6 thoughts on “Please Edit Photos Before Publishing Them

  1. Afraid to give that guy on the right a big plate. Matter of fact, looks like he’s had too many big plates, anyway.

  2. Anybody know if the City does any background checks on these businesses that receive free or low interest incentive money? WHAS had a damning report last night on restaurants that receive financing help from taxpayers, then proceed to not pay the debt service, property taxes, withholdings, on & on. When it catches up, they fold and open up at another location, even another state. Although the story indicated Chinese restaurants are the main players, there are many, many others. A KY state official just shook his head, acknowledging how futile it is to get any money back from these freeloaders. Not saying anything about this place, just asking about background checks before they get the cash.

  3. I will say this city does have a reputation to maintain with its restaurants, so that’s an area that’s a little touchy.

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