Happytail Hour During Kentucky Derby Festival

Yeah, we focus on Metro Animal Services quite a bit because it’s obviously a necessity.

But here’s something you can do during the Kentucky Derby Festival – for free (minus the purchase of a Pegasus Pin) to benefit your furry friends:


On Monday, May 2, from 5:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M., you should be on the Great Lawn at Waterfront Park with your doggies on a leash. There will be live music from Brigid Kaelin and a Fleetwood Mac tribute band. “Upscale” festival tasties, games for dogs, exhibitor booths, pet adoptions and free consults with a trainer and vet.

Debbie Fox & Metro Animal Services Shenanigans

This week Debbie Fox removed a Metro Animal Services staffer from doing animal rescues, angering even her closest allies within the agency.

Fox used the excuse that “the union” pushed her into moving the staffer back to the “business office” and summarily said rescues would need to be halted.

Unfortunately for Fox, someone from “the union” (speaking to me on the condition of anonymity, though I have emails to back it up) tells me they weren’t actively pushing anything at LMAS and didn’t make the request.

Imagine that. YET ANOTHER hack interim director (to be replaced tomorrow with another hack interim director) abdicating her duty and passing blame.

Way to go, Greg Fischer, you’ve done yet another stellar job. We expect nothing less out of Susan Pullen. And if her husband’s ability to work in government is any indication of hers? Haha, well, it’s possible that she could be worse than Gilles Meloche and Wayne Zelinsky.

Particularly if she continues the Fox effort of stopping rescues/adoptions. This, according to even the folks who hate me at LMAS, is contrary to the talking points Greg Fischer is pushing. And what the heck is with paying the Kentucky Humane Society $9,000 per month to “consult” on adoptions when LMAS can’t afford a part-time rescue coordinator and continually cuts its own staff on hours and pay?

Oh – and a related rumor/allegation we’re hearing all over the city: Ted Pullen was a Corradino Group VP, which means he is effectively an MSD consultant (planning to do work for MSD) while MSD is contracted for work for the city via Pullen’s office in Public Works. What the eff?

Ed Commish Allegedly Interfering In JCPS Search

I hear through the grapevine that Education Commissioner Terry Holliday is allegedly attempting to force the Jefferson County Board of Education to hire his personal friend, Jerry Weast, the retiring superintendent of Montgomery County Schools in Maryland.

The reason? To serve as a “consultant” in the hunt for a new JCPS superintendent at a cost of $5,000 per day and to “review curriculum.” Holliday wanted JCPS to pay for half of his salary – at up to 40 days – and said the Kentucky Department of Education would pick up the other half of the tab. Despite, of course, Holliday not having the power to do anything of the sort on the money front with KDE.

One school board member (who offered to go on the record with me – I’d rather make the mainstreamers work for this story) says Holliday has been pressuring them for weeks and that two members have driven to Frankfort on more than one occasion to hear Holliday out.

Can you imagine? What the heck is in the educational water, anyway?

And if KDE just has a spare $50,000-$100,000 in a sock somewhere to pay Holliday’s friends, then why isn’t it being put to better use?

MSD’s History Has Come Back To Haunt Louisville

Judy Green faces the ethics commission today. Let’s all hold our breath in unison. [FOX41]

FINALLY! The mainstream remembers why there are problems with MSD and Bud Schardein. [C-J/AKN]

Let’s decipher coal’s job impact. And let’s assume everything Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul say about coal and the environment is off by two-thirds. [H-L]

I hear through the gayvine that a progressive blogger and a couple younger pals have a new Fake Jake Twitter account and website to go along with the dozen or so others. How cute. Always trying to make me more money while they’re unemployed. [Deep Twitter Thoughts]

Greg Fisher is encouraging the Rubbertown plant operators to be – get this – TRANSPARENT. HAHA. Hypocrisy at its finest, indeed. [WFPL]

The green light has been given to destroy Genny’s Diner. A lot of you folks will have meltdowns over it but that places is disgusting and hideous. Frankfort Avenue will benefit a million times over. [WAVE3]

New county health rankings aren’t so great for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Take a look at the top ten and bottom ten counties. [Page One]

The bridges “authority” says it’s trying to cut the costs of the bridges plan. Again. [FOX41]

The Ohio River Bridges project timeline could be cut in half. But most financing questions remain unanswered. [News and Tribune]

