On Democrats More Tightly Wound Than Jake


Several weeks ago, Councilman Rick Blackwell, D-12, said The Courier-Journal’s Metro government reporter Dan Klepal was biased, however, the city lawmaker has since asked for forgiveness.

At a caucus meeting last month, Blackwell called Klepal “the Republican writer” while slamming an article he wrote about Insight Communications offering several council members free tickets and access to a luxury suite during the UK vs. U of L men’s basketball game.

The story revealed two council Democrats — Dan Johnson and Bob Henderson — were considering taking the tickets, despite the ethics commission chairman’s opinion that accepting them could violate the ethics ordinance.


Calling Dan Klepal a Republican is like calling Doug Hawkins non-orange or Jake unopinionated and heterosexual.

Here’s hoping Klepal enjoyed that moment of councilcritter schadenfreude.

JCPS Can’t Wait To Send Berman On His Way

Want a copy of Rand Paul’s new book about the Tea Party and his ascension to Jim Bunning’s former U.S. Senate seat? Then enter to win. I’ve got buncha copies to give away. [Page One]

Here’s a fancy story all about the book. So you can get a bit deeper into it before getting the chance to read it. [H-L]

Would like to take this moment to remind you of the typical good old boy network running the show at the Ohio River Bridges Debacle. Spinmeister, indeed. [LEO Weekly]

Really? We’re still fighting over some g-d bed & breakfasts in Louisville? Really? I dunno what’s worse – that or holding a fundraiser for Steve Beshear and Jerry Abramson – the two people who nearly ruined the man’s life. It’s like he lives to torture himself. WTF. Jim King will be his own undoing. [AKN]

Greg Fischer has ordered a top-to-bottom review of Planning and Design services. And he’s doing so with – you guessed it – another committee. [FOX 41]

If you needed more proof nothing has changed in Louisville: airport scandal airport scandal airport scandal airport scandal airport scandal airport scandal. [WAVE3]

Ricky Jones slept with the enemy for the children. He did it all so you don’t have to. [LEO Weekly]

Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent Sheldon Berman says he never tried to be perfect. He only tried to funnel JCPS money into the pockets of companies he was affiliated. And he only tried to pal around with Robert Felner and his cronies for years and years. Does anyone really care what Sheldon Berman has to say? Really? We’re not even going to feign objectivity. [WHAS11]

Reason #1,058 we should toll the heck out of existing bridges to separate Indiucky back into Indiana and Kentucky. The deputy attorney general in Indiana was fired after urging police in Wisconsin to shoot protesters using live ammunition. [HuffPo]

Louisville isn’t the only city in Kentucky with an office vacancy problem on its hands. Lexington’s downtown (does it even have a downtown?) office vacancy rate is on the rise. [H-L]

This Is The Real Possibility City Stuff, Folks

Tomorrow at noon the Metro Council’s Community Affairs Committee will honor several Outstanding Community Leaders & Citizens, part of the 2011 Black History Month Program.

Here they are:

  • District 1 – Yvonne and Steve Edwards
  • District 2 – Donald Goodwin
  • District 3 – Annie Blacksheer
  • District 4 – Rev. Charles Elliot
  • District 5 – Jessie Bryant Green
  • District 6 – Councilman George Unseld
  • District 8 – Williams Summers, IV
  • District 9 – Tracey Harper
  • District 10 – Sharon Fowler
  • District 11 – Glenn Brown
  • District 12 – Stephen Coleman
  • District 13 – Nyree Clayton
  • District 14 – Renee Lovelace
  • District 15 – Ruth Cowherd
  • District 17 – Stephan Johnson
  • District 18 – Robert Bell
  • District 19 – Naomi Bayne
  • District 20 – Jeff Harrison
  • District 21—Mike George
  • District 22 – Todd Bernard
  • District 23 – Ida Suggs
  • District 24 – Jennifer Freeman
  • District 25 – Tony Marbrey
  • District 26—Stacey Carter

If you’re downtown and free during lunch tomorrow? Go show your support!

