Debbie Fox & Metro Animal Services Shenanigans

This week Debbie Fox removed a Metro Animal Services staffer from doing animal rescues, angering even her closest allies within the agency.

Fox used the excuse that “the union” pushed her into moving the staffer back to the “business office” and summarily said rescues would need to be halted.

Unfortunately for Fox, someone from “the union” (speaking to me on the condition of anonymity, though I have emails to back it up) tells me they weren’t actively pushing anything at LMAS and didn’t make the request.

Imagine that. YET ANOTHER hack interim director (to be replaced tomorrow with another hack interim director) abdicating her duty and passing blame.

Way to go, Greg Fischer, you’ve done yet another stellar job. We expect nothing less out of Susan Pullen. And if her husband’s ability to work in government is any indication of hers? Haha, well, it’s possible that she could be worse than Gilles Meloche and Wayne Zelinsky.

Particularly if she continues the Fox effort of stopping rescues/adoptions. This, according to even the folks who hate me at LMAS, is contrary to the talking points Greg Fischer is pushing. And what the heck is with paying the Kentucky Humane Society $9,000 per month to “consult” on adoptions when LMAS can’t afford a part-time rescue coordinator and continually cuts its own staff on hours and pay?

Oh – and a related rumor/allegation we’re hearing all over the city: Ted Pullen was a Corradino Group VP, which means he is effectively an MSD consultant (planning to do work for MSD) while MSD is contracted for work for the city via Pullen’s office in Public Works. What the eff?

18 thoughts on “Debbie Fox & Metro Animal Services Shenanigans

  1. start the rainbow bridge again, if this were the parks dept., the worst thing would be grass getting tall, but its the CITY OF LOUISVILLE shelter, which means animals are dying while they are finding their backsides with both hands.

  2. It hasn’t gone anywhere. Still compiling data. I’m not going anywhere. You know I put my money where my mouth is on the LMAS front.

    Sometimes even assholes like me have to give people an opportunity to clean messes up. Just so happens they’re squandering the opportunity.

  3. P.S. The KHS is just trying to hitch its wagon to the public trough after finding itself in dire financial straits.

    Wayne Zelinsky and crew created a ridiculous alliance with KHS folks and started wasting money many moons ago. And they are just as horrendous and shitty when it comes to killing animals for ridiculous reasons.

    You can expect it to rain upon LMAS beginning next week. And not from me.

    Greg Fischer and his attack asshole, Miss Sadiqa, have bitten off more than they can chew.

  4. “Attack asshole”. The images that come to mind…

    The Corridino Group. Are they still charging huge amounts for work that has already been done in-house by government agencies?

  5. It isn’t a rumor on Pullen. I laid it out on March 19 complete with links to the Corradino website showing it. This is another pathetic display by the machine in Louisville by appointing his wife to head LMAS.

  6. Whene’er I think of Joe Corradino & the airport double-speak, I get roiled up. BUT – when he was put on the Jeff. Co. Commission, wasn’t he the tie-breaker in favor of the Fairness?

  7. Keep on this Jake. I know that you have been silent for a while to give the process a chance to move forward. But as a true champion of the animals, you can not sit silent any longer. KHS charges a fee to turn in an animal- they can pick and choose but don’t be fooled, they et many animals for sheez reasons. And many sick animals are adopted from there as well. If this goes through, we will have the same s–t different day. Shame on the animal lovers of Louisville, we actually believed with the right director one with a proven track record, we could actually go from a national embarrassment to a model city with respect to building a new shelter, adopting record numbers, using our rescue and fosters, and promoting responsible animal ownership. This community yearns for this and we deserve it. Let’s not take steps backward where our shelter animals are put under the care of a non transparent agency who is not accountable to the citizens of this community. Thanks Jake for being the voice of the voiceless.

  8. WTF>>>just organize a sit-in at LMAS….get a group of concerned people out there and raise the importance of awareness!…Then demand Fischer show up and address all this on record , all that taking forever behind the scenes shiz needs to be done!…Invite the Metro Councilmen ,the MAYOR, the GOV., the AssHole running mate of his that started this mess and CALL THEM ALL OUT!…..SomeOne needs to TAKE CHARGE!

  9. Jake, Ed Springston is on to something with the depth of the corruption surrounding Ted Pullen.
    Greg Fischers obvious submission to the wishes of this Abramson holdover to give his wife a position at LMAS, something she obviously is not qualified to perform (even if temporary) is beyond reason. It is almost as ludicrous as keeping Bill Summers on the city payroll at $117637 as an adviser to Greg’s administration. Has he even shown up to earn this salary or does he just call in the orders from Jerry. Maybe as Summers is a close associate of Pullen, Greg did not have a choice.

  10. better yet, make Fischer and Sadiqa both put in a full week at the shelter, viewing the freezer room, feeding the “furnace”, and watching the ineptness at every turn, they just might come to realize why it matters, why it is a pressing issue, why it needs to be taken care of now, not later. sleep well now? cause you sure won’t after a week spent in hell.

