Looks Like Judy Green’s Pants Are Sagging Again

Want a copy of Rand Paul’s new book about the Tea Party and his ascension to Jim Bunning’s former U.S. Senate seat? Then enter to win. I’ve got buncha copies to give away. Today’s the last day to enter. [Page One]

This evening at 6:30 P.M. UofL student Brett McGrath – with the United Nations Association – USA Louisville Chapter – will present his trip to Palestine in a talk called “Universal Decimation of Human Rights in Palestine.” It’s at the Egan Leadership Center at 901 South Fourth Street. RSVP to TeenaHal@aol.com. Should be interesting. [Press Release]

Gatewood Galbraith doesn’t care for mountaintop removal. Because most folks with common sense don’t care for it. [WFPL]

We’ve pointed this out twice in the past (like here). But it’s happening again. Yesterday Steve Beshear ONCE AGAIN took credit for Senate Bill 1 – despite working against it for an entire year. His office even sent out press releases about how awful it was while crazy Vicki Glass was still in charge. [Head – Desk Moment]

Finally! The take-home police car nightmare could be over for Louisville Metro Police Department officers. Funds could be returned soon. [LMPD.com & WAVE3]

Metro Councilcritter Judy Green is probably about to you-know-what her pants because she’s caught red-handed. Metro Ethics is set to hear a complaint against her, too. The woman should just resign and let her district push a councilperson who won’t embarrass the ever living shiz out of them 24/7 with stupid legislation, potentially illegal campaign contributions and corruption. [FOX 41]

Six Flags Over Jesus will host its 15th and final Easter Pageant this year. You should buy your tickets right now. LIVE ANIMALS. Like a million in the cast. Jesus flies around on a wire. It is worth it. [WHAS11]

The State House approved a bill that alters oversight of for-profit education. With all the Daymar scandals going down in Louisville, this could be ripe. [H-L]

Whaaat? Job grown is concentrated in low-wage industries? Surely not! Surely everything is puppies and rainbows. [HuffPo]

4 thoughts on “Looks Like Judy Green’s Pants Are Sagging Again

  1. So you are saying her pants are sagging again, so you are saying people who do wrong have or wear sagging pants? now I see how it works, so now folks ,when you see someone with sagging pants you already have a pre judgement of that person ,What about all of the good kids ?why should they have to be looked at as people who do wrong ?I think if these kids wood stop buying all of those sagging pants it would be hard on the malls Ms. Green should not be put in the news as pants sagging that is very rude and you should change your phase thank you

  2. Don’t think I want to know about Judy Green’s pants. Don’t think it would be a pretty sight. About as ugly as Happy’s Pant’s were.

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