Meth, Horses, Great UofL News & Rural Media

I’m not going to shut up about this. There’s no reason for wasteful legislation to stop meth production. Limiting access to legitimate consumers is ridiculous. Send a letter to your legislator today. [SEND A LETTER!]

90% of WHAS11’s viewers oppose the bill. Only 9% approve. Too bad it won’t send a strong message and wake-up call to Frankfort. [WHAS11]

Take a look at this work from Margaret Bourke-White in the Whitney Museum of American Art. The Louisville Flood – 1937. [Whitney]

Been wondering what Robert Felner’s protege is up to? Just in case you were wondering. [HuffPo]

Greg Fischer’s been in office just over a month. So what’s it been like him? Apparently it’s been puppies and rainbows since he “compromised” on the Iron Quarter mess by meeting behind closed doors and giving away $450,000 and by “removing” Wayne Zelinsky as director of Metro Animal Services. [WAVE3]

Can you believe we’re still dealing with the firefighter settlement after all these years? [WFPL]

The University of Louisville received a $9.6 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study heart attacks. Just one of many big bits of news to roll out of UofL lately. Seems like the UofL we knew in 2008 and into 2009 has become a new institution. Maybe the Felner Scandal was the best thing that could have happened to the school. [FOX41]

Taylorsville is apparently overrun with cats that wear shoes. Thank goodness they all live far away from Louisville Metro Animal Services. [Jezebel]

Bluegrass Brewing Company made the list of ‘Good Beer.’ []

The Eastern Kentucky corruption story involving State Rep. Keith Hall continues to get deeper and deeper. [Page One]

Which isn’t surprising, considering most media outlets in Eastern Kentucky are good at only pushing one side of a major story without anyone asking questions. We’re certainly spoiled with great media in Louisville by comparison. [More Page One]

Yesterday marked Day 33. When will the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission act? This is turning into quite the scandal. [Paulick Report]

Woah, the Herald-Leader is already dropping names of the dozen horses it believes could be in the winner’s circle at the Kentucky Derby. [H-L]

3 thoughts on “Meth, Horses, Great UofL News & Rural Media

  1. I’m trying to give Mayor Greg some slack, and keep a balanced view as he gets his administration rolling. Some of the things he’s announced seem like good ideas, and even a little innovative.

    Proof’s in the pudding, though, and the cave to Blue certainly left a sour taste in many people’s mouths. We’ll have to wait and see if it was an anomaly, or the SOP for this administration.

  2. Thanks for giving the University of Louisville some recognition.

    Like every organization that size, there are going to be some things they do well and some things they do horribly.

    –A proud Speed School Alumnus

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