25 thoughts on “It’s Monday Afternoon Caption Contest Time!

  1. “Let Us Talk Together”

    Please, I want to be master of ceremonies. I can clown it up and make everyone forget why we are here.”

  2. 2 captions

    Mayor F “Please don’t look at me or talk to me, I have zero people skills.”
    Mayor A ” Did you hear the one about Director of Animal Services who owned an adult business? What about the joke about Firemenz in take home cars?” wait last one, did you hear the one about a
    Mayor who screwed the city?

    Caption 2
    this isn’t a board meeting this search committee for the next Darth Vader. He or she must be able to lie, have no conscience, no problem spending money, screw over those that protect and serve, kill innocent animals, doesn’t acknowledge anonmynous crap, be able to look the other way, embraces cronyism, and be to able to mask ignorance with arrogance. David Williams and Mark Riddle need not to apply. Killing campaigns and sending the Commonwealth to the toilet means you are overqualified. Feel free to circulate a petition.

  3. Mayor F ” Oh god, I think I forgot to take my Beano!”

    Mayor A ” Did you know I was the first Jew in Cadiz, Kentucky?” How screwed up is that? I mean seriously, Kentucky is so screwed up already that I can’t make it worse as Lt. Gov. I can’t wait to go to eastern Ky., what political corruption there, puleezeee, I’ll show them a thing or two.

  4. Hey! We can’t play table football unless sit ACROSS from eachother. Greg, hurry up and fold that paper!

  5. Sunday Sunday Sunday! Mr. Personality meets Mr. No Personality. Steel cage match, loser gets a mountain of problems bigger than Judy Green’s debt and the winner gets Richie’s credit card.

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