Mitch McConnell is dedicating every waking moment to killing the Environmental Protection Agency. Because he gets his pockets lined? Because he doesn’t care about reality? [Bluegrass Politics]

Yes, we know the circus is pretty horrible when it comes to animal abuse. But seeing heffalumps all over downtown is pretty exciting. [WHAS11]

Um… there is a grilled cheese food truck. Everybody go find it ASAP and tell us how amazing it is and if they have anything that’s gluten-free. [Consuming Louisville]

Your Timely UofL Equine Scandal Update

Hear through the grapevine that the alleged Equine Trust Fund scandal at the University of Louisville involves more than $100,000. Here’s what we originally published on March 25:

I hear that there’s a problem with the Equine Trust Fund grant currently administered by the UofL School of Business.

Allegedly, some fraud has been wrought resulting in an investigation and termination of a Program Coordinator. Sources at UofL allege off-the-record that as much as $100,000 has been mismanaged and suggest an internal investigation is taking place right now.

No one wants to talk.

We also hear that the bigger story is quite possibly the failure of the system to detect the alleged embezzlement. The scheme was apparently caught due to a fluke and not because UofL’s financial checks function properly.

Times are quite interesting and the University seems to be circling its wagons. I mean, if the nasty emails and calls we’re receiving are any indication.

Some Things Aren’t Funny If They’re Just True

LEO Weekly’s annual fake issue is on newsstands and here are a couple of the funnies:

On Greg Fischer begging LEO to interview him:

Ever since taking office in January, Mayor Greg Fischer has been badgering LEO Weekly to interview him. Pointing out that his predecessor made it on the cover on more than one occasion, the political newcomer lobbied the publication for the same opportunity.


LEO: Isn’t it a riot that former independent mayoral candidate Jackie Green was gullible enough to believe you intended to create an Office of Sustainability — with his guidance — if he dropped out of the race and endorsed you? Shrewd move, Greg, shrewd move.

GF: Thanks, but I’m not that savvy. It was actually the idea of spokesman Chris Poynter and then-policy director Brandon Coan … crafty little boogers.

All of that would be way more funny if it weren’t likely based nearly entirely on reality.

And on Ole Dirty Judy:

Embattled Councilwoman Judy Green, D-1, has located hundreds of thousands of dollars in misappropriated loans and city grant money in her couch cushions.

During a press conference held on the front steps of her west Louisville home, Green clutched a giant burlap sack emblazoned with a dollar sign and fielded questions from reporters who had gathered to witness the unearthing of $457,321.34 worth of wrinkled dollars and lint-covered change from Green’s cavernous gold-encrusted love seat, located in her Italian marble-floored living room.

HAHA. Here we were thinking she had all that cash buried in her backyard.

Teabaggers Blatantly Ignore Campaign Finance Law

Louisville teabaggers still can’t comprehend campaign finance law.

Take, for instance, the latest email from the Frank Simon Circle Jerkers promoting the election of anger bear Phil Moffett:

We’ve profiled their willful ignorance of the law on Page One seemingly dozens of times.

Unfortunately for the teabaggers (not the Tea Partiers, there’s a big difference), they can’t claim that they don’t know what they’re doing. They clearly comprehend tax law:

Yup – asking for donations and telling you they’re not tax deductible. So there’s no denying a knowledge of how these things work.

P.S. “Louisville Tea Party” isn’t a registered entity with the Kentucky Secretary of State, either.

Helson’s Webseries Finally Premiers & It’s Hilarious

In December we first told you about Louisville native Rachel Annette Helson’s webseries called stalkTALK that was set to begin filming right here in our fair city. The show – series about a 12-step rehab group for recovering B-list celebrity stalkers, is finally premiering. The cast includes notables like Peter Lewis and Ron Howard’s daughter, Paige.

The TONY-nominated Rachel is maybe Louisville’s next big actress. She appears in the series herself and I can say in all seriousness that she is hilarious. I mean, just look at this photo of her in character and you’ll immediately know what I mean.

After much anticipation, today marks the launch of the series and we couldn’t be more proud of Rachel.

So here’s the pilot:

Now that you’ve seen the opener? You’ll need to stay tuned for upcoming episodes. Primarily because they get risque and hilarious. And maybe because Rachel has what it takes to make us all proud.

She’s got quite the bright future.