Take A Look At Whiskey Row Then And Now

In light of the Whiskey Row-Greg Fischer-Todd Blue controversy, I thought it’d be a good idea to take a look at what’s changed in the past four or five years.

Thanks to photos from prominent local attorney Don Vish, we’re able to see what’s changed.

December 27, 2007:


February 2, 2011:


Click the images to view the originals.

Interesting changes, eh? Lots more plywood in 2011 than in 2007. Why, it’s almost as if the buildings were left to rot so someone could eventually use the property as a parking lot for the arena and other area businesses.

5 thoughts on “Take A Look At Whiskey Row Then And Now

  1. Todd Blue knew what he was going to do when he purchased these buildings, and he bamboozled preservationists with his promises for years. Now, he blames preservationists for not stepping up to the plate.

    He’s going to become the Desecrator of Louisville’s Heritage is he isn’t stopped.

  2. Public outrage has spurred tougher laws (& penalties, I hope) for perps of animal cruelty. Perhaps there should be enforceable laws against “historic building cruelty.”

  3. Seems that our memory around here is a little ‘short.’ When Vencor went bankrupt, Happy Pants’ Administration bought several 100 year old buildings from the bankruptcy. They’re in the 600 block of W. Main. They were owned by Vencor to be used as the ‘entrance’ to Vencor’s hdqts bldg on the waterfront. (Sounding familiar now!). For 10 years the city owned the buildings, never rented them and they were so decrepid that a tree was once growing out of the third floor window.
    Then, along come the Browns with their Museum Plaza and what happens — the city authorized the ‘tearing down’ of the inside of ALL THE STRUCTURES leaving only the fronts. EXACTLY WHAT BLUE WANTED TO DO IN THE BEGINNING.
    So why was it AOK for the Brownies to propose the Museum Plaza (still a hole in the ground) and get THEIR buildings torn down (with no heave ho from the preservationists) and Blue get’s the ‘rail out of town?’
    Interesting to wonder about this, isn’t it. Particularly since it’s the EXACT REPLICA. Maybe it’s another cover up of the Happy Pants Administration that needs examination?

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