Metro Council Having Bed & Breakfast Nightmares

Last night, in a moment of serious panic and fear, the Metro Council approved an ordinance that updates the land development code – specifically the portion that issues conditional use permits.

Here’s what some Democratic Councilcritters had to say about it all:

  • “I requested the Planning Commission to review the Land Development Code to protect our neighborhoods. Businesses operating within a residential zoned area should not have an impact on their neighbors.” – Councilman Dan Johnson, District 21
  • “The changes made to the Land Development Code reflect our more urbanized area and go father to protect the integrity of our neighborhoods while still allowing non-intrusive businesses to operate within a residentially zoned district.” – Councilwoman Marianne Butler, District 15
  • “I am glad I was able to help the Council reach a compromise that will work not only for neighborhoods but bed and breakfast operations. I look forward to working with all parties involved to see how we can continue to improve this ordinance to provide more opportunities for our bed and breakfasts to continue to grow and thrive in our community.’” – Councilman David James, District 6
  • “I ‘m glad we are taking steps to maintain the character of neighborhoods and answer the needs of a growing industry.” – Councilman David Tandy, District 4
  • “I think these changes will help everyone understand what kinds of businesses will now be able to operate in various areas around Metro Louisville. As we see growth in the bed and breakfast industry locally, these changes ensure that we are taking a realistic approach to keeping a balance between economic development and unique neighborhoods.” – Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton, District 5
  • “This ordinance will not only assist a growing industry here in Metro Louisville but residents in all of our neighborhoods will have a better idea of what can and cannot be located near their homes when talking about a conditional use permit.” – Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch, District 13
  • “We need to always make sure we protect the integrity of any neighborhood. When you have invested in a home you should not have to worry about the noise and traffic problems of a new business that may be in your neighborhood. I believe these changes will go a long way to ease those kinds of concerns from homeowners.” – Councilman Bob Henderson, District 14
  • “I hope this shows residents of Metro Louisville that we seriously review all changes to zoning and at the same time are well aware of the needs and concerns of our neighborhoods.” – Councilwoman Madonna Flood, District 24
  • “I am pleased that we were able to reach something that not only helps business grow and more importantly protect the use and enjoyment of our neighbors and set guidelines for any future considerations.” – Councilman David Yates, District 25
  • “My first concern is maintaining the integrity of our neighborhoods. Homeowners should be able to feel they do not have to bend to impractical changes to enhance economic development. I want to see a level playing field with no special treatment for a business that may have an impact on neighborhoods. These changes will maintain that balance that treats the neighborhood residents and businesses equally.” – Councilman Brent T. Ackerson, District 26

Something smells funny.

10 thoughts on “Metro Council Having Bed & Breakfast Nightmares

  1. Looks as if Jim King was noticeably silent on the issue. What would Dougy Hawkins do if he was still wearing the big hat?

  2. All of the sudden Metro Council cares about noise, disruption from commercial enterprises near residential neighborhoods??? Wooo, big news.

    Tell that to those who live in the Highlands!!

    If Metro Council is so concerned with peaceful neighborhoods, let it clean up the abuses in the Highlands, including all the crime which has followed these “non-intrusive” businesses which stay open till 4:00am and send out the drunks to drive all over town.

  3. Willy, Highlands residents (as well as a Newburg Rd resident or two) will now have amunition to limit the outdoor activities and “intrusion” of many “restaurants” (nightclubs).

    However the spirit of this ordinance, it could help Highlands residents get some peace, better sleep, happier, safer lives. What a gift from our Metro Council, after they more or less jumped through hoops forcing these places into operation!

  4. If you guys who live in the Highlands are so aggrevated with the thriving businesses in that area,and that area has existed like that for the past 50 years. What do you think about the new traditional developments of mixed use like Norton Commons where the resisential component is intergrated with the commerical use. Are those areas going to be having the same problem down the road?

  5. I’ve been here over a decade and still don’t understand why people in the Highlands freak out over crowds and bars and such.

    Maybe I’m an elitist in my fancy, gentrified neighborhood of Crescent Hill-Clifton, but I think the allure of these parts of the city ARE the noise and the crowds.

    I spend a lot of time in places like Flagstaff and every time I’m there? I can’t wait to come home to Louisville where there’s people, traffic, noise, life.

  6. From a Highlander — Jake you’re right again. All these folks who want solitude should join a convent or move to Danville, where they roll up the streets at 7:30 p.m. Or, maybe, the could go back to the farm down WHERE THEY CAM FROM in Potunket (a suburb of Monkey’s Eyebrow).

  7. RE: the highlands – if you live near the bars on baxter you know this isn’t true. It’s the bars and bar patrons that have increased wildly, not the residents. the area immediately surrounding here (baxter/barret/bardstown) has about five times as many bar-patrons as it did 15 years ago. The bars continue to multiply and expand while the residential population has stayed relatively stable. You can’t continue to add more and more bar-capacity to a residential neighborhood without causing problems.

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