Maybe JCPS Stories Are As Bad As Sypher Stories

Want a copy of Rand Paul’s new book about the Tea Party and his ascension to Jim Bunning’s former U.S. Senate seat? Then enter to win. I’ve got buncha copies to give away. [Page One]

Foreigner Ken Ham and the Creation Museum lunatics don’t just hate gay people – they hate heterosexuals who don’t hate gay people. [FOX 41]

Oh, wait for this one. It’s ripe. Thank goodness it’s in Indiana and not Kentucky. It’s likely to make you laugh. [WHAS11]

The Herald-Leader editorial IS sorely lacking. Because no real audit of the Kentucky Retirement Systems has been conducted in decades. [Ralph Long]

The House Education Committee yesterday passed a bill that would ban the bullying of gay students. Naturally, it’s going to die in two or three seconds flat. [Deep Frustration]

The Kentucky Court of Justice is hearing Jefferson County appeals today. Proceedings are open to the public. [Press Release]

Jefferson County Teachers Association’s Brent McKim is responding to the snafu involving his status as a teacher in the search for a new superintendent. Something tells us this isn’t going away anytime soon. Not even if the Attorney General says he is, in fact, a teacher. [WAVE3]

Non-shocker of the year: a new lawsuit accuses the airport of whistleblower violations and illegal hiring practices. Oh, if we could only talk about all the crap we’ve heard. Hot mess. [WHAS11]

You a golfer? Can’t afford a million bucks to pal around at Valhalla? You can get a $3 discount during March at Metro Parks golf courses. Good for weekdays between noon and 4:00 P.M. Means you can skip out on work and have some cheap fun. [Metro Parks]

Papaw Steve Beshear is following in Daniel Mongiardo’s footsteps – weeks later – calling on the governor of Florida to save that state’s anti-pill mill system. [FatLip]

The Drug Czar was in town with John Yarmuth yesterday. Federal money for drug rehabilitation and prevention may come to the states. [WFPL]

5 thoughts on “Maybe JCPS Stories Are As Bad As Sypher Stories

  1. There is no comparison between JCPS and Sypher stories. The JCPS disaster effects the education of over 95,000 kids and the future of this community. Suggest strongly you look at educationvoodoo blog for both yesterday and today.

  2. Suggest also that you read/re-read the article in the WKU Herald (Nov. 2, 2010)

    “Paul defeats Conway, elected to US Senate”

    “Louisville resident Brent McKim, JCTA president, did extensive campaigning for Conway through the group.”

    (Things that make you go “Hmmm.”)

  3. Just wanted to point out, Jake, that the “Court of Justice” is the title of the entire judicial system in the Commonwealth, from district courts to the Supreme Court. The entity actually hearing these cases is a panel of the Court of Appeals. For anyone that wonders what appeals are about and how appellate courts actually decide cases, this could be interesting. Although the Court of Appeals hears oral arguments in cases every month (except July), they usually do so in Frankfort. Occasionally a panel will travel and hear cases in various county courthouses to bring the process to the public and make it more accessible.

  4. Thanks for the clarification, but I’m aware…?

    The reason there’s a link there to the press release is so people can get more information than is provided in the 17 words preceding it.

  5. NoTemperance,

    I have no problem with the JCTA campaigning for the Conway against Rand Paul, who stated from the start he was anti-education. I do have a problem with McKim’s organization pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the campaigns for school board. Honestly, if I were a teacher and my union dues were going toward the candidate that JCTA supported in this past election, I’d have asked McKim to resign.

    The problems of JCPS involve the continual appearance (reality?) of closed door deals among the people at the top. Frankly, given the way that Berman regularly threw staff under the bus, I’d question why ANY teacher would want him in office. That leads me to question what the real reasons are for keeping Berman. Telling me he wasn’t given enough time doesn’t work. Explain to me why YOU thought he was good.

    I understand JCPS has unique challenges and will even admit that neighborhood schools could create even more problems by creating REALLY bad schools.

    But nothing will improve until JCPS has a leader the COMMUNITY gets behind. McKim is not currently a teacher. I’d be raising the same concerns if the “parent” on the committee was someone who had a kid there 30 years ago or the board member was someone who served 10 years ago.

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