LMAS Rainbows – January 26, 2011 – Part 2

430011 — medical; employee 1: et for true FERAL. Employee 2: This cat is not feral at all. Wearing a red collar and very very loving. Loves to be held and gives kisses. Good canidate for Animal House. Would like to work up once off stray wait. Also cat is neutered. Obviously someones pet. Cat also received all intake vaccinations – wouldn’t be able to vaccinate if the cat was feral. Employee 1: rec. et for uri++
employee 3: severe uri not eating

430064 — medical; URI severe nasal discharge

430613 — medical; cat came in with rear leg torn off and hanging by a piece of skin. per veterinarian: rear right leg amputated, bone sticking out. recommend immediate humane euthanasia. leg was amputated and bone fragments hanging by skin, recommend immediate human euthanasia.

430059 — pregnant

430150 — too old

408965 — behavior observed; attscks kennel mate and aggr. eye contact.

425235 — behavior observed; aggress on hard stare with NO recovery even on soft approach dog was unwilling to approach and stood growling and staring at me.

425375 — behavior observed; people aggression

429865 — behavior observed; aggression


430178 — behavior observed; aggression

430334 — behavior observed; will bite

428951 — breed; no owner claim been here one month

429876 — breed