Frankfort Will Waste All Of Your Money, Folks

Suppose Kentucky’s public school system can be thankful for that of Detroit. Right? At least when it comes to statistics. [NY Times]

More from the department of we’ll believe it when we see it. [WFPL]

The homosexuals are taking over everything! Elton John is coming at the KFC Grease Pit downtown the day before Thunder. [84WHAS]

Kentucky is the worst state in the country for cutting funding for mental health issues. We are clearly winning the future here in the Commonwealth. [H-L]

Today Congressman John Yarmuth will meet with OPC Pest Control, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists and students from the Danish School. [Press Release]

HIPSTER ALERT: Here’s more about Trader Joe’s eyeing Louisville. We are SO winning. Tiger blood and all. [H-L]

Usage of foodstamps and the unemployment rate were both up during the month of January in Kentucky. [Page One]

Hungry for transparency in the arts world? The Speed Museum seems to have its ducks in a row. [Arts Journal]

Let’s go protest some LG&E emissions, kids. Because, well, why not? [FatLip]

Steve Beshear says he is turning up the heat on David Williams. Maybe so. But let’s get real. Neither have a clue what’s really going on. Beshear just has more power to spend tax dollars campaigning. Or will the KDP be reimbursing the state for that airfare? And then for the use of state resources to push out press releases, talking points and such? Should we hold our breath? [Amanda Van Benschoten]

The Jefferson County Public Schools middle school assignment plan could be put on hold. [FOX41]

2 thoughts on “Frankfort Will Waste All Of Your Money, Folks

  1. How else does the Gov get the word out to the people. Stay in Frankfort and let Williams and the repugs keep bullying him? Williams is a punk with a law degree. Bet he got beat up a bunch in school. Oh, I bet he went to private schools.

  2. Bullying him? HAHAHA. Right.

    What was that, again, about Beshear meeting with House and Senate members to discuss the budget any time in the past three years?

    Oh, right, that’s never happened.

    I love it when Democrats get all partisan and try to pin all responsibility on the Republicans. It’ almost as entertaining as trying to out-Republican the Republicans.

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