This JBS Swift bullshiz?

And MetroSafe saying there’s nothing to see here?

That’s bogus.

Third time in three weeks that something near-disaster has occurred and Metro Government has played pat-a-cake.


It’s safe to start putting blame at the feet of Greg Fischer.


  1. As long as APCD is under the Economic Development Office, we will never have a true regulatory body to protect our tax paying citizens from industry. APCD slaps wrists and gives fines that are less than parking tickets.

    BTW- what happens to a company who has an episode like this and is operating without a C.U.P.? Most likely nothing…

  2. The disturbing thing about this event is that everyone in the Butchertown area worries about the ammonia threat. Most of the facilities have automatic ammonia leak sensors inside the buildings and every employee is trained to respond to a leak.

    There is no excuse to be caught off guard by an ammonia leak in this area. I personally know a person who was blinded permanently after walking into a cloud of anhydrous at a feed company which was released by a thief trying to steal the material to use in a meth lab. This is a material that can kill and injure people in minutes.

    Somebody needs to get control over this alert issue. What happened to the millions of Federal dollars that the city received after 9-11 to create this efficient communications system? Didn’t we pay Motorola millions to not have these problems?

  3. I’m with Mark on this. What is the status of that big Motorola upgrade? Weren’t all the police to be issued new radios and frequencies changed/consolidated? Haven’t heard a word about it.

  4. KyGuy: Call Happy Pants. He’s the one who called a dozen press conferences about it all. He’s over at Bellarmine teaching ‘leadership.’ Incidently, he called to the morning UofL athletic club morning radio show and cheered on the women’s athletic club team — using the nom de plume “Wally.” Maybe he’s realized his administration was akin to “Wally-World” — that’s pretty good.

  5. The poilice, fire and EMS have the new radios, they just don’t want to use them – they want to use cell phones so that no one knows what they are doing. They all need more practice on how to use them, but then there needs to be discipline for not using them. The fire department also needs more training in how to be in charge of incidents that include more than just the fire department.

    Remember, the “call” on haz-mats belongs to the fire department – LOUISVILLE FIRE made the decision at Swift and LAKE DREAMLAND was in charge at Rubbertown.

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