Children’s Advocacy Day Was A Huge Success

Last Thursday a record-breaking 1,300 people showed up for Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol in Frankfort.

Governor Steve Beshear addressed the crowd, kids from across the Commonwealth performed, teachers and families stood together to push for a brighter future for this state’s youth. It’s the strongest sign we’ve seen that the Blueprint for Kentucky’s Children could continue to see the light of day.

Was a good day for Kentucky Youth Advocates and the Bluegrass. Glad to see partisanship set aside for the betterment of our neck of the woods.

Let’s Have A Little Head-In-The-Clouds Moment

Okay, no, we don’t believe a regional passenger rail line is going to happen anytime soon in Kentucky.

But give this a read:

An epidemiologist with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Gatewood, 26, must drive 100 miles roundtrip between her home in Louisville and job in Frankfort, five days a week, making a workhorse out of her Honda Civic.

“I spend probably $130 a month on gas just to get to work and back,” she says. “The commute is the only bad part about my job, but there’s no other way for me to get to work. A rail line, an efficient bus system, anything, really, would be better.”

As it happens, the prospect of a recently proposed intra-Kentucky rail line connecting Louisville, Frankfort, Lexington and eight other cities would be a boon for potentially hundreds of commuters like Gatewood, who believes alternatives to gas-guzzling automobiles would be better for the environment, as well.

“My commute is a huge drain on natural resources,” Gatewood adds. “Anything’s greener than driving a car.”

Click here for the rest from LEO Weekly’s heathen Jonathan Meador.

But it’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

Maybe JCPS Stories Are As Bad As Sypher Stories

Want a copy of Rand Paul’s new book about the Tea Party and his ascension to Jim Bunning’s former U.S. Senate seat? Then enter to win. I’ve got buncha copies to give away. [Page One]

Foreigner Ken Ham and the Creation Museum lunatics don’t just hate gay people – they hate heterosexuals who don’t hate gay people. [FOX 41]

Oh, wait for this one. It’s ripe. Thank goodness it’s in Indiana and not Kentucky. It’s likely to make you laugh. [WHAS11]

The Herald-Leader editorial IS sorely lacking. Because no real audit of the Kentucky Retirement Systems has been conducted in decades. [Ralph Long]

The House Education Committee yesterday passed a bill that would ban the bullying of gay students. Naturally, it’s going to die in two or three seconds flat. [Deep Frustration]

The Kentucky Court of Justice is hearing Jefferson County appeals today. Proceedings are open to the public. [Press Release]

Jefferson County Teachers Association’s Brent McKim is responding to the snafu involving his status as a teacher in the search for a new superintendent. Something tells us this isn’t going away anytime soon. Not even if the Attorney General says he is, in fact, a teacher. [WAVE3]

Non-shocker of the year: a new lawsuit accuses the airport of whistleblower violations and illegal hiring practices. Oh, if we could only talk about all the crap we’ve heard. Hot mess. [WHAS11]

You a golfer? Can’t afford a million bucks to pal around at Valhalla? You can get a $3 discount during March at Metro Parks golf courses. Good for weekdays between noon and 4:00 P.M. Means you can skip out on work and have some cheap fun. [Metro Parks]

Papaw Steve Beshear is following in Daniel Mongiardo’s footsteps – weeks later – calling on the governor of Florida to save that state’s anti-pill mill system. [FatLip]

The Drug Czar was in town with John Yarmuth yesterday. Federal money for drug rehabilitation and prevention may come to the states. [WFPL]

LMAS Over-Compensating On At Least One Front

Look, I’m not going to completely criticize Louisville Metro Animal Services for working to get more volunteers organized, but take a look at this:

But. How the heck is a single part-time LMAS employee supposed to handle nine (9) volunteer orientations in the next 20 days?

No one at LMAS wants to answer my questions but I get the sense that this is a move by Sadiqa Reynolds to push some major CYA.

Oh, and a heads-up to LMAS folks who think I’ve gone dormant on your front rather than give you time to get your ducks in a row: just expect me.