  11. I adopted an adult cat from KHS in 1999. (Would have ALSO taken a kitten, but when the volunteer called the Director at that time, she refused to give me the promotional cost on adult cats that had “expired” the day before.) The poor cat spent the whole first week SCREAMING until my vet said it was infested with a terrible case of ear mites! Then in 2003, KHS was the beneficiary of a humongous ($2 Million) bequest. They continued begging from the public, without ever missing a beat, ignoring any explanation of what that escrowed bequest had actually helped them accomplish…which led to my mistrust.

  12. Isn’t this another case of the fox guarding the hen house, or in this case, a well paid fox? I hope someone asks Greg and company these questions:

    Exactly how many dogs and cats are killed at KHS each year? i.e., what is their ET rate? Is it actually any better than Metro’s?

    How many animals went to rescue from KHS last year, or in the first three months of this year? Lets compare those figures to Metro’s. I’m guessing that Metro sent MORE to better rescues.

    What is their criteria for adoptions? It is my belief that while not perfect, Metro’s is more stringent, which I believe benefits the animal. I don’t think anyone should give an animal away for a bottle of bleach and $1.29. (KHS’s common adoption promotion).

    What are the credentials of this soon to be well paid consultant? What can she possibly say that Metro employees and volunteers haven’t already said?

    Exactly what pot of gold is paying her salary? I thought budget cuts were behind the reduction of hours for current employees and the inability to hire a full time rescue coordinator. Is she really an EXPERT in any field? For $27,000 she should be.

    I think KHS has a lot to hide and is good at deceiving the public into thinking they are some great No Kill Shelter. This isn’t true. There is a BIG story here and I really hope someone pry’s open the lid on their big ole box of secrets.

  13. Okay, I’m losing faith. Nancy was doing a great job as rescue coordinator…what in the world. I feel frantic. Jake, please help.

  14. How can KHS give away an animal for a bottle of bleach? Well, think about the alternative. Would you rather see these animals et or go into the home of someone that has passed the adoptions screening set in place by that organization? This is a community-wide problem that can only be resolved through action. So instead of bashing these organizations via the internet, how about you volunteer to help out in a time of crisis? You will then be given the opportunity to see first hand the day to day decisions that take place at an animal shelter.

  15. Hey, KatyVee

    How ’bout you not make erroneous assumptions about people you’ve never met?

    Sherri and I both do more than “volunteer” – we’re EMPLOYED by these organizations, and we know EXACTLY what happens on a day to day basis and understand EXACTLY what goes into (and what’s DOESN’T go into) the decisions that take place at an animal shelter.

    But, thanks for you effort. Nice try.

  16. And another thing – the problem with “giving away” pets for donations is that it doesn’t actually help get these pets into loving, permanent homes, adoption “screening” or not. Generally speaking, when people acquire pets for the cost of some bleach or paper towels, they aren’t nearly as invested in the welfare of that pet as they might otherwise be. I know – I see animals get “returned” day after day, many of them within months of adoption, and a LOT of them adopted from KHS and being turned in at MAS. Why? Because KHS charges $25 to drop off an animal, and MAS charges nothing. Who would pay $25 to get rid of an animal they only paid pennies to take home?

    On top of that, animals who have made it into the adoptions lineup at either MAS or KHS are rarely euthanized, as neither shelter has a “time limit” for pets. It’s the animals deemed too sick, too mean, too “unadoptable,” wrong color, wrong breed, etc. that are in danger of untimely deaths, and no “bleach promotion” will help save their lives. Only new policies, intelligent managers, efficient procedures, and a true commitment to no-kill philosophies will save these animals.

    Neither KHS nor MAS is a no-kill shelter, and neither is going to magically become one by consulting with one another.

  17. Rosebuds is right on with all her comments.

    Anyone find it amusing that the president of KHS and her most prominent Board member are on the committee to find and approve the next director of MAS?

    With $9,000/month on the table until a new director is found and approved isn’t that just a tiny bit of disincentive to find a new director?

    When you add them up, there are a total of four people tightly-wound with KHS out of the 14 sitting on the MAS audit & selection committees.

    Can you spell C-O-N-F-L-I-C-T?

    When the selection committee gives Fishy their final three recommendations for director, allegedly he’ll pick the best of them. But everyone knows it will really be his former employee, Alison Woosley, who will do the choosing for him. Wanna guess where she’s volunteered for years?

    How hard is it to find someone to be the next director of animal control?

    So far, Fishy’s formed a 14-person committee, wasted 3 months diddling around, had to revise the criteria for the director once, is on his second “interim-interim” director while nobody seems to be minding the MAS store because rescue groups are still being turned away and animals are being shoved in the oven like there’s no tomorrow.

    Now, we’re going to spend $9,000 a month to have another high-kill organization with no public accountability instruct MAS on how to run things?

    If Lori Redmon and KHS really cared about the animals and forging a stronger rescue community to help with fostering and adopting, she would have offered to step in for free.

    Instead, she and Fishy are showing you their
    ( @ ) ( @ )’s because they know that after 20 years of Jerry Abramson, the taxpayers of Louisville will take anything dished out to them.

    If this is the fustercluck that Fishy has augured us into over the dog catcher, imagine what he’s capable of doing with something like job growth and the economy.

    Next time, consider electing a real politician. You’ll be glad you did.

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