The LMAS Director Fun Times Get More Fun

Yesterday we shared news of Louisville Metro Animal Services director Wayne Zelinsky’s side business called Derby City VIP, which promotes adult entertainment.

As you can see below, Wayne has renewed his domain registration in order to profit from the increased attention our story has provided him:

The girls are a nice touch. But it gets better.

It appears Zelinsky has another side business (in addition to offering pre-paid legal services, which we also mentioned) called VIP Biz Brokers:


Here’s the registration proof:

It’s just a little thing where he sells you a “complete VIP Services business for only $27,000!!!!!” – ha.

All that’s on top of Zelinsky employing the disgraced former LMAS director Gilles Meloche as a french translator and escort.

That’s only part of what the Fischer crew is trying to cover up.

Really, folks, Happy Tuesday.


Wow, it gets better. Check out this mess on ole Wayne’s hooker business website:

Thanks to an astute reader for catching this one.

Oh, you’re welcome for the vomit-inducing imagery.

16 thoughts on “The LMAS Director Fun Times Get More Fun

  1. This is simply unbelievable. Capt. Wayne is putting his thumb in the collective eyes of all of Metro Government. He is the defendant in two sexual harassment lawsuits one in state and one in federal court. Last I looked, they had asked for a jury trial. Does he think that this side business will help diminish his liability or the city’s ? What about the knowledge that this is what he is doing and the potential for more lawsuits? All along the animals and citizens suffer with this embarrassing mess. We need a Director who has honor and integrity with a proven track record of success in animal care and control. Enough is enough.

  2. Well, it’s apparent that he has nothing to fear so he must really have the goods on more than one person. Seems pretty clear that he can and will do what he wants and nobody is going to touch him. Only the poor defenseless animals will suffer and it looks like nothing is going to be done to help them. It wasn’t done from Abramson and it is clear it won’t be done by Fischer. Only you Jake are keeping this alive, I haven’t heard a word on any of the local news outlets about it for a long time. Guess this too will be swept under the rug in the hopes it will all go away. Very sad and very disturbing.

  3. All of those stripper images can be found on other websites. This leads to the question, did he steal those images from elsewhere or are other places stealing his images?

    Since I’m willing to bet those girls don’t actually work in Louisville, I’m guessing he stole them from somewhere else.

  4. Does his contract have a morals clause? There is more to this than meets the eye. There has to be. It will all come out sooner or later and I think that it will include not only Meloche and Zelinsky.

  5. Have to admit that the girls look alright but it seems that he needs to learn how to do the job right at MAS first. Maybe he’s trying to transition into his next career with the site.

  6. Transplanted: Morals clauses don’t work in Kentucky. Rick P boffed an old woman on a restaurant table, after hours, forgot to wipe the table off (according to his testimony) and got a raise from Ramsey and a commendation. Let’s don’t go there, please — with this.

  7. The best part of this all is that Greg Fischer – YET AGAIN – dispatched Sadiqa Reynolds (you hear me, sweetie? I’ma call your sold out ass out on the front page tomorrow morning, so get ready) to LMAS to cast aspersions.

    She blamed everyone under the sun for the ridiculous crap peddled by Wayne Zelinsky and Jackie Gulbe.

    And she flew off the handle proclaiming to be a “body language expert” because she’s a former lawyer.

    Thank goodness I have audio of the entire meeting.

    What an ignorant, ignorant woman Sadiqa has turned into. To think I ever had respect for her.

  8. Think maybe Capt. Wayne was providing services for Jerry?….possible isn”t it?…what about the City trying to choke down on the Adult industry with all the new regs. & they have a City Employee promoting the same thing on the City”s time!…..Go Figure!

    With everything that has been delivered on this site , The only reason Fischers administration won’t take action is They can”t stand to be Called Out and Challanged ?…just like Jerry!…Or they just ingnore it till they can get their Damage Control in place!

  9. Maybe somebody ought to challenge the County Attorney to bring state statutory violations of cruelty to animals against the leadership (sic) of the whole damn place. Seems like, to me, that there’s enough evidence. I also think that the County Attorney should be examining Ace Hat’s opening query — I can’t imagine any reason why Cap. Wayne would be retained in his position by Happy Pants unless Wayne had a Wayne on Pants. If he did, the public’s entitled to know and that entitlement is NOW.

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