it, which I’m quite confident is a correct analysis, THEN Mr. Beshear MUST ASK HIM TO RESIGN. Mr. Beshear has a wonderful substitute — Crit Luallen WHO EXPOSED MR. ABRAMSON’S MULTITUDE OF LEADERSHIP INADEQUACIES.

    This political career, my friends, must not be given a chance to re-flower. Kentucky deserves much better than this.

  3. Absolutely, positively! But I am very much afraid this is one of those “in your dreams” ideas. Crit is too honest and to effective to make the boys happy.

  4. Crit isn’t going to run with that bunch.

    Jerry’s not dropping off the ticket. They’d have to re-raise all that money and/or get permission for the contributions to stand. And we all know a lot of that Jerry Money wouldn’t return to Papaw Beshear’s coffers.

  5. Jake and blowin’: No one, absolutely no one is indispensable. If you want to to see a metaphorical picture of how indispensable Happy Pants is — stick your finger in a glass of water and remove it — the remaining ‘dent in the water’ is reflective of his indispensability. If Crit’s not available or refused, then Beshear SHOULD FIND SOMEONE WHO’S HONEST AND KNOWS HOW TO MANAGE in a credible and forthright fashion. I refuse to believe that SOMEWHERE in this state such a person cannot be found.

    What we’ve seen from Pants’ mis-adventures as a leader is utterly astonishing. This State and its citizens deserve better and the CJ SHOULD DEMAND IT and Beshear should act upon that demand.

  6. Highlander is SOOOOOOO! on target!…The Gov. just shows his true colors with Happy Pants as a running mate!….All that’s been exposed and what’s going to continue to be exposed should be enough to generate a major investigation.

  7. Maybe the paucity of comment about my observation, here, is exemplary of the inability of Kentuckians to ‘get the real picture’ of government’s responsibility and demand an accountable government. If that’s the case, it’s, indeed, a sad state of affairs — but quite frankly, it doesn’t surprise me, because I’ve seen it happen so often over my years.

    When a group of people are so indoctrinated that they are incapable of standing up and demanding accountability by a public official for his actions – even if its ONLY agreeing that ‘something must be done’ we’ve reach a deeply troubling abyss, in my judgment.

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