Let’s Flip-Flop Everything All Day Just Because

Today’s roundup/update thingy is coming at the end of the day. Because, well, let’s get real… SOMEBODY spent too much time outside walking a dog.

What was that, again, about Louisville being the 16th-largest city in the United States? HAHAHA. 16th with a bullet, maybe! Right. The latest census data say we’re 27th. Thank god Jerry’s political career is almost over. [Deep Census Thoughts]

Union leaders are weighing in on the city shortfall. Meanwhile, Greg Fischer is out somewhere pretending to deliver a meal or injuring himself while pretending to fill a pothole. [WFPL]

Did Meme Sweets really leave River Fields? Really? That’s the hot rumor. [Hot River Fields Rumors]

Greg Fischer will visit Butchertown on Saturday morning to discuss the hot mess that went down at JBS Swift the other day. People will give him an earful. Between 9:30 and 10:00 A.M. [Deep Butchertown Thoughts]

States are passing their budget pain on to cities as cutbacks in services. Is this gonna happen in Louisville? Probably. [NY Times]

Isn’t it interesting watching the State House cave to the State Senate? Jeff Hoover is coming out on top on this front, for sure. [WAVE3]

Did you see this mess with Elaine Nogay Walker (that’s really her name) on the teevee? It’s amazing that she walked right into Alessi’s trap. [Page One]

Police are revisiting a 25-year-old missing person case and the family is asking for help. [WHAS11]

We mention the University of Kentucky a lot on Page One and this is hardly the first instance of anti-Obama racism on that school’s campus. [FOX41]

Sure, Michelle is a traitor and is using some hideous Android telephone these days, but she knows tasty treats when she finds them. Particularly the East Market Street kinda treats. [Consuming Louisville]

The Kentucky jobless rate was at a steady 10.4 percent during the month of February. [H-L]

You need to help poor students crowdfund their college education with Takeashine, a Kentucky start-up. [CLICK HERE NOW]

Another Metro Government d-bag bites the dust. [More WFPL]

13 thoughts on “Let’s Flip-Flop Everything All Day Just Because

  1. “On Racist Signs on the UK Plantation”

    I’m not too surprised. Universities are often microcosms of the society they represent, though hopefully more attuned to enlightened sensitivities. But KY is still a mighty racist state and any number of those kind of parents send their kids to the U. And then some have a “tea party.”

  2. Walking Millhouse is got to be lots more fun than doing the summary! Great priority, Jake.

  3. Re States passing budget pains onto cities — so, we finally see the “trickle-down” theory actually working.
    Perhaps major cities which subsidize the tiny cities should find a way NOT to send so much revenue to their state. But, instead, large cities may find a way to send their liabilities to their state’s capital – like new immigrants & refugees & homeless folks, & like new enrollees in the Food Stamp Program & in Medicaid, & homeless & abandoned animals. 😉

  4. Jake: Problem is — Happy Pants is lined up to be selected as the successor to Ramsey, when Ramsey retires AFTER THE Goober race this year and the present Goobernatorial appoints his loser Lt. Goobernatorial to replace Ramsey. So — the dude ain’t gone — he’ll be in a better place to further foul up something else.

  5. You realize working at UofL would expose him to worse criticism, right? And that he wouldn’t get away with anything?

    People at UofL like to talk a lot more than people in metro govt.

  6. Jake: You’re correct that they like to ‘talk more’ at the Belknap campus, but to my recollection the only time anyone was ever deposed required action by the U.S. Attorney (see: Feltner). No one – to my knowledge — not a sole (including Board of Trustee members) has/have been willing to effectively step up an deal with Ramsey. Seems to be a perfect place for ‘him.’

  7. Let me put it this way: For every tidbit of information I get anywhere in Kentucky? I get 100 from UofL.

    Jerry Abramson doesn’t have the access in Frankfort that Uncle Jimmy has, either. Don’t kid yourself.

  8. Jake: Good point about Frankfort. Uncle Jimmy’s been there and (when not still) developing his political base there since John Y. brought him back to replace someone he canned. I remember that time, somewhat regretfully.

  9. “Political Nursing Home at UofL”

    Jake & Highlander, is UofL becoming a kind of nursing home for retired politicos? Maybe that is why the academic role has diminished and the role of PR has accelerated. PR is the main name of the game in politics.

  10. Transparency: Did Jake spend much time outside WALKING dog, or mostly engaged in conversation with admirers? (DOG admirers, I mean.)

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