Local Media Forever Dominated By Blood & Sex

More people get their news from the internets than the newspaper. Imagine that reality. [Mashable]

The horsey set at the Paulick Report are hosting a fancy NCAA bracket pool to give back to those impacted in Japan. You should get on this thing ASAP. 3rd Place wins a Japan Racing Association 50th Anniversary medallion from the 2004 Japan Cup. 2nd Place wins an official JRA “Turfy” horse hat. 3rd Place wins a 2009 Japan Cup Jacket. [Paulick Report]

Haha, wow, the Sojourn cult is invading Nawbny. Good job, Indiana, they’re taking over yet another school. [NA Confidential]

David Tandy went somewhere and did something and talked about Michelle Obama. [WFPL]

You folks remember Evan Bayh? He’s that sometimes-Democrat who, well, took a sad, hypocritical retirement. Only to be a Faux News contributor. [WaPo]

Steve Beshear’s hand-picked candidate, Elaine Walker, seriously shot herself in the foot. This race is about to get crazy, I think. [Page One]

The Society of Professional Journalists has awarded the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services runner-up status in his “Black Hole Award” category. For trying to keep child deaths and injuries secret. Way to go, Kentucky! [H-L]

Am I the only one who thinks it’s a little crazy that everyone is freaking out about the Manual teacher found “partially naked” in a car with a 17-year-old student? That’s coming from me, the prude. [FOX41]

The Kentucky Derby Festival – not the “Derby Festival” (which we use as a category here for brevity) – has unveiled its 2011 event pins. [WAVE3]

The local media has finally noticed that failed and outgoing superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools, Sheldon Berman, is being considered for a job in Eugene, Oregon. [WHAS11]

5 thoughts on “Local Media Forever Dominated By Blood & Sex

  1. I agree, I imagined that there was going to be a lot more fuss made about that teacher than there has been.

  2. “We Care for Kids–Oh, Really?”

    Some believe that a society should be judged by how well it treats its children. By that standard, the KY Cabinet for Health & Family Services merits a big fat F. A thorough inquiry by the legislature seems in order, but KY citizens will no doubt not hold their breath.

  3. Have to put a word in defending Sojourn.

    True, my husband & I no longer attend because we found it too conservative for our taste.

    But we found the people there to be loving and caring, and they do care about the surrounding community and do a lot of “good works”. They’re not a “cult” — but rather just another Southern Baptist community shaping itself to appeal to young people. And it must work for them, because a bazillion people in the teens and 20’s attend faithfully.

    Again, not for me.

  4. I think they’re very much a cult. Taking their bigoted talking points and orders directly from the rich dudes sailing their ship.

    Frankly, any “church” that brainwashes women into believing they have to be subservient to their husband (they have no worth if they’re not married) is insane, in my opinion.

    And that’s coming from me – someone who has spent years giving Al Mohler a fair shake. Someone who had and has tons of those psych jobs as friends